39+ Serenity Prayer Tattoo Ideas That Deliver Calm

serenity prayer tattoo

Get Inspired with these serenity prayer tattoo ideas

The Serenity Prayer is a widely known prayer that asks for the “serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference.” In this post, we look at some Serenity Prayer tattoo ideas.

The Serenity Prayer is a well-known Christian prayer for peace. Numerous organizations, including Alcoholics Anonymous, have employed it. Individuals who have been influenced by alcoholism, drug addiction, or other self-destructive behaviors frequently wear it on their bodies as a famous mantra for their tattoos.

There are several areas you might get this tattoo. The back of your neck is a possibility. Another option is the inside or outside of your ankle, arm, chest, thigh, side, or hand. A spot that isn’t always visible yet is easily accessible when required for reading or reminding yourself of its strength would be ideal.

Tattoos are sometimes placed on the back of the neck, just below where one’s head meets their neck. People frequently get tattoos to be concealed when not in use but visible when needed to be hidden. This allows them to have a subtle reminder of what they treasure most with them at all times while also allowing them to keep their spiritual convictions private if necessary.

What does Serenity Prayer tattoo mean?

The Serenity Prayer tattoo designs are a famous faith prayer authored by American theologian Reinhold Niebuhr. It reads: God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference.

People wear a tattoo symbol to statement their religious or spiritual beliefs. However, some individuals choose to get them because they are fashionable. Some may wear it simply as popular fashion connected with various elements of life, such as tattoos with quotations. Many people adore tattoos that contain profound phrases that will impact someone’s life or motivate them when they see them on their skin.

If you’re one of those people who consider getting tattoos with inspirational words, here are some tips you might want to read first:

Before getting a tattoo, do your homework: There are many elegant quotations and sayings you may discover on the internet, but be sure they have relevance to you and convey what you want to say or communicate with other people. It will be better if the tattoos have religious meaning since it signifies more, especially if one believes in what is inscribed on their skin. It would also be helpful if you get ideas from friends who have tattoos with meaningful phrases.

Searching on the internet or visiting a local bookstore where you can browse books on spirituality and religion may lead to some excellent material!

Consider the size of the tattoo: Some tattoos are tiny and basic, while others are huge and elaborate; it’s also advisable to determine a location where you can put them where they’ll seem appropriate.

What will your partner think about the tattoo? They may like it or despise it! It’s a good idea to tell them ahead of time to be shocked when he sees your new ink. It would also be beneficial to read a few articles or stories regarding people whose partners/spouses don’t appreciate their tattoos due to jealousy or insecurity before making any decisions about getting one for yourself. Before deciding whether or not to get one, you must first comprehend why your relationship might feel this way.

Serenity Prayer tattoos for females?

Prayer tattoos can look very different in men and women. It is very common to see people with these types of serenity tattoos in particular: “God grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change, Courage to Change the things that I can, And Wisdom to always tell the difference.” It has become somewhat of a modern-day mantra for people seeking inner peace.

You may notice that what determines a woman or a man tattoo is subjective, mainly because it has to do with perceptions of masculinity/femininity rather than genuine gender distinctions. The same tattoo may be seen as very feminine; on another, it’s pretty macho.

There are no restrictions on prayer tattoos for men or women, but they are more popular among females. If you see someone who isn’t wearing any religious symbols while praying, the person likely has a spiritual belief or community. Many devout individuals think that as long as their Serenity Prayer tattoo has significance to them, it is sufficient in itself.

Words commonly associated with this type of tattoo include; patience, inspiration, struggle, grace, hardship, happiness, freedom, love, birth, greed, and mind. Consider a Philippians 4 13 tattoo, Molon Labe tattoo, faith tattoos, scroll tattoos, creation of Adam tattoos, hope faith love, only god can judge me tattoo or a San Judas Tadeo tattoo as an alternative.

Let us now look at some beautiful images of a Serenity Prayer tattoo design.

serenity prayer tattoo ideas
Serenity prayer tattoo ideas

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Check out some of these women’s serenity prayer tattoo images below…

the serenity prayer tattoo ideas
tattoo serenity prayer
tattoo of serenity prayer
small serenity prayer tattoo
serenity prayer tattoo woman
serenity prayer tattoo with flowers
serenity prayer tattoo symbol
serenity prayer tattoo stencil
serenity prayer tattoo small
serenity prayer tattoo on leg
serenity prayer tattoo on forearm
serenity prayer tattoo on chest
serenity prayer tattoo on arm
serenity prayer tattoo meaning
serenity prayer tattoo inner bicep
serenity prayer tattoo forearm
serenity prayer tattoo for female
serenity prayer tattoo designs
serenity prayer tattoo design
serenity prayer sleeve tattoo
serenity prayer side tattoo
serenity prayer scroll tattoo
serenity prayer forearm tattoo
serenity prayer cross tattoo
serenity prayer chest tattoo
prayer of serenity tattoo
god grant me the serenity prayer tattoo
full serenity prayer tattoo
the serenity prayer tattoo

I hope that these Serenity Prayer tattoo ideas have inspired your next tattoo design. As always, talk to your tattoo artist to get the tattoo that you really want!

womens serenity prayer tattoo
Womens serenity prayer tattoo

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