41+ Skull Butterfly Tattoo Ideas… Scary…but Nice!

skull butterfly tattoo

Get Inspired with these skull butterfly tattoo ideas

A skull butterfly tattoo is a significant kind of tattoo – it’s saying that there is more to death than physical, biological demise. One meaning may be that the person wearing the skull butterfly tattoo was in a dark place in their life, but through a lot of hard work, they’ve brought light back into their world and made themselves happy again.

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Skull butterfly tattoo

Whatever the case may be, why someone gets skull butterfly tattoo designs is seldom simple and always layered with multiple meanings. With that said, the skull butterfly tattoos that we’ve shared here today are fantastic examples of how truly great and meaningful this type of tattoo can be.

It’s also about how great it feels when someone brings happiness into your life, but you might not remember what it feels like later if that person isn’t around anymore. In addition to all of this, another overarching theme for this type of tattoo could be emotional endurance.

What kind of butterfly tattoos can you get?

A butterfly is a flying insect. There are around 2500 known species of butterflies and moths throughout the world, so there is no wonder that people often choose such tattoos because they are beautiful. But when it comes to choosing a design, you have to know what kind of butterfly tattoos exist.

A butterfly tattoo meaning is very different depending on the type of tattoo you choose. You have probably seen at least one butterfly tattoo before – most likely, it was a small animal with wings in the middle of the back or shoulder blade area, though sometimes they go all over the body, even legs. They show themselves everywhere. These insects do not usually set foot – on human skin.

The main difference between types of butterflies lies in their color, location, and size. Butterfly tattoos are relatively small, they can fit any location on the body, but it is often done on the arm or lower back.

Butterfly wing tattoos look very feminine and flirty, so many women choose them as a tattoo design. Coloring can vary: from black and grey to colorful ones. Butterflies have long been considered a symbol of freedom, happiness, and good luck. As for their meaning – people who get butterfly tattoos believe that butterflies guide souls into heaven.

Many types of butterfly tattoo design ideas remain popular. Consider the following styles; 3d butterfly, blue butterfly tattoos, monarch butterfly tattoo style, butterfly wings, tribal butterfly tattoos, a traditional butterfly, tiny butterfly tattoo ideas, Celtic butterfly, yellow butterfly illustration, and small butterfly tattoo art.

What does a butterfly skull tattoo mean?

A skull tattoos design that uses human bones to create the image of an elaborate head. The images can be portrayed as realistic, cartoonish, or even in coloring books. It has been said that sailors and soldiers got tattoos of skulls as a sign of courage since it’s believed that fearlessness is revealed by facing your mortality.

Some people also get this type of tattoo to show their rebellious nature. Being well-known symbols for death, they can easily portray a desire for mortality but not death itself. The skull tattoo’s intended meaning is influenced by the color used in its depiction. A blackened one often represents danger or evil, while a white skull usually conveys positive meanings such as purity, innocence, and protection from evil spirits. Many black and white tattoos have been used as a memorial for those who have passed away.

A colorful skull tattoo idea is typically found in young people, and it’s said that they want to use body art to portray their boldness, courage, and willingness to live life fully. The colorful one symbolizes a vibrant life or a carnival event, which is why many artists offer this type of design.

It can also represent a person’s zest for life since it’s often associated with parties and festivities where fun activities take place, such as music festivals, concerts, holiday celebrations, etc. Additionally, this skin embellishment can be interpreted as a form of artistic self-expression, especially if the wearer has chosen its colors themself. Some go for vibrant colors, while others prefer dark ones.

The skull tattoo symbolizes death or mortality in most cases since no matter how thick the living tissue is, it will all turn into bones at the end of the day, just like what happens to us when we die. The design can show our attitude towards life since some are brave enough to face their deaths while others are also scared of even thinking of it.

It’s also seen as being courageous enough to live life freely without worries about your future because once you’re dead, there won’t be anything more for you anyway. Some cultures use these tattoos in rites and ceremonies, while some see them as lucky charms.

Talk with your tattoo artist at the tattoo parlor to get a custom design. Gothic tattoos can be a great source of inspiration. Also take a look at these monarch butterfly tattoo ideas, traditional skull tattoo, luna moth tattoo, meaningful ladybug tattoo, butterfly hand tattoo, bat tattoos, Indian skull tattoo ideas and Aries tattoo ideas.

Colorful butterfly tattoos are as popular as ever and matched with a human skull; it makes for a great combination. Let’s look at some beautiful examples of skull butterfly tattoo ideas and designs.

butterfly with skull tattoo
Butterfly with skull tattoo

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These butterfly with skull tattoo ideas will inspire you…

traditional butterfly skull tattoo
tattoo butterfly skull
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skull with butterfly tattoo
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half skull half butterfly tattoo
half butterfly half skull tattoo
butterfly with skull wings tattoo
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butterfly with skull head tattoo
butterfly tattoo with skull
butterfly tattoo skull
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butterfly skull tattoo designs
butterfly and skull tattoo
women's skull butterfly tattoo

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butterfly skull tattoo
Butterfly skull tattoo

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