59+ Tattoo of Butterfly Ideas That Will Impress Your Friends

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Want a tattoo of Butterfly? Take a look at these…What does a butterfly tattoo mean?

Butterfly tattoos have a variety of meanings. The most common butterfly tattoo is a red butterfly tattoo, a symbolic meaning of a life-changing event or journey. For example, the wearer may have survived a near-death experience and is now beginning anew, or they might be going through significant changes in their lives. In this post, we talk about the reasoning behind a tattoo of a butterfly and then show you some great examples.

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In some cultures, this type of tattoo art signifies good luck and fortune to come, whereas, in others, it represents freedom from an unhappy past. Other colors besides red can denote other associations such as black for mourning the loss of a loved one, yellow for wisdom and change, light blue for friendship, and dark blue for eternal happiness.

Although not very common with people who prefer more traditional tattoos with precise meanings, beautiful butterfly tattoos are a good choice for those who want to be a little different. The definition can vary from person to person or depend on the multiple colors of the butterflies, making them a very personal and unique tattoo.

These bright-colored fluttery patterns may remind you of summer vacations lounging outside at the poolside, but they mean so much more than that for some people. Butterfly tattoos often have deep meanings behind them as opposed to other designs which symbolize feelings or memories.

These particular types of tattoos suggest a change in life or faithfulness throughout hard times because butterflies go through metamorphosis -they begin as tiny caterpillars and physically alter their bodies until they become beautiful flying insects meant to stand out.

The symbolism behind these tattoos has been around for centuries and has evolved from Ancient Greeks, who have a butterfly goddess. The image of the butterfly means different things in different cultures, but one thing remains true. If you choose a small butterfly tattoo, it will be associated with many unique meanings.

What is the reason behind getting a butterfly tattoo?

This generation has got so used to tattoos, isn’t it fun? As I have written many times before, it’s become commonplace for young people – especially women – here to have tattooed designs on their arms or legs. Tattoos are not just something that just men get!

However, there is a trend for tattoos of cute animal characters. These can be pretty popular among girls who are fans of cartoons or anime. Well then, how about the idea of an image that you might find on a person’s arm being put somewhere hidden away by wearing clothes on your lower back, or even a butterfly tattoo behind your ear?

It might be embarrassing if somebody saw it… but think only of the impact! This time around, we will consider what lies behind getting a design of a butterfly on your lower back.

Are butterfly tattoos feminine?

If you want to show off your femininity with a tattoo idea, butterfly tattoos may be for you. Butterfly tattoos are one of the most feminine types of tattoos around.

If you want to wear a beautiful tattoo that will accentuate your femininity and look incredibly cool, then this is the perfect intricate design for you! It’s also worth pointing out that butterflies are not just symbols of femininity.

They can also show grace, elegance, and beauty! Some people have even reported butterflies being symbols of change because they go through so many different stages in their lives, so they must keep moving towards better things no matter what gets in their way.

Can men have butterfly tattoos?

A butterfly tattoo design can be done on males or females. The original purpose of a simple butterfly wings tattoo was to symbolize the transformation from something plain and ordinary to exquisite. Still, it has evolved to take on many different meanings.

The details can vary according to how you wear your tattoo, what kind of design is inked onto your skin, the beautiful colors used, etc., but here are some common themes that are often associated with butterfly tattoos: beauty, change, courage, death/rebirth (related to the change), femininity/masculinity, freedom/spirituality (flying away), happiness/hope.

Some people even believe that butterflies signify love at first sight because when one spots their mate, they’re often compelled to follow them.

The tattoo can also be a sign of courage and survival and an expression of self-identity and nonconformity. It has been used by people in countries where it is forbidden to display images or text that could be construed as having religious beliefs (this includes tattoos).

While many readers will associate the perfect butterfly with metamorphosis, those unaware of its life cycle might not know how closely related it is to the “symbolic” death and rebirth process. As such, some individuals may take this tattoo pattern as a symbol for their transition from one stage of their lives to another – e.g., moving on from childhood into adolescence/adulthood, moving on from the life they had to a different one, etc.

Female celebrities with different designs of butterfly tattoos include Nicky Hilton, Hilary Duff, Hayden Panettiere, and Connie Britton. Male stars with tattooed butterflies include David Beckham, Brad Pitt, and Angelina Jolie.

In ancient belief, visible parts of the body have powers to compliment invisible aspects of the human soul. Therefore every element must perform its function for survival or become ill or even die in some cases.

With a particular butterfly tattoo, as a masterpiece of nature, this winged creature represents something beautiful but fragile (“Butterflies have short life spans, so it is often used as a symbol of transformation or change.”)

Tattooing a colorful butterfly design has origins in the United States of America and Japanese culture. Although, more than 100 years ago, extensive collections of butterflies were made by European travelers in South America during their trips to the amazon forest.

They collected butterflies of bright colors, photographed them on a black background, and preserved them with formalin. These pictures served as the sample for imitating the local population who started tattooing themselves on full body parts.

In the beginning, tattoos were applied only on the face. They are highly prized among many tribes in Africa, Asia, Oceania, and North American Indian tribes because they serve various functions, including decorating the body, attracting a mate, or signifying multiple events in life such as stages of life and rites of passage. Later, tattoos became an important symbol for tribes and were applied to the face and other body parts, especially women.

Real butterfly tattoo designs are usually drawn with fine lines and colored intricately with vivid colors and black ink to highlight their beauty by a tattoo artist. However, there are some very modern interpretations of this body art, such as geometric shapes.

If you are a tattoo lover considering permanent or even temporary tattoos, consider these variations; White butterfly, black butterfly, blue butterfly, yellow butterfly, monarch butterfly, Celtic butterfly, and gilded butterflies. Alternative options with similar meanings include a flower, ladybug tattoo ideas, mushroom tattoo, butterfly tattoo on hand, monarch butterfly tattoos, skull butterfly tattoos, smiley face tattoo, peacock feather tattoo, and moth tattoo ideas.

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Check out these small butterfly tattoo ideas…

tiny butterfly tattoo
tattoo idea butterfly
small simple butterfly tattoo
small butterfly tattoo designs
skull butterfly tattoo
simple butterfly tattoo
shoulder butterfly tattoo
rose and butterfly tattoo
red butterfly tattoo
realistic butterfly tattoo
purple butterfly tattoo
monarch butterfly tattoo
minimalist butterfly tattoo
matching butterfly tattoo
half butterfly half flower tattoo
flower butterfly tattoo
flower and butterfly tattoo
cute butterfly tattoo
colorful butterfly tattoo
butterfly wrist tattoo
butterfly with flowers tattoo
butterfly thigh tattoo
butterfly tattoo with flowers
butterfly tattoo stencil
butterfly tattoo small
butterfly tattoo outline
butterfly tattoo on wrist
butterfly tattoo on thigh
butterfly tattoo on ribs
butterfly tattoo on hand
butterfly tattoo on back
butterfly tattoo on arm
butterfly tattoo men
butterfly tattoo ideas
butterfly tattoo hand
butterfly tattoo drawing
butterfly tattoo designs
butterfly flower tattoo
butterfly finger tattoo
butterfly design tattoo
butterfly sleeve tattoo
butterfly shoulder tattoo
butterfly outline tattoo
butterfly neck tattoo
butterfly hand tattoo
butterfly finger tattoo
butterfly flower tattoo
butterfly design tattoo
butterfly chest tattoo
butterfly behind ear tattoo
butterfly back tattoo
butterfly arm tattoo
butterfly and rose tattoo
blue butterfly tattoo
black butterfly tattoo
3d butterfly tattoo
3 butterfly tattoo
watercolor butterfly tattoo
traditional butterfly tattoo

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