What Tattoos Say About a Woman? Is It Bad?

what tattoos say about a woman

What tattoos say about a woman?

Tattoos are a modern way of expressing yourself, and since tattooing has been more socially acceptable in the last few decades, women have been able to express themselves more freely. This has led to what some call a rise of the ‘badass girl’ – both on temporary and permanent skin.

While some may think that a tattoo or even more tattoos will make someone more attractive instantly, it’s important to remember that there is no such thing as a perfect woman. Some ladies with tattoos can be just as insecure with their bodies as others without any tattoos at all. Still interested in knowing what they say about her?

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What does my tattoo say about me?

A tattoo might indicate a woman’s line of work.

Many women with a tattoo are in the armed forces, as it is acceptable for heavily tattooed women to be part of the military. Tattooed girls might also indicate an interest in art and anything creative, as many tattooists have been painters, sculptors, and musicians first before they decided to practice their craft on other people. So if your gal pal has a massive back piece that wraps around her side, then there’s a good chance she dabbles in art.

What does my tattoo say about me?

A woman’s tattoos can indicate her family background. Some women choose to have tattoos that remind them of their ancestors or family members who have passed away – a way of keeping them close. A flower or geometric pattern may be a subtle reminder of their mother, for example.

Tattoos can also indicate where a woman comes from. There is an increased appreciation for women’s fashion and culture – in the same way, men have expressed themselves with tattoos in terms of their heritage and nationality. For example, the Japanese kanji script is popular amongst Japanese-Americans who want to keep in touch with their roots by decorating themselves with traditional symbols. Other ladies may opt for the compass rose or ‘nautical star,’ which originates in naval history and indicates direction at sea but has since been appropriated as a symbol of female friendship and solidarity within the modern lesbian culture.

How many tattoos do I need to get to be attractive?

There is no such thing as a perfect woman! Some ladies with tattoos can be just as insecure with their bodies as others without any tattoos at all. Tattoos only add to a woman’s existing beauty, and it takes much more than body art to make someone truly beautiful inside and out.

What do tattoos mean in the context of dating?

While tattoos have become increasingly mainstream, it’s still common to find women who will not date men with tattoos.

This phenomenon has many people wondering what exactly about a woman’s tattoo is so offensive that men won’t date them? Is it because they fear being associated with something outside the norm, or are these women just refusing to understand what makes an attractive mate?

The following is a list of reasons why women with tattoos turn men off. The number one reason should come as no surprise to anyone who knows anything about tattoos;

1- She has terrible judgment (and she’ll pass this onto your kids)

Tattoos are like any other decision one would make in life (like walking down a dark alley late at night or starting smoking).

Wrong choices can have consequences. This is something that adults know and understand, yet some people refuse to grow up.

There’s an old saying that says, “Never trust anyone with one tattoo because everyone has at least one” because bad judgment tends to be shared by most individuals. If it were possible to determine which tattoos would indicate poor judgment, then the list would be endless, but generally speaking; you should stay away from anyone who displays any of the following types of body art: 1) anything gang-related 2) script 2) depictions of violence/guns 3) profanity 4) satanic symbols Anyone with these types of tattoos is more than likely not the most responsible of individuals.

While these types of tattoos are certainly bad judgment, they’re certainly not the only ones that should raise a red flag in your mind. Visible tattoos are problematic, with one, in particular, being enough to give any man second thoughts about getting into a relationship with you: A face tattoo (i.e., full-face or half-face). It’s tough for one to have their life together when they permanently alter their face in such an irreversible way.

This isn’t to say that every tattooed girl will have poor judgment. Still, certain things about tattoos can indicate someone has poor judgment, which ultimately leads these girls to make other regrettable decisions.

2 – She’s desperate/trashy/easy

Another reason why men refuse to date girls with tattoos has nothing to do with them but everything to do with the type of man who dates them.

As mentioned in #1, if you have bad judgment, it may be difficult for others to determine your level of responsibility. However, it’s easier for someone else to see that you’re trying too hard or that you’re looking for attention when you appear entirely covered in tattoos or wear inappropriate outfits (i.e., clubbing attire). There is nothing more unattractive than a girl who tries too hard, and there is no better way of showing complete desperation than having an “in-your-face” tattooed appearance.

3 – She’s been in prison

There are two types of prisons that a woman could have been confined to: physical and emotional. Both should be cause for concern. Knowing that someone has spent time in an actual prison is far different from knowing their own decisions have imprisoned them. Either way, you don’t want to date someone who hasn’t healthily taken control of their life.

It should go without saying, but tattoos that indicate gang affiliation or anything related to violence/criminality must not be overlooked when considering a mate (i.e., gang-style lettering, swastikas).

The bottom line, tats aren’t bad, but it’s essential to know the meaning before making any hasty decisions about who you do or don’t date. Body modification or a tattoo is a very personal decision, whether you agree with them or not. Women’s bodies are theirs, as are women’s rights.

You should always discuss your tattoo design with your tattoo artist. Tattooed people have the potential to be treated differently, so that decision needs to be taken carefully.

Common areas where women get small tattoos on their skin include a thigh tattoos, wrist tattoos, finger tattoos, rib cage, neck tattoos, chest tattoos, and the arm. Common tattoo ideas that espouse femininity include angel tattoos, love, dragon tattoos, animal and cross tattoos.

what tattoos really say about a woman
What tattoos really say about a woman

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