How Painful Is a Rib Tattoo?…Will I Cry!

how painful is a rib tattoo

How painful is a rib tattoo?

Rib tattoos are typically painful, but getting a rib tattoo design will be greater than the pain of the after-effects. Some people may experience some swelling or bruising at the site where you got your new tattoo on your ribcage, but it should quickly go away.

As for how much it hurts to get one, that largely depends on where you want to put your design. The ribs tend to be less sensitive than the skin on other body parts; like behind or between/above/below eyes or eyebrows, so while there will still be some discomfort, it won’t be as intense as getting tattooed in those locations. This also has to do with personal tolerance levels and sensitivity when needles pierce the skin.

Like pain tolerance levels, there are various ways to numb yourself before getting tattooed to make it less painful. This includes numbing creams applied 45-60 minutes prior (which usually work by blocking nerve endings) or a local anesthetic injected into your tattooing area beforehand. You can also apply ice packs directly to where you’ll be getting your tattoo idea for 5-10 minutes ahead, which can help reduce discomfort during and after tattooing.

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If you only have a small part of your ribcage tattooed with a few designs, this might not be as distracting or bothersome. Still, if you’re going for a full-side rib cage piece that involves more intricate details with lots of color shading and an intricate design, it might be more challenging to get through without pain and discomfort.

Also, if you tend to experience nausea after getting tattooed (which some people do), then the rib area may not be your best choice for getting inked.

Pain is subjective; what one person finds painful, another may not. Everyone’s threshold for pain is different. While some people can handle more than others, thinking of this as a “painful” experience might deter them from getting tattoos altogether when that’s an integral part of their identity or culture.

The most important thing is that you feel safe and secure with who is doing the tattooing and how things will be done so you’ll know beforehand what to expect and won’t have any unpleasant surprises.

Do you want to know how painful a rib tattoo is? To answer that question, you’ll have to be the judge at your tattoo appointment. While it’s not necessarily excruciating pain, there will still be some discomfort involved in getting your rib cage tattooed. But for many people, this degree of pain is tolerable and worth what they get out of having this body art done. I hope this answers the question!

How do you make a rib tattoo hurt less?

There is no way to make a rib tattoo hurt less. It’s all about how much pain you can handle! A ribcage tattoo is one of the most painful places for getting a tattoo, just below the knee cap and ankle bone.

However, if you break up your rib cage into two sections: upper and lower, then the upper portion of your ribcage will be much less painful than the bottom section. So I would start with an outline/design on your upper ribs first (to see if you like it) and save any colorwork for the last (lower ribs). But again, my answer is they hurt equally as bad!

One way or another, rib tattoos are always going to hurt. The most effective way to reduce pain is to be sure that your artist uses a high-quality tattoo machine with a clean tattoo needle, in addition to using quality ink with vibrant colors.

Another popular method of reducing the pain of getting a tattoo involves taking aspirin or ibuprofen about an hour before you get inked, which will help minimize some discomfort by reducing pain and swelling.

how to resist painful from a tattoo on rib cage
how to resist painful from a tattoo on rib cage

Can you wear a bra after getting a rib tattoo?

Some tattoo artists recommend removing the bra after you get a rib tattoo. You should always follow your artist’s advice for the care of the area while it heals. The best underwear after getting a rib tattoo will depend on what type of bed or padding your artist uses during the procedure and where they inks.

If it has been a few days since you’ve had the procedure, make sure not to wear anything too tight around the ribs until any pain goes away, which can take up to two weeks. For an underwired bra, go with something unlined that won’t press against tender skin right after getting a rib tattoo. You can also wear sports bras–make sure they’re snug but not tight the first few days the tattoo is healing.

If your artist used a pillow while inking your rib, you could wear regular bras. The area will be tender for quite some time, no matter what underwear you choose to wear. This depends on how good of care you take of your tattoo while it’s healing, so be careful not to put any strain on the bed until the pain eases up.

Showering/bathing: You should wait until that night after getting a rib tattoo to take your first shower or bath since submerging that part of the body could get water inside and throw off your artist’s color placement (if they didn’t use surgical gloves). Make sure never to wet the part during the hours following because it’s still healing.

is a rib tattoo painful
is a rib tattoo painful

Do rib tattoos hurt more if you’re skinny?

A rib is known to be painful, and some people claim that they hurt more if you’re skinny. This is not the case at all; rib tattoo pain is the same regardless of your size. In general, the pain of a tattoo has nothing to do with how thin you are and everything to do with nerve endings in the skin. Skinny or fat, it doesn’t matter!

Everyone experiences the same level of pain when getting a tattoo on their ribs. It’s just common sense that someone with less body fat will have an easier time showing off their new ink than someone with a lot of padding around their midsection–but neither will experience any additional pain simply because of how much fat they carry on their frame.

Don’t let yourself fall victim to rumors perpetuated on the internet – know that no matter how much fat you have around your midsection, getting a tattoo on your ribs is a painful place for everyone!

What should I wear to get a rib tattoo?

You should wear a form-fitting tee shirt. I would recommend a tank top or a t-shirt because it will be tough to move around in clothing that does not give you that leeway. You can also go for something with a low back, as this will make your tattoo easier to access.

Make sure the clothes are clean, comfortable, and relaxed enough for some movement – if they become too hot, you really will be unhappy. Wear some track pants or some shorts if you’d prefer those kinds of clothes over fitted jeans or spandex workout pants instead of a skirt! Some people enjoy having their rib tattoos done while wearing a swimsuit, though I don’t recommend this for beginners!

how painful is a rib cage tattoo
how painful is a rib cage tattoo

How long after a rib tattoo can I work out?

It is entirely up to your body how quickly it heals, and there isn’t any ‘safe’ time frame for when you should be back in the gym doing cardio or lifting weights. In my professional opinion, though, I would not recommend going hard too soon if any residual effects from the tattooing process are still going on underneath your skin.

If you can avoid strenuous workouts for a few, then, by all means, do so. It is not worth taking any chances, and you want to make sure that your new rib tattoo has had the opportunity to heal as much as it can before putting too much stress on the area. In my personal experience, I have been working out regularly for about a week after getting a small tattoo on my ribs done.

I just made sure to ease into things gradually and do only what felt good for my body at the time. Most importantly, listen to your body!

Regarding how long a rib tattoo takes for healing, well, again, it will depend on each person’s case, but usually, they will be healed between 2-3 weeks. During this time frame, if you experience any increasing pain or redness at the tattoo site, I recommend that you see your doctor be safe. It is best to err on the side of caution and not take risks with your health because it’s just not worth it!

As for tattoos in general, here are some average healing times:

  • A small rib tattoo like this will usually heal within 2-3 weeks.
  • Small back tattoos like these can take 1-2 months for complete healing. (
  • Medium-sized arm or leg tattoos usually heal within 4-6 weeks.
  • Large shoulder-size tattoos may need up to 6-8 weeks to fully heal, depending on the depth of color.
  • Full Sleeve tattoos can take anywhere from 12 weeks to a full year for full healing.

Tattooing is indeed one of the most painful tattoo experiences, and it will likely be more than you can bear at times during the process. Aftercare and keeping your new tattoo as healthy as possible throughout the entire process are vital to ensure that you have an excellent final result.

how painful is a tattoo rib cage
how painful is a tattoo rib cage

How do you breathe with a rib tattoo?

In a word: slowly. The pain is very intense as the ribs have deep nerves and muscles. If you want to experience this type of piercing, it’s best to be adequately prepared. Since this body area is so close to your lungs, you need to consider that each breath will feel like a knife stabbing directly under your chest bone and in between every rib.

You can’t breathe quickly because once again, since the ribs are such deep muscles and bones, breathing deeply really hurts! If you lean back, relax and slow down your breathing, you will eventually get used to the sensation of pain.

rib tattoo painful
rib tattoo painful

Does numbing cream work for Rib tattoos?

Rib tattoo numbing cream works for anyone with a low pain tolerance or just looking to get a rib piece without too much pain. If you have no tattoos, using the cream before getting your first will likely help ease some of the initial stingings from the needle.

Numbing cream for tattoos helps to reduce discomfort generally associated with getting a new tribal tattoo. A rib cage tattoo is usually positioned on either side of a person’s spine, so applying it close to the bone will give good results. It should be applied 20 minutes before getting inked. It can last anywhere between 4-6 hours depending on how well it has been used and if any friction occurs while moving around during that period (a lot of movement such as dancing could lessen the amount of time the painkiller is adequate).

To get a flawless numbing cream rib tattoo, avoid aggravating the skin by avoiding hot water for twenty-four hours before and after getting the ink done. The tattoo artist should also advise their customers about what could happen if they have any open cuts or scratches at the site of pain as it might affect how well the medicine takes effect.

Numbing creams do not work 100% but make sure you follow through with all precautions and instructions from your tattoo artist and supplier, and you should experience a much easier time dealing with the pain.

If you cannot manage to use numbing cream on your own beforehand, you can tell your tattooist that you would like them to include it in the cost of your tattoo and that you would like them to apply the cream.

The best numbing creams usually contain Benzocaine, an ingredient that prevents feeling in the skin by deadening the nerve endings close to the surface of your skin. This reduces sensation and makes getting a rib tattoo much less painful (although there is still some pain associated with getting this area inked).

Lidocaine can also be used as an alternative ingredient for numbing cream, but it is only found in 1% of over-the-counter painkillers, so it isn’t always readily available. Other elements are sometimes included in numbing creams such as Acetaminophen, Tetracycline Hydrochloride, or Tetracaine HCL.

As with all painkillers, it is essential not to drink any alcohol while taking the cream as this will increase your risk of side effects or overdose. If you are allergic to any ingredients, then inform your tattoo artist before getting inked. If they have any concerns about using it on you, don’t take offense because although numbing cream does work for most people, there are always exceptions to the rules.

Numbing cream for tattoos is available over-the-counter at most pharmacies and beauty stores but make sure you follow all instructions on the label. Rib tattoos may be a painful area to get a tattoo placement (especially if you suffer from low pain tolerance) so make sure you choose a product that suits what you need, especially if you do not have a lot of pain tolerance.

Do rib tattoos cost more?

There is no way of knowing how much a tattoo will cost at your tattoo shop until you get to the parlor and talk about it with the tattoo artist. A rib tattoo idea is a little pricier because of where on your body they are going. The upper ribs tend to be one of the most painful areas to have a tattoo done on, so it comes at a higher price.

Tattoos done on the ribs are usually more significant than any other smaller tattoo, so be prepared to pay more. Rib tattoos do tend to hurt more than other parts of your body also, but there is no way of knowing for sure until your tattoo session. Speak with your tattoo parlor about pricing and tattoo pain. A tattoo pain chart may well help you guide your decision.

If you are a tattoo enthusiast, you may also want to consider tattoos in other areas, consider the following; chest tattoo, inner bicep, inner thigh, outer shoulder, wrist tattoo, head tattoo, sternum tattoo, elbow tattoo, hand tattoo, inner arm, upper outer thigh,

painful rib tattoo
Painful rib tattoo

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