83+ Unalome Tattoo Ideas That Look Stunning

unalome tattoo

Get Inspired with these Unalome tattoo ideas

In this post, we take a look at the unalome tattoo idea. As you may well know, this is one of the upcoming tattoo ideas that is getting increasingly popular. As a tattoo that can be placed anywhere on the body, it’s versatile and has many meanings. We will look up the meaning a little later and the types of unalome tattoos available before looking at a range of real-life examples.

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The unalome tattoo it’s a very beautiful tattoo. Many believe it will bring them good luck and is also seen as representing their spiritual meaning. There are many ways you can design a unalome tattoo; more often than not, they have other elements introduced to give them a specific evening. Often these elements might include a lotus flower, spirals, or even other abstract patterns. We will discuss this in detail a little further down.

In most cases, these tattoos tend to be relatively small. However, there are many examples of people having a large tattoo inked. Therefore whether you choose a small delicate tattoo or a large bold tattoo, the message is still the same.

Whether you choose this tattoo for its spiritual symbol or simply because it looks cool, they are a very pretty tattoo.

Designing a unalome tattoo design

There are many ways of designing the unalome tattoo. Each will have its meaning, so you must do a little research before getting your tattoo. One of the most common unalome tattoo designs is the spiral design. It is said that it represents a path towards enlightenment.

Other popular versions of the unalome tattoo include the unalome lotus flower. As we already know, the lotus flower is simply beautiful. It’s well-known for its beauty and the purity it espouses, and it is a symbol of enlightenment.

Another popular version is the unalome symbol tattoo incorporating yin and yang symbolism. It is said that this version of the tattoo represents harmony and balance in people’s lives.

The unalome tattoo also has significant links to Buddhist culture and Yoga. Therefore, it is said to have a religious meaning, possibly even a spiritual one. There are obvious links to Buddha or Lord Shiva. However, not everyone is happy with this association, as there are claims of cultural appropriation and inappropriate use of the special symbolism. It has a deep meaning that some accuse of misrepresenting.

Elements to include in a unalome tattoo

Most tattoos have additional elements in the design to create a better image and a more meaningful tattoo. It helps to create a unique design and make it more accurate to what you want it to represent. This method can be applied to a unalome tattoo. Commonly, you will see the following elements within these tattoo ideas.

  • A Buddhist symbol such as the Om sign or the Dharma wheel
  • The Lotus flower, which we know represents purity, innocence, and starting again. A beautiful flower with significant meaning
  • The spiral representing life’s path to enlightenment and spiritual awakening. It is said that it represents the journey we take in life and how we wind our way through
  • The lines represent the direction of travel back to the center. The lines represent the highs and lows of life
  • A dot is a moment we reach enlightenment and represents the journey’s end. This is where we find a peace

If you are considering getting this unalome tattoo, consider these elements to create an authentic representation of this tattoo.

What does a unalome tattoo mean?

As we know, most tattoos’ meanings can be very subjective. Essentially it is whatever the wearer of the tattoo gives its meaning. However, we can attach some objective meaning to most tattoos, and this unalome tattoo is no different.

A different meaning can be attached to this tattoo. Many people associate this tattoo with their journey to spiritual enlightenment; its symbolism reflects a person’s spiritual growth. It is strongly associated with Buddhism and reflects the path to liberation from their suffering. The spiral at the end of the tattoo reflects the crown chakra, which represents the path to higher consciousness.

It is also seen as a sign of perseverance, meaning the wearer has a robust character. It is essentially telling the wearer to remain on the path of righteousness. Therefore it is a sacred symbol demonstrating courage, determination, and total strength. The unalome tattoo reflects a personal journey through life with its highs and lows.

There are strong elements of mindfulness within this design. It is seen as a reminder to remain present and at the moment. Others may use this design to commemorate their journey to life by expressing their personal spirituality. We must remember that this tattoo has moved beyond its initial Hindu and Buddhist religious roots and now encapsulates many different belief systems and meanings. Therefore if you ever see anyone sporting this tattoo, don’t make any assumptions about their faith and spirituality.

After reading this, you may decide that this tattoo is not for you. However, you may be interested in these related tattoo ideas; religious symbol tattoos, flower of life, sacred insignias, elephant mandala tattoos, Hindu tattoos, and the Ganesha tattoo.

Take a look at some real-life unalome tattoo design ideas that should help inspire your next body art. Take them to your tattoo artist to discuss the design.

unalome tattoo meaning
Unalome tattoo meaning

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Take a look at some of these Unalome lotus tattoo designs…

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unalome tattoo watercolor
unalome tattoo sternum
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unalome with lotus tattoo
unalome watercolor tattoo

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unalome lotus tattoo
Unalome lotus tattoo

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