how painful is a rib tattoo

How Painful Is a Rib Tattoo?…Will I Cry!

Rib tattoos are typically painful, but getting a rib tattoo design will be greater than the pain of the after-effects. Some people may experience some swelling or bruising at the site where you got your new tattoo on your ribcage, but it should quickly go away.

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least painful place to get a tattoo

What Is the Least Painful Place to Get a Tattoo?

Although many people believe that getting a tattoo on specific body locations is more painful than others, there is no data to support these claims. The truth is that different areas of the body have different layers and densities of skin tissue, so each location hurts differently from person to person.

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how bad do neck tattoos hurt

How Bad Do Neck Tattoos Hurt? Ouch!

How bad do neck tattoos hurt? Some necks are highly sensitive and can cause more physical pain than other areas of the body. The neck happens to be a place where many nerve endings meet; this means that the feeling from an artist’s tattoo needle will feel different from anywhere else on your body…

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