How Much to Tip Tattoo Artist? What Does It Depend on?

how much to tip tattoo artist

How much to tip tattoo artist? The amount of the average tip varies widely, depending upon the quality of service.

Tattoo artists generally come in three different varieties; some cater toward a clientele who are more knowledgeable about tattoos and may be able to offer their ideas of what they want, while others stick with an image or theme that they know customers will like.

A third type may work on custom tattoo designs but generally only accept invitations after seeing examples of their previous work.

The better an artist is at understanding the customer’s desires; whether it be for a particular image or just requests for specific colors or styles, the higher money is likely to flow from your pockets when you’re done.

Some artists keep costs lower by providing pre-drawn templates, while others will work on an hourly basis. The other thing to consider is the size of the tattoo that’s being worked on.

Tipping for a tattooist service should be considered discretionary and varies depending upon the quality of service provided. Typically, tipping etiquette is based upon a percentage of what you paid for your last visit.

For example, if you got $100 cash worth of tattoos done in one sitting, the tip would usually be 20% or $20. If you get $200 worth, it’s usually 25%, while anything over $300 is around 30%.

It may take some time to build enough trust with your tattoo artist to get this kind of discount; if not, then tips can vary – from five bucks for a small tattoo to a few hundred for a large one.

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how much to tip a tattoo artist
How much to tip a tattoo artist

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