79+ Panda Bear Tattoo Ideas That Are Bear-y Cute

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Get Inspired with these panda bear tattoo ideas

Panda bear tattoo designs are, more often not, incredibly cute and playful. They completely mirror the perception we have of these lovable creatures. Panda bears are well-known for being very gentle and loveable animals, making them a popular choice for a tattoo. In tattoo form, they are the perfect image for a panda lover and those of you who want to show your love for these animals.

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Panda bear tattoos are often chosen by people who have a strong feeling toward nature and have a strong appreciation of these beautiful animals. Gentle and loving, a cute panda tattoo is a fantastic choice for a tattoo idea.

Synonymous with China, these animals feature heavily in Chinese tattoo ideas. This animal is often associated with blossom flowers, nature, and even dragons. You can see why they are so popular as a symbol of good luck in China.

A panda bear tattoo is a great choice for many tattoo ideas. A popular choice is a negative space tattoo which makes the most out of their monotone color. Another option is a geometric panda style that delivers a very modern look. A watercolor styling can give a very colorful stylistic option that takes the standard image to a new level.

In terms of the size of the tattoo, they tend to be the larger size. However, they are frequently a part of an overall image that includes other elements. We will discuss some common elements below. If you want a unique tattoo design that is likely to get plenty of attention, you can’t go wrong with an amazing panda bear. With its playful personality and cuddly looks, you’ll make many people very happy!

What does a Panda bear tattoo mean?

As with most tattoos, Panda tattoo ideas can mean several things. The meaning can be based entirely on the wearer of the tattoo. However, quite often, you will find common themes.

The panda bear is seen as a symbol of strength, power, and courage. It can also be seen as a symbol of peace and tranquility. In eastern culture, the panda is also seen to deliver good luck. Some people get this tattoo because they find the animal adorable. Others may obtain them as a reminder to live in the present moment and appreciate the everyday pleasures.

Whatever the meaning, one thing is clear, they form the basis of a great tattoo that other people will love too!

Designing a panda bear tattoo

Panda tattoo design can happen in several ways. It depends on the type of panda that you want to include. The most popular types of pandas are the giant panda…black and white…and the red panda. The most frequent panda in tattoos is the giant panda, which has a distinctive black and white colorway. A realistic panda is very common.

Red pandas are another option, albeit not that common. Smaller than giant pandas, but they are still relatively large. Sharing some of the common characteristics of their larger cousin, Red pandas are known for their eye-catching red fur, which makes them a great choice for a tattoo.

Depending on your style, panda bear tattoos can be accomplished in several ways. You might choose to place a panda bear alone or include additional elements to the design, such as flowers or Chinese characters. Panda bear tattoos are guaranteed to make a statement, no matter your style.

Elements to include in a panda bear tattoo design

A panda bear tattoo may be a rather adorable and innocent-looking tattoo. Consider panda tattoos if you’re searching for a tattoo design that is distinctive and has a presence. Here are some aspects to include in your panda bear tattoo design:

  • The Chinese word for “panda” – Is a must-have for any panda bear tattoo design. The character of the “panda” is significant since it represents good fortune in Asian culture. Panda bears are considered extremely lucky creatures; thus, having the character in your tattoo will likely bring you good fortune.
  • A bamboo forest – Another element you might consider including in your panda bear tattoo design is the bamboo forest. The bamboo forest is essentially the home to the panda bear. If you want a tattoo with a lot of cultural significance, consider incorporating a bamboo forest tattoo in your panda design.
  • The yin and yang symbol – The yin and yang symbol, also known as the Taoist symbol for balance and harmony, is frequently used in panda bear tattoo designs. The yin and yang symbol represents balance and harmony. This is a great sign to use if you’re searching for a tattoo design that demonstrates balance and harmony in your life.

These are just a few things to consider in a panda bear tattoo design. As with all tattoos, you must take your time to do the research. The images below will help you understand your vast range of possibilities. Enjoy the images, and remember to take notes!

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Get inspired with these panda bear tattoo ideas.

panda bear tattoo
Panda bear tattoo

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These panda tattoo ideas should really inspire you…

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small panda tattoo
Small panda tattoo

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