What Does the Teardrop Tattoo Mean? Is It About Criminality!

what does the teardrop tattoo mean

What does the teardrop tattoo mean? A tear drop tattoo shows that the bearer has killed someone before. It is also used to show prison time or gang affiliation.

Some people have tattoos for many reasons, many of which may not be seen as conventional by mainstream standards. The teardrop tattoo is one such design that can have an exciting connotation to it depending on where it is placed and why a particular person would choose to get one. Here are some interesting facts about this type of body art.

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The history of the teardrop tattoo dates back several decades when inmates were jailed together in New York City’s Riker’s Island jail facility. According to legend, each inmate was branded with a tear drop below their left eye after murdering while incarcerated. While true or not, this has been a common belief for many.

what does teardrop tattoo mean
what does teardrop tattoo mean

What does the teardrop tattoo mean?

During the 1970s and 1980s gang members from various Hispanic countries began wearing gang tattoos, including multiple teardrops to denote how many people they had killed while being involved with organized crime. The more drops on their body meant that they had murdered more people in the name of their gang affiliations. As is often the case, these facial tattoos were eventually banned in certain areas because of their violent connotation.

Today, the teardrop tattoo symbolizes loss, pain, or even experiences in one’s past that may be too difficult to speak about openly. While not typical, some people choose to get one done in remembrance of loved ones they have lost during their lives. It is also used by men and women who are victims of rape or molestation.

The tear tattoo design is also associated with prison culture. A typical prison tattoo is associated with attempted murder, gangs, and associations. They are common in the US and South America, as well as Russian prisons. The different meaning stated above reflects a wide range of opinions, although it is clear that it has much to do with criminality and prison life. Prisoner tattoos can be very subjective and can be location-dependent.

what does a teardrop tattoo under the eye mean
what does a teardrop tattoo under the eye mean

A tear drop tattoo does not mean that the bearer is still involved with an organized crime family or a gang member. It has become more accepted in contemporary culture for people to wear it to embrace their past. They are also letting others know about personal struggles they may have with mental illness, depression, or suicidal thoughts due to trauma experienced at some point in time.

Regardless of why someone decides to wear this type of body art, it is essential for them to fully understand the symbolism and negative meanings before getting a neck tattoo or face tattoos. Placement is also crucial because it cannot be easily hidden. A teardrop tattoo worn as a face tattoo can cause others to judge the bearer negatively, so they should carefully consider this before getting one done.

Depending on where you get this type of tattoo, there may be some restrictions based on your age or male, or female. Finally, it is crucial to work with an experienced tattoo artist specializing in this type of body art, especially if it is placed near sensitive areas like the eyes and mouth. Do your research before deciding on something that will remain with you for life!

Why does Lil Wayne have a teardrop tattoo??

There are many rumors about why rapper Lil Wayne got a teardrop tattoo on his face and the significance behind the tattoo, but here we will discuss the most widely accepted reason for Lil’ Wayne’s facial ink. The rumor that we were able to find suggests that Lil Wayne’s teardrop tattoo is a mark of paying homage to a deceased friend.

The death of Dwayne Carter Jr.’s (Lil’ Wayne) closest friend and member of his rap group “Hot Boys” was what gave him the idea for the teardrop tattoo. The site reports that around 2001 or 2002, it is believed that Lil’ Wayne’s rapper acquaintance, Juvenille saw an article about how Lil’ Wayne got his tattoos.

Juvenile suggested to Lil’ Wayne after seeing his tattoos on his arm and chest; maybe another one would make him look even tougher. Although both rappers like tattoos very much, they weren’t planning to get any more ink at this time. However, a couple of days later, a Hot Boys member and close friend of Lil’ Wayne’s name “Baby” was shot to death. This event led to Lil’ Wayne deciding to get his now-famous teardrop tattoo, so he could never forget his fallen friend.

Do teardrop tattoos mean you killed someone?

The teardrop tattoo is pretty standard and can mean many different things and show that the wearer has gone through a specific experience, but it often does mean that they’ve killed someone during their lifetime.

Teardrop tattoos have been around for decades and were popularized by hit movies like The Godfather, Steven Segal flicks, etc. The basic premise is to “ink” a tear drop below your eye. The reason behind this was simple; you were either in jail, or someone close to you had died.

Many criminals who chose this look also chose this as a symbol that they decided to do time rather than squeal on fellow criminals and associates. Others decided it as a symbolic commemoration of those imprisoned for doing something they believed in.

They are not always criminal tattoos. Many people who have this tattoo can be upstanding members of society who choose to commemorate their dark times during life, but many do have criminal ties or pasts. This is certainly nothing new with tattoos, as you can find a patriotic tatt on the biceps of white supremacist members and angel tats on the arm of Satanist cult leaders.

The specifics about teardrop tattoos are pretty much open to interpretation, so you should ask any prospective tattooist if they think it’s appropriate for your situation before having it done. Nevertheless, just because someone has one doesn’t necessarily mean they’re a terrible person by default. It is very much dependent on their tattoo culture.

What does a teardrop tattoo mean for a woman?

what does a filled in teardrop tattoo mean
what does a filled in teardrop tattoo mean

A teardrop tattoo is a cosmetic symbol of a woman’s suffering and tragedy in life. As a result, it can have an extremely negative meaning for the bearer. This tattoo is usually associated with being involved with or subject to severe criminal activity or losing someone close to you to murder or suicide. Generally, this type of tattoo shows that the bearer has been through tough times and lived to tell about it. It is not associated with revenge.

This style of tattoo, like several others before it, has become popularized by hip hop artists such as Lil Wayne and Jay Z, who sport them prominently. There are other positive tattoo meanings like loyalty, persistence, and protection, but female tattoos like this should be taken very seriously and not be given lightly without thorough consideration.

This is a permanent mark on your body, and tattoos have profound implications, particularly for women. With the negative connotations surrounding female tattooing, it’s no wonder that women are hesitant to ink their bodies.

A woman with a teardrop will find it harder to get a job or secure housing as employers and landlords do not want these people to live amongst them. To have a better chance at finding work, it is best not to wear revealing clothing so the tattoo can be concealed from sight. Alternatively, you could also cover up your tattoo with makeup.

What does a tear drop tattoo by the mouth mean?

A teardrop tattoo by the mouth is believed to symbolize that one’s family member/s or friend(s) has died. It can also mean grief, loss, anger, change in moods, sadness, and maybe worn for other reasons.

what does a teardrop tattoo mean
What does a teardrop tattoo mean

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