How to Remove Tattoo at Home… Can It Be Done?

how to remove tattoo at home

How to remove tattoo at home?

There are many ways to remove tattoos at home, but you have to know that some of them will not give you the results you want if your motive is to make tattoos disappear as fast as possible. So before I share with you what option you should take for home tattoo removal, please take note of these points below first.

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1) If your tattoo is fresh, don’t follow those who said use apple cider vinegar or baking soda. This may work for experienced people, and some said it might bring the ink to the surface, but it will surely make your tattoo more irritated and opened – So what I want you to avoid is making your tattoo more obvious.

2) Do not scratch your tattoo with nails or anything that can damage your skin, such as towels, paper clips, etc. (remove unwanted tattoos by hand).

3) When trying DIY methods on removing tattoos at home, try a small portion on a less visible part of the body. This way, you can check if there are side effects, irritation, or even allergies, which makes it dangerous to use any products on specific skin types.

Now let’s look at what option is available for you, which I believe will work the best way to remove tattoos at home.

how to remove a permanent tattoo at home
how to remove a permanent tattoo at home

Step 1: Exfoliate the tattoo with a scrub. An apricot scrub or similar will help wipe away dead skin cells trapping the ink into your skin, leading to it being permanent. Scrubbing is best done before you shower or wash your face with warm water and mild exfoliator.

Step 2: Use a Cotton swab soaked in hydrogen peroxide on the tattoo area for 5 minutes- Hydrogen peroxide can dissolve black colors, so this method may not affect other colors. Still, overall it is worth a try if you really on how to remove tattoos at home. Do not forget to wash off all kinds of soap residue, which prevents the oxygen from reaching the skin surface.

Step 3: Put ice cubes wrapped paper towel directly on top of tattoo for 5 minutes. This will reduce the swelling and irritation on tattoos removing unwanted tattoos by hand.

Step 4: Apply some aloe vera gel to moisturize the skin and help with skin regeneration by reducing redness and irritation. I do not recommend using Vaseline or petroleum jelly because it prevents oxygen from reaching the area, which is vital if you want to faster remove your tattoo at home.

Step 5: Use a non-scented moisturizing unscented soap bar for washing tattoos tenderly about two times a day until desired results are achieved. This method is commonly used with DIY ways of making a tattoo disappear as fast as possible but remember never scrub too hard; this may affect the skin surface and irritate.

As I have mentioned earlier, do not forget to moisturize your skin by using non-scented unscented lotion or cream at least twice a day until you achieve desired results. In addition, do not expose your tattoo directly to sunlight for about two weeks.

If you have sensitive skin, you should avoid going out under the sun as well. This is because direct exposure to sunlight may cause irritation or itchiness on your skin which worsens redness and swelling of tattoos removing unwanted tattoos by hand.

These are the best methods for removing tattoos at home without laser surgery which I believe will work great if followed religiously with patience and faith…!

how to remove a tattoo at home without hurting you
how to remove a tattoo at home without hurting you

Can a tattoo be removed naturally?

The tattoo can be removed naturally by scrubbing with salt.

The best kind of natural tattoo removal is “Scrubbing with salt.” Salt will lift tattoo pigment through the layer of skin where it’s located. Take some table salt and mix it with water to form a thick, pasty solution.

Apply this mixture to your permanent tattoos for about five minutes once or twice per day. After you’ve applied the salt paste, take a pumice stone, washcloth, or rough rag and gently scrub the area for another few minutes.

This process may cause your skin to become irritated after several days. Still, if you continue to apply the salt paste every day, the irritation will eventually subside as your tattoo begins to fade.

Can you completely remove a tattoo?

No. There is no complete tattoo removal solution that can altogether remove a tattoo. Old tattoos can be removed. However, the process relies heavily on the person’s commitment and willingness to follow specific guidelines for tattoo removal, such as proper aftercare and avoiding irritation or infection of the treated skin.

Depending on the color(s) used in your treatment session, you may need multiple sessions before you notice results. The secret to success with all forms of tattoo removal (home, laser, or surgical excision) is patience and proper procedure.

Does lemon remove a tattoo?

Lemon or limes contain citric acid, which is a known skin irritant. This means when you apply a slice of lemon to your tattooed skin, it can cause damage and fade ink color in the surrounding area. This does not mean that lemon juice will remove small tattoos from everyone who uses it, however.

Lemons have been used for decades by tattoo artists to help clean green clay and other tools used during the application process. The juice has also been considered effective for removing green ink stains from hands due to jewelry being dipped in it before touching an exposed part of the body with green tattoos.

Contradictory evidence states that this process may cause tattoos to becoming more vibrant after an initial fade period. Ingredients found in lemons are also used in many tattoo removal solutions.

“Vinegar too is an ingredient in several skin-lightening formulas, so who knows what it does to the ink molecules,” according to tattoo Easily. “The main thing is that lemon juice on its own seems to cause more problems than it solves.”

Contracting Hepatitis B or C through lemon juice on your tattoo can be fatal. If you attempt using this method for removing tattoos, please note that there may be a risk of contracting severe diseases from ingesting the citric acid found in lemons and limes.

Since everyone’s body reacts differently to chemicals, The Mayo Clinic advises consulting with a dermatologist before trying any home remedies.

how to remove permanent tattoo at home
how to remove permanent tattoo at home

Will hydrogen peroxide remove a tattoo?

The answer is yes; hydrogen peroxide can help you with your tattoo.

How does hydrogen peroxide remove tattoos?

Hydrogen peroxide is very effective in removing tattoos because it is one of the most potent oxidizing agents available to use at home. The solution consists mainly of water (H2O) and has some extra oxygen atoms (hence its name), making it perfect for fighting organic substances like skin cells and ink particles.

When the hydrogen peroxide reacts with these substances, it breaks them apart into small pieces that our body can quickly get rid of. This process of breaking down organic material is called hydrolysis, which means ‘water splitting’ in Greek. It is often compared with oxidation, where our bodies break down other substances by adding oxygen atoms.

The ability of hydrogen peroxide to break down cells under certain circumstances has been widely used in the medical field to treat several diseases and infections, so it is safe to say that its properties are well known. It is prevalent because there are no reported side effects when used topically (on the skin) or locally.

FDA has also approved hydrogen peroxide for removing dead tissue from wounds, but this should never be done without the supervision of your doctor!

Significantly diluted hydrogen peroxide (3%, 6%) can be found at the local drug store. However, you should never try mixing it with anything else before applying it to your tattoo! If you want to learn how to use it on your tattoo, follow the link below.


Although hydrogen peroxide has been widely used in the medical field, you should always avoid ingesting or applying it to wounds that are not infected or damaged! Applying high-concentration hydrogen peroxide (35%) could cause burns and permanent damage to skin tissue! If you have never used this product before, it’s best to consult a doctor first. Read these safety instructions carefully before getting started!

how to remove small tattoo at home
how to remove small tattoo at home

How to remove a tattoo at home with hydrogen peroxide?

1) Purchase some high-quality 3% – 6% food grade hydrogen peroxide from your local drugstore; some drugstores also sell 35%, so you might need to ask for help finding it.

2) Clean the area around your tattoo with an antibiotic ointment, antibacterial soap, and warm water.

3) Apply a small amount of regular household vinegar to neutralize any excess hydrogen peroxide; this will prevent further irritating the skin after the treatment has been completed.

4) Pat dry with a clean paper towel or cotton pad soaked in distilled water.

5) Soak a sterile Q-tip or another applicator in the hydrogen peroxide solution and apply directly to your tattoo for 5 – 10 minutes.

6) Use another clean cotton swab dipped in distilled water to remove any residue on the treated area. This step might not be necessary if you have already neutralized it by applying vinegar earlier on! 

If all else fails, you may wish to consider laser tattoo removal. 

how to remove a tattoo at home
How to remove a tattoo at home

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