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moth tattoo

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A moth tattoo is a lovely and elegant pattern that has a deep and different meaning behind it. Tattoos have been shown throughout history as a way to symbolize the beliefs of those who have them. While there are many other types of tattoos, you can get, going with a design such as this one will bring something special to your life because of its uniqueness and simplicity at the same time.

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The moth tattoo’s meaning is based on transformation. They usually appear as black or gray dot patterns on women’s lower back because this area needs no introduction from anyone around them since it’s so personal. Nevertheless, they can also be seen on wrists, hands, arms, shoulders, thighs, etc.

The most common color for these designs is black, but sometimes they are also grey to give it that impression of mystery.

You may be asking yourself why the tattoo is called a moth when it represents something positive like the transformation? Well, if you look closely at the pattern, you will notice that this design resembles a butterfly’s wings, only with straight lines instead of delicate curves.

This is basically because butterflies represented something negative in the past (they symbolize vanity and sometimes even death). Nowadays, they represent luck, unity, and rebirth (they start their life cycle as worms then become caterpillars that turn into butterflies); therefore, moths were added to the list too to make them symbolic regarding transformation.

As for the kind of symbolic meaning these tattoos can bring out, there are many exciting things you could consider. The wings represent the two sides of a person’s life: who they are and who they want to become.

Take, for instance, an overweight girl who wants to lose weight. She has been struggling with her bad habits, but it seems as though something is holding her back from reaching success every time she tries.

These tattoo ideas may not seem like much, but they can help remind that girl how important it is for her to start taking care of herself once and for all because no matter how hard she struggles, the transformation will only happen if she stops making excuses! It will also serve as a reminder that the moment we stop trying, we fail; therefore, giving her a much-needed boost in confidence.

As mentioned before, this elegant pattern is usually placed in areas that require no introduction because of its location on the body. The lower back, wrists, etc… are all very intimate regions for women, representing something important to them. But what about men?

Things change these days, and some men want to be bold enough to wear their feelings on their sleeve; therefore, having body art shows how they feel on an area of their bodies that might surprise others around them. This kind of design is also helpful if you try to get rid of your fears or transform yourself into someone more confident.

This type of tattoo most commonly represents negativity in someone’s life, but not without reason! If you have ever seen moths, you will realize that they are magnificent creatures. The black and grey spots on their wings look like a feathery pattern when in reality, it’s just dust from the ground. Due to how much people have been exposed to nature, they find butterfly tattoos much more glamorous than moths.

Many people don’t know what a moth tattoo stands for, but they can relate to its meaning somehow, even if subconsciously. Most of the time, people who choose this design have experienced something negative in life, so there is no need for an explanation because everyone will instantly understand its message!

And while most women get these patterns done because it represents something positive such as rebirth, transformation, etc., men usually get them done because of the negative connotations it brings out, such as loneliness, heartbreak, etc.

As for the dark colors used to make these tattoos, some people choose black ink for tattooing, but sometimes grey is preferred too! As previously mentioned, moths were seen as a symbol of death and vanity back in the day; therefore, different cultures believe that butterflies will grant you everlasting life, which is why they started using their pattern instead.

Both designs bring out exquisite patterns, which makes them perfect for women with darker skin tones! Depending on your preference, you can either get one giant moth or several small ones.

There are a few variations that are common with a moth tattoo design. Common ones include Luna moth species, death moth tattoos, deadhead moth, atlas moth, moth wing, dead moth & insect.

As for the size of this pattern, it all depends on how large your body is. It’s usually recommended that you go smaller than an inch since these tattoos can cover up an entire leg or arm if done correctly. They are so small and dainty that they resemble ladybug tattoos or cherry blossom petals, probably explaining their popularity among Japanese people.

What do moth tattoos symbolize?

Moth tattoos symbolize metamorphosis. Like butterflies and others of their ilk, moths undergo a metamorphic process where they pupate and morph from one thing to another before emerging as the beautiful moths we see today.

This symbolism is perfect for those struggling with something inside themselves or going through an outer change that requires struggle or patience. Another excellent example of the symbolism attached to the moth design is how most people think of them having nocturnal creature tendencies. 

This can be seen as avoidance of daylight because it might remind you of your problems – but at night, you face them head-on and deal with them. The darkness protects you even if they seem more intimidating in blackness than they would in light. The symbolism of moth tattoo designs is best used to indicate one’s ability to rebuild themselves from debris, whether metaphorically or literally.

Moth tattoos are popular among women these days, but men aren’t excluded when it comes to this fabulous design. There isn’t just one type of moth out there for you to choose from, either. If you’re not feeling too adventurous and want something that will look good right away, then stick with the traditional colorings that most people use in their designs.

However, if you feel brave enough to step outside the norm and try something different, consider designs like black moths against light backgrounds or other colors like reds and oranges on a dark background- the possibilities are endless!

Moth tattoos are gorgeous when done right in the tattoo world. The darker side of transformation symbolism is perfect for those going through an inner or outer change in their lives. Consult with your tattoo artist before you make any firm decisions.

So, let’s take a look at some great examples of a moth tattoo.

death moth tattoo
Death moth tattoo

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Tattoo moth

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