69+ Skeleton Tattoo Ideas That Are ‘Bone’ to Be Wild

skeleton tattoo

Get Inspired with these skeleton tattoo ideas

A skeleton tattoo idea may not be for everybody, maybe not even most people. Yet, they remain a very popular option for a large minority of people. Skeleton tattoos are very popular within certain groups, often using them to create unique tattoo ideas. This post considers some real-life ideas that will help you design your perfect tattoo.

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Popular with both men and women, they are often represented as a symbol of danger, even death. Although this is just one meaning, they can also mean many other things, which we will discuss later.

The tattoos are often very detailed, and some consider them quite macabre. It is obvious to represent the dark side of life. They can be represented in many ways, more often than not, by skulls and bones. Although some look very realistic, they don’t necessarily have to be. Some can be animated and look relatively childish.

When designing your human skeleton tattoo, given the nature of it, it’s so important to consider what you want your tattoo to represent. Do you want it to have a significant meaning that is very personal to you, or are you just looking for a decorative design? These are the things that must be considered.

In most cases, skeleton tattoos apart are part of an overall design with other elements inked alongside it. We will discuss this later, but it is important to recognize that these elements will create a more meaningful tattoo.

Designing a Skeleton Tattoo

Designing a skeleton tattoo can be a very creative process. As with most tattoos, there are no specific rules you need to adhere to; it’s literally what appeals to you. The important thing is to consider whether you want a traditional tattoo or something a little more modern. Whatever one you choose, make sure it fits in with your existing tattoos and design style.

There are many iterations of skeleton tattoos. Some of these include the full skeleton, and some of these include part of it. Whether this is the skull or a hand, it’s what appeals to your design. As with most tattoos, it is important to fully understand what you want and communicate that with your tattoo artist. Only then will you get what you want.

Let us now consider the common skeleton tattoo ideas that you often see.

  • Skeleton face
  • Traditional skeleton
  • Dancing skeleton
  • Gothic skeleton
  • Abstract skeleton
  • Skeleton bone
  • Realistic skeleton
  • Cartoon skeleton
  • Skull tattoo
  • Skeleton hand tattoos
  • Sugar skull
  • Full body skeleton
  • Half body skeleton

As with most tattoos, most of them include other elements to complete the full design. This gives them more meaning and often improves the overall design. These are the common elements often found with a skeleton tattoo;

  • Skulls
  • Roses
  • Bones
  • Crosses
  • Snakes
  • Pirates
  • Coffins
  • Fire
  • Wings
  • Devil

Skulls are the most common element that we see in a skeleton tattoo. We will cover what they mean a little later, but in most cases, they are related to death and the dark side. Roses are also common flowers that are associated with skeletons. You will often see a tattoo sleeve covered in Roses featuring a skeleton or a skull.

Bones are also a feature of these tattoos, sometimes related to pirates. And another common element is the cross, which is which has some religious symbolism associated with it. Snakes are another common element; sometimes, you will see a rose and snake tattoo together, which also features a skull. Other macabre elements include coffins and anything associated with demons and devils. Finally, you may also see wings or fire.

What does a skeleton tattoo mean?

As we all know, tattoos or a very personal thing to the wearer. Quite often, they will have a very personal meaning to them. However, we can establish some common meanings to most tattoo ideas. We can associate a different meaning to a skeleton tattoo we will cover here.

If we think of a skeleton tattoo, we think about death and our mortality. It is a reminder that we will not live forever, but it may also be a tribute to a loved one who has passed. In some ways, the skeleton tattoo symbolizes humanity’s rebirth and the new beginning. It shows the circle of life and that life goes on. In addition, the tattoo reflects the wearer’s resilience and strength in the face of their struggles.

Some people attribute the meaning of the tattoo to the Grim Reaper. This has covert associations with death.

In some countries, the skeleton design is seen as a sign of transformation and change. It does not necessarily have to do with death or the dark side. For other people, discussing tattoos may not be sinister. It may well be that some tattoo lovers enjoy Halloween or love horror movies. A skeleton is famously associated with these things and is considered a powerful symbol.

If this tattoo is not for you, why not consider these different designs; star tattoos, makeup tattoos, hand skeleton tattoos, face tattoos, stick and poke tattoo ideas, musician tattoos, and couple tattoos.

Let’s look at some real-life skeleton tattoo ideas that should help inspire your next tattoo design and body art.

simple skeleton tattoo
Simple skeleton tattoo

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Check out some of the simple skeleton tattoo designs…

tribal fish skeleton tattoo
traditional skeleton tattoo
traditional skeleton hand tattoo
tattoo skeleton hand
tattoo hand skeleton
t rex skeleton tattoo
small skeleton tattoo
skeleton with flowers tattoo
skeleton tattoo meaning
skeleton tattoo man
skeleton tattoo ideas
skeleton tattoo drawing
skeleton tattoo designs
skeleton tattoo arm
skeleton smoking tattoo
skeleton samurai tattoo
skeleton praying tattoo
skeleton praying hands tattoo
skeleton peace sign tattoo
skeleton neck tattoo
skeleton mouth hand tattoo
skeleton mermaid tattoo
skeleton mariachi tattoo
skeleton lovers tattoo
skeleton leg tattoo
skeleton king tattoo
skeleton key tattoo
skeleton key tattoo meaning
skeleton head tattoo
skeleton hand with rose tattoo
skeleton hand tattoo with rose
skeleton hand tattoo meaning
skeleton hand holding rose tattoo
skeleton hand holding rose tattoo meaning
skeleton hand holding rose tattoo meaning
skeleton forearm tattoo
skeleton flower tattoo
skeleton face tattoo
skeleton face hand tattoo
skeleton dragon tattoo
skeleton cowboy tattoo
skeleton couple tattoo
old fashioned skeleton key tattoo
skeleton butterfly tattoo
skeleton bones hand tattoo
skeleton bone hand tattoo
skeleton back tattoo
skeleton back tattoo
skeleton arm tattoo
skeleton arm tattoo sharpie
skeleton arm tattoo on arm
skeleton arm tattoo design
simple skeleton tattoo 1
shark skeleton tattoo
praying skeleton tattoo
mermaid skeleton tattoo 1
jack the skeleton tattoo
hand skeleton tattoo
full body skeleton tattoo
dinosaur skeleton tattoo
dancing skeleton tattoo 1
cute skeleton tattoo
cowboy skeleton tattoo
cartoon skeleton tattoo
butterfly skeleton tattoo
bird skeleton tattoo
bat skeleton tattoo
arm skeleton tattoo
animal skeleton tattoo

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dancing skeleton tattoo
Dancing skeleton tattoo

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