87+ Sparrow Tattoo Ideas That Will Leave You Flying!

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Get Inspired with these sparrow tattoo ideas

In this post, we look at the ever-so-popular sparrow tattoo design. We look at the types of sparrow tattoos and what they mean before looking at some real-life examples. Sparrow tattoo designs have been around for centuries and remain popular tattoos. As a small and happy bird with good luck connotations, it’s no wonder these tattoos remain as popular as ever with both men and women.

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Designing a sparrow tattoo

As we will see, this tattoo idea has a huge amount of flexibility. They can be designed in several ways, be they a simple tattoo or something large and intricate.

If you want to consider some existing designs, you aren’t short of options. There are a ton of them out there to help inspire your tattoo. Whatever your style, some out there fit your design brief. Better still, plenty of tattoo artists have experience in inking this wonderful bird.

Regarding types of sparrow tattoo designs, most people tend to opt for traditional tattoos. This may be a flying sparrow with its wings spread or a realistic sparrow simply resting on a branch. Often, these tattoos incorporate flowers, trees, and other birds.

Often you will see these tattoos as scenery that incorporates many elements. You also see plenty of modern takes that include modern design styles. This may be an outline tattoo, watercolor, or abstract body art.

Bird tattoos are a very popular and timeless design choice. Since there is a bird that covers most meanings and scenarios, they are a great tattoo subject. Think about something as delicate as a finch compared to something as powerful as a hawk or eagle. Think of something as colorful as a flamingo versus the grace of a peacock.

Speak with your tattoo artist for your perfect design. Some of the more popular tattoo designs include the following elements;

  • Sparrow tail – One of the most identifiable aspects of the bird, people center their colorful sparrow tattoo design around them
  • Wings – Another very popular design, the sparrow wings are spread out in a gliding or flying motion. The flying bird tattoo is very popular
  • Full body – The body of the bird depicted in the tattoo. This is probably the most common design style
  • Flowers – commonly associated with cherry blossom, you often see a wide variety of species. Why not incorporate your birth flower
  • Animals and birds – Quite the sparrow is part of a group of other sparrows, other birds, or even other animals

What does a sparrow tattoo mean?

As with most tattoos, the tattoo’s meaning can be very personal to the wearer. However, we can attribute some meanings to most tattoos. With a sparrow design, we can relate this tattoo with freedom. Imagine a sparrow soaring high and far! Independence is also a concept that is commonly associated with a sparrow. They are often associated with the spirit of travel and adventure.

The sparrow is also associated with a new beginning. They are associated with a fresh start, given their movement patterns and association with springtime. The sparrow is also seen as a sign of hope. Given the small size of the bird, and its ability to survive, it becomes a symbol of hope.

Another interpretation of the sparrow tattoo meaning is that it represents hope. This is because the sparrow is a small bird that manages to survive against all odds.

For a full breakdown of what a sparrow tattoo means, please read this post, where it is covered in detail. This post also highlights the difference between tattooing swallow tattoos.

If the sparrow bird tattoo is not for you, you may want to consider these related tattoo ideas; barn swallow tattoo design, sailor tattoos, peacock feather tattoo, Native American bird tattoos, dead sparrow tattoo, hummingbird tattoo, swallow bird tattoo, and traditional style Captain Jack Sparrow pirate tats.

Get inspired with these sparrow tattoo ideas.

sparrow tattoo meaning
Sparrow tattoo meaning

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Take a look at some of the traditional sparrow tattoo designs below…

what is the meaning of a sparrow tattoo
what does a sparrow tattoo mean
watercolor sparrow tattoo
vintage sparrow tattoo
two sparrow tattoo
traditional sparrow tattoo outline
traditional sparrow tattoo design
tiny sparrow tattoo
tattoo sparrow
stencil sparrow tattoo outline
sparrow wrist tattoo
sparrow vs swallow tattoo
sparrow vs swallow tattoo meaning
sparrow tattoo traditional
sparrow tattoo symbolism
sparrow tattoo shop
sparrow tattoo on chest
sparrow tattoo mansfield
sparrow tattoo images
sparrow tattoo ideas
sparrow tattoo forearm
sparrow tattoo drawings
sparrow tattoo drawing
sparrow tattoo designs
sparrow tattoo design
sparrow tattoo color
sparrow silhouette tattoo
sparrow sailor tattoo
sparrow outline tattoo
sparrow neck tattoo
sparrow meaning tattoo
sparrow hand tattoo
sparrow flying tattoo
sparrow drawing tattoo
sparrow chest tattoo
sparrow bird tattoo
sparrow bird tattoo meaning
sparrow arm tattoo
small sparrow tattoo
small feminine sparrow tattoo
skull jack sparrow tattoo
simple sparrow tattoo
rising sparrow tattoo
realistic sparrow tattoo
origin of sparrow tattoo
old school sparrow tattoo
noble sparrow tattoo
neo traditional sparrow tattoo
navy sparrow tattoo
meaning of sparrow tattoo
meaning of a sparrow tattoo
meaning behind sparrow tattoo
japanese sparrow tattoo
jack sparrow tattoo design
jack sparrow bird tattoo
jack sparrow arm tattoo
his eye is on the sparrow tattoo
feminine sparrow tattoo
flying sparrow tattoo
fallen sparrow tattoo
colorful sparrow tattoo
colored sparrow tattoo
classic sparrow tattoo
blue sparrow tattoo
black sparrow tattoo
black sparrow tattoo studio
black sparrow tattoo meaning
black sparrow tattoo designs
black and white sparrow tattoo
arm jack sparrow tattoo
american traditional sparrow tattoo

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traditional sparrow tattoo
Traditional sparrow tattoo

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