How Painful Is a Chest Tattoo? Is It Really That Painful!

how painful is a chest tattoo

How painful is a chest tattoo?

One of the most critical factors in determining how much a chest tattoo will hurt is where you decide to get it. Tattoos located on the rib cage are reported to be one of the most painful areas for tattoos because there are so many nerve endings in that area.

Still, anywhere from the waist up can be pretty painful, depending on pain tolerance and location. You can expect it to feel like a constant deep ache for days, even weeks after getting your chest tattoo.

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Chest tattoos take a long time to heal, too, depending on the exact location of your tattoo. Since there are so many layers of skin, you will be peeling for about three weeks, if not longer. If it’s done close enough to the armpit, there is also a chance it can get infected, but that only happens in rare cases.

how painful is chest tattoo
how painful is chest tattoo

The good news about pain is that most people who have gotten chest tattoos say that after they’re healed, it isn’t tender anymore during daily activities, just when being touched or bumped into. It should start feeling better within two months or less.

Your skin color will make a difference in how quickly your tattoo heals and how much it hurts to get one. For example, people with darker skin tones will find that their tattoos heal more rapidly and less pain than those with a lighter complexion.

Suppose you have a lot of scar tissue in your chest region where you want to get a tattoo. In that case, it can impact both how long it takes it to heal and the amount of pain associated with getting one.

All these factors contribute to how much a chest tattoo might hurt. They all play different roles in what you’ll experience when you get one done on your upper body region.

However, most people say that it wasn’t overly painful after getting used to the initial discomfort at all, even though some admit that it’s about equal in feeling compared to having ink applied on other parts of the body, which is pretty understandable considering how sensitive the chest area is.

Chest tattoos are a great way to express your individuality. Still, it would help if you remembered that tattooing could be painful and take a long time to heal correctly. Be sure that you’re 100 percent ready for this before getting one done. If you’re not prepared for your chest tattoo pain level or how long it will take for your tattoo to heal completely, then save it for later on when you are ready.

The good thing about this particular body location is that while it hurts a lot more than arms or legs while being tattooed, it’s also going to hurt a lot less over time.

How do you make a chest tattoo hurt less? Numb the skin before you start!

In a study from the department of dermatology at the University of Alabama, scientists tested dozens of different topical numbing creams and gels to find out which one worked best. Their experiment applied several brands to two groups of tattooed skin: one group had only been numbed, and one had nothing before getting inked.

They found that most topicals didn’t make much difference either way, but a cream (EMLA) and gel (ElaNa) can help reduce pain by up to 58%. If you’re thinking about getting a chest piece done-or any other major tattoo that’s painful no matter how many times it’s been done-it might be worth the trip to the store. (For what it’s worth, none of these creams or gels are FDA approved for a tattoo numbing).

What does a tattoo feel like on your chest?

A tattoo on the chest feels a little different than one on other parts of the body. Usually, a person gets a tattoo on their chest for symbolic value since it’s not often exposed to the world. Here are some things you should consider about your body art if you have your heart set to get tattoo ideas on your chest.

The skin on your chest is thicker than that on most other parts of your body simply because there are more layers of fat and muscle tissue under the skin. This makes tattoos last longer and requires more time, effort, and ink to complete an image. The process can take anywhere from six hours to nine hours, depending on how detailed and extensive it is. Regardless of size and detail, it would help if you planned to stay in the tattoo parlor for at least four hours while they ink you.

Generally speaking, tattoos on your chest feel similar to tattoos on other parts of your body. However, unlike other body parts, the weight of the ink on your heart can be an uncomfortable sensation if you’re not used to it. Additionally, since there’s more muscle tissue on your chest than anywhere else, it takes longer for you to heal and get back into action. You’ll need at minimum about seven days before returning to strenuous exercise, so recovery may take even longer depending on how intense an impact activity is for you.

When getting a tattoo done on your chest, remember that this part of the body frequently flexes during normal breathing. If you want to maintain the quality of the design, your tattoo artist needs to adjust for this flexing. This means that they might have to re-ink you up to 50 times before they’re finished working on it.

chest tattoo painful
chest tattoo painful

If you’re looking for a tattoo experience that feels genuinely unique, getting one done on your chest is an absolute must! You can choose from all sorts of designs depending on what calls out to you and just how much money you have to spend getting inked. It’s important to remember that tattoos on the chest are complex (if not impossible) for most artists to cover up later with other work, so make sure you love the tattoo design first. The same applies to stomach tattoos too.

If you find the experience so unpleasant that you can’t continue, don’t worry! This is quite normal, and no one will judge you for leaving (and not your artist). However, if this happens and you want to go through with it, make sure that no matter what, your artist doesn’t stop working on the tattoo or attempt to cover up any portion of it. You might leave feeling like a quitter, but as long as the design isn’t ruined (which should be obvious), there’s nothing wrong with ending early.

How much is a full chest tattoo?

The average figure for a full chest tattoo is $2000 USD. Depending on the level of detail, the number of colors, placement, and size of the tattoo, this pricing can vary considerably.

Are there any risks to getting a chest tattoo?

A chest tattoo can cause problems with breathing since the lungs are located directly beneath the chest. It may also affect future cosmetic surgery on the breasts or surrounding areas.

Some people have experienced heart problems after getting tattoos around their breasts, but this is extremely rare. If you suffer from circulatory issues or disease, check with your doctor before doing any invasive procedure, including a tattoo. Chest pain has occasionally been associated with chest tattoos, but again it’s an infrequent complication.

If you’re healthy and have no previous problems with your heart or lungs, the risks of a chest tattoo are minimal.

The risks of getting a chest tattoo include:

  • Chest pain following the procedure
  • Heart problems if you suffer from circulatory problems or disease
  • Pain during the procedure due to proximity to major organs associated with breathing can affect future cosmetic surgeries for breasts or surrounding areas. As long as you are healthy and have no previous medical issues, this may not apply. There is also the possibility that tattoos near breast tissue can cause pain during the breathing process because of location relative to the lungs.
  • Infection because the chest is not an easy place to clean, and there’s much skin that folds when you move. It may also affect future cosmetic surgery on the breasts or surrounding areas. Be sure to keep the tattoo area clean and follow aftercare instructions closely.

If a chest tattoo hurts and if it is not for you, consider an area with fewer nerve endings or thick skin, consider the following; collarbone, inner thigh, shoulder, arm tattoos, neck tattoos, armpit tattoos, hand tattoos, wrist tattoos, rib tattoos, thigh tattoo, inner bicep, sternum tattoos…consider referring to this tattoo pain chart for more guidance on pain.

is chest tattoo painful
Is chest tattoo painful

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