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phantom troupe tattoo

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In this post, we go a little niche and look at the phantom troupe tattoo, what they are and what they represent.

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Who is the Phantom troupe?

The Phantom Troupe is a famous street gang known for its distinctive tattoos. Each member of the troupe has a tattoo on their left shoulder. This unique and ominous tattoo serves as a warning to anyone crossing the Phantom Troupe. It also helps to identify gang members, including hunter x hunter, which can be helpful in times of trouble.

The Phantom Troupe members were formed in Japan in the early 1990s. At that time, the group was composed of refugees from several different countries. They all had one thing in common: they were all wanted criminals. The group’s leader, Chrollo Lucilfer, had a unique ability that allowed him to control the minds of others. This gave the Phantom Troupe performers a distinct advantage in the criminal underworld.

The character Phantom Troupe has since become one of the most feared gangs in the world. They are wanted for a wide variety of crimes, including robbery, kidnapping, and murder. They are also known for their violent and unpredictable behavior. Members of the troupe are not afraid to use violence to get what they want. They often take great pleasure in inflicting pain on others.

Despite their dangerous reputation, the Phantom Troupe is also fiercely loyal to one another. They will go to great lengths to protect their members. This makes them a formidable force to be reckoned with.

So, if you ever see a spider tattooed on someone’s shoulder, you know you’re dealing with a member of the Phantom Troupe. Be careful because they are not to be trifled with.

What does a phantom troupe numbers tattoo mean?

The Phantom Troupe was an infamous gang of thieves during the Yorknew City arc in 1999. Their leader Chrollo Lucilfer has a spider tattoo on his right palm, and all members have this spider-web pattern with a number underneath it tattooed on their bodies, representing their rank within the group.

For example, the ringleader Chrollo’s spider tattoo represents “000”. In 1999, there were about 27 or 28 people in The Phantom Troupe whenever they appeared. But nowadays, only 7 of them are known to be alive because some of them were killed by Kurapika, Pakunoda died from being shot by Chrollo, and two people committed suicide.

The meaning of the tattoos isn’t precisely clear, but it seems to represent some loyalty or commitment to the group. Some fans believe that getting a tattoo like this is a way of sacrificing one’s life for the group and showing dedication. They can be found on any body part, including the back, hand, elbow, and shoulder.

It’s also possible that the numbers have some other hidden meaning that we don’t know about yet. But whatever the case may be, these tattoos are unique and pretty badass!

So there you have it! The Phantom Troupe is an infamous gang of thieves with unique spider-web tattoos on their bodies. The significance of these tattoos isn’t entirely clear, but they seem to represent some loyalty or commitment to the group. Whether or not you’re a fan of The Phantom Troupe, these tattoos are pretty cool and worth speaking to your tattoo artist about!

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So, with that being said, let’s look at some great examples of phantom troupe tattoo ideas.

phantom troupe spider tattoo
Phantom troupe spider tattoo

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phantom troupe tattoo locations
phantom troupe tattoo 8
phantom troupe shizuku tattoo
phantom troupe hisoka tattoo
phantom troupe back tattoo
illumi phantom troupe tattoo
hxh phantom troupe tattoo
hunter x hunter phantom troupe tattoo
hisoka phantom troupe tattoo
chrollo phantom troupe tattoo
chrollo lucilfer phantom troupe tattoo
shizuku phantom troupe tattoo
phantom troupe tattoo numbers

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feitan phantom troupe tattoo
Feitan phantom troupe tattoo

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