What Does a Spade Tattoo Mean? Does It Really Mean That!

what does a spade tattoo mean

What does a spade tattoo mean? Members of the outlaw biker gangs often use a spade tattoo. It can also be found on marines and sailors, particularly popular with an American soldier – but only those who have seen active combat.

The significance of this tattoo is to show that you have been in a situation where your life was threatened or were willing to take a life to protect another person. They are usually quite large tattoos that extend from the upper arm down towards the hand.

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The spade in a bikers gang is a sign of their willingness to do what it takes when it comes down to protecting others within the group from harm or from being harmed by other gangs.

Some families may have been given the tattoo as children, so if their parents were killed, they would have a mark of remembrance – rather than just a memory of them.

To answer the question, “What does a spade tattoo mean?” we must first know the definition of spade and its meaning in the tattoo culture. The spade has been used on bikers as a symbol since the first motorcycle club formed in California on January 17th 1903.

There are many different theories as to why those bikers chose this specific object. Still, there is no one single theory that rises above all others as being accurate. In most cases, selecting an object to represent or symbolize their group was done intentionally by those who founded the club. Technically, each founding member could have a different reason for their choice.

what does a black spade tattoo mean
what does a black spade tattoo mean

Another theory that has been brought up is that back in the days of old westerns, outlaws would often wear a spade tucked into their hatband to show where their loyalty lay. Perhaps those founding members wanted to bring back memories of those movies and wanted to be known as renegades and rebels who look society’s rules and laws and decided not to abide by them.

The colors of a spade tattoo can vary from black and white, or they might choose colors such as red or green, which stand out more than others on human skin. A member could also decide how many points on the spade they want depending on what meaning it holds for them. For example, if it’s a symbol of fallen comrades who have passed, they might choose to draw three points on the spade, whereas someone who has been in jail might choose only to put one point.

The number of points can also signify how long you’ve been involved with that particular gang. For instance, if there are four points on your spade, this could mean that you are part of an outlaw biker group or perhaps even a criminal gang or organized crime group for four years or more. They are prevalent as a prison tattoo too.

What does a spade tattoo mean on a man?

A spade tattoo on a man is a traditional symbol that means strength and honor. The image of a spade is seen as a “symbol of honor” commissioned for servicemen who have lost their lives in battle. Men who have the spade tattoo signify that they or someone they know has been a part of or in military service. In some cases, a spade tattoo on a man is an image of the wearer’s association to the Freemasons. With all things considered, a spade tattoo can symbolize many personal ideals and traditional values instilled by the person who wears it.

What does a spade tattoo mean on a woman?

what does a spade tattoo mean on a woman
what does a spade tattoo mean on a woman

A spade tattoo is a very popular choice for ladies. The spade is one of the most common symbols used in card games and can mean different things. For example, it may symbolize victory, success, or good luck. Some people put their spade tattoos on their ankles or feet because they believe it will bring them luxury and wealth since the symbol is often associated with money.

Tattoos are meant to express specific meanings, so you should get one if you want to convey an idea about yourself through your body art. For ladies who love playing cards but already have several tattoos, getting a simple spade design on either your wrist or ankle will surely make an impact without competing with other designs on your skin. If you already have tattoos on your arms or legs, this can also be a great spot to show off your love for cards.

In some circumstances, spades tattoos can have darker symbolism. It has been suggested that a white woman sporting a black spade tattoo prefers black men. The women are known as the queen or hotwife, and their husbands may well sanction their preference for black guys. Tattooing can have a different meaning, so don’t always assume that this is the case.

Suppose you’re wondering how to design spade tattoos on the wrist, ankle, back of the neck, etc. In that case, thousands of online tattoo galleries offer tattoo ideas for your tattoo artist that you can copy or modify based on your preferences and taste. It is essential to ensure that the design will go well with the body part where it’ll be placed, so take time to analyze pictures before finalizing anything.

Tattoos, like any other form of art, should convey an idea about yourself through their design, and this is why you must choose a tattoo design that genuinely appeals to your tastes. This way, you will be sure that the tattoo will show others who you are even when it’s still on your body.

If you’re not too keen on having a simple spade symbol, there are many other designs and symbols available for those looking for something else apart from the traditional card suit. You can check out online galleries or art shops near where you live, so you’ll have an idea about various designs and prices. Remember that tattoos need to stay on your skin permanently, so make sure to find a trustworthy artist who will create the design as precisely as you want it.

Tattoos these days have moved beyond just being a way to invite bad luck or good fortune for those who have them. All across the world, more and more women are going for this traditional art form because they believe that it can help express their personalities through the designs they pick, especially when it comes to dealing with symbols and anything related to a playing card or gambling, be it an ace, jack, queen, joker or diamond.

what does black spade tattoo mean
what does black spade tattoo mean

For all you body ink lovers who want to try out a tattoo design without hurting your skin, you should consider temporary tattoos. This is a risk-free way of judging what may suit you.

As an alternative to the spade tattoo, consider tarot cards, teardrop tattoo, shovel, queen of hearts tattoo ideas, swords, skull tattoos, and dice tattoo.

what does spade tattoo mean
What does spade tattoo mean

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