89+ Space Tattoo Ideas That People Gravitate Towards

space tattoo

Get Inspired with these space tattoo ideas

If you want a tattoo that is bang on trend, a space tattoo may be what you are looking for. As people look to the stars for inspiration, these tattoo designs are totally out of this world. In this post, we look at space tattoos, what they are, what they mean, and then at some real-life examples.

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Space tattoos are a fantastic way to show your love of space and what it includes. Whether a small tattoo related to space or a large mural of a nebula, they all point toward a love of astronomy. Space tattoos have a sense of mystique that few other tattoo ideas can match, a unique way to express your individuality.

Space tattoos are the perfect choice if you want a tattoo out of this world. Stand out from the crowd; check out the following types of outer space tattoo designs.

Space tattoo design ideas

Whatever your interest in space tattoos, we can all agree that they are a fascinating subject. The vastness of space and its never-ending nature is a mystery. There is no denying that they are a popular choice of tattoo for many that have captured the imagination.

There are many possibilities for space tattoos; why not consider these aspects in your next tattoo design?

Galaxy Tattoos – Take a wider approach and consider getting a galaxy inked. It’s the perfect tattoo for those that want to show off the cosmos. Add color and details to show it off.

Planet Tattoo – Add the planets in a line or creatively. Ink them with size accuracy and colors to create a spectacular piece.

Nebulas Tattoo – A nebula is one of the most incredible things to find in space. Add the colors and patterns to a tattoo to create a magical image.

Star Tattoo – Whether you choose a single star or constellation tattoo, they are a great subject for a space tattoo.

Solar System Tattoo – Perhaps one of the more popular design options, the colorful designs and intricate detail works.

Astronaut Tattoo – One of the most iconic images to represent space, the word association is wonderful. It’s an interesting choice that can be animated in many ways.

Rocket Tattoo – Inking a rocket ship is dramatic yet somehow fun! Whether it is an accurate NASA spaceship or an animated rocket, the results can be great.

UFO Tattoo – Want something a little extraterrestrial? Consider a UFO. Whether they exist or not, one thing is for sure; they are a talking point.

Elements to include in a space tattoo

Depending on your tattoo style, you want to consider adding plenty of different elements. These elements can make or break a tattoo. They can also take the level of creativity to another level to show their love of astronomy. So whether you are creating a serious tattoo or something a little more light-hearted, consider these elements in your tattoo;

  • Moon landing
  • Stars
  • Comets
  • Asteroids
  • Milky way
  • Night sky
  • Solar system

What does a space tattoo mean?

Most tattoos have a deeper meaning personal to the wearer of the tattoo. However, we can objectively interpret some tattoos to understand their meaning to most people.

So, what is the meaning of a space tattoo? There are two aspects to consider. Firstly, the love of outer space and all things astronomy for the wearer of the tattoo. Secondly, it may be a little profound with a space tattoo reflecting a journey through their life.

Given the nature of space design, the tattoo can be seen as a representation of adventure. It’s an exploration of their personality and being. It can also reflect a connection that people have with the stars.

You might be a tattoo lover and like the body art concept because it’s creative. Whatever that reason, it has the potential to be a stunning piece of artwork. Please speak with your tattoo artist to see what they recommend.

If these space-themed tattoos are not for you, consider the following related tattoo ideas; Negative space tattoos, Star war tattoos, the Mandalorian, stick and poke tattoo, optical illusion tattoos, moon and stars tattoos, and shooting star tattoos.

Get inspired with these real-life space tattoo ideas below.

space tattoo ideas
Space tattoo ideas

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Check out some of these space tattoo sleeve designs…

watercolor tattoo space
watercolor space tattoo
traditional space tattoojpg
time and space tattoo
tattoo space
tattoo space fillers
tattoo negative space
space watercolor tattoo
space themed sleeve tattoo
space tattoo small
space tattoo sleeve 1
space tattoo minimalist
space tattoo forearm
space tattoo drawings
space tattoo designs
space tattoo black and white
space sleeve tattoo
space shuttle tattoo
space ship tattoo
space needle tattoo
space marine tattoo
space man tattoo
space jam tattoo
space invaders tattoo
space invader tattoo
space half sleeve tattoo
space ghost tattoo
space galaxy tattoo
space forearm tattoo
space dandy tattoo
space city tattoo
space city tattoo expo
space background tattoo
space back tattoo
space astronaut tattoo
space arm tattoo
space and time tattoo
space ace tattoo
small space tattoo
small space tattoo ideas
small geometric space tattoo
simple black space tattoo
positive space tattoo
outer space tattoo
outer space tattoo sleeve
outer space tattoo ideas
outer space sleeve tattoo
negative space watercolor tattoo 1
negative space tattoo words
minimalist space tattoo
negative space tattoo lettering 1
negative space tattoo ideas 2
negative space tattoo filler
negative space tattoo cover up
negative space star tattoo
negative space rose tattoo
negative space name tattoo
negative space lettering tattoo
negative space flower tattoo
negative space filigree tattoo
negative space cross tattoo
minimalist space tattoo
lost in space tattoo
geometric space tattoo
dead space tattoo
dead space marker tattoo
black space tattoo sleeve
black and white space tattoo
black and grey space tattoo
astronaut floating in space tattoo

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space tattoo sleeve
Space tattoo sleeve

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