73+ Mortal Kombat Tattoo Ideas That Are Totally Kick-ass

mortal kombat tattoo

Get Inspired with these Mortal Combat tattoo ideas

Mortal Kombat tattoo designs are not for the faint of heart. They are often big, bold and intimidating – just like the game itself. But if you’re a fan of the game, why not show your love with a tattoo?

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If you want a truly badass tattoo, why not go for one of the main characters from the game – Scorpion or Sub-Zero? These guys are fierce enemies in the game, but they also make for some pretty cool tattoos. Just make sure that you get a good design, as these characters can be quite complex.

Another popular choice is to get a tattoo of one of the fatalities from the game. These are usually gory and gruesome, but they’re also incredibly badass. Just make sure that you’re prepared for the pain, as these can be pretty painful to get done.

If you’re not a fan of the violence in Mortal Kombat, then you could always go for something a little more subtle – like a tattoo idea of the game’s logo. This is a great way to show your love for the game without being too in-your-face about it.

So, there you have some ideas for amazing Mortal Kombat tattoos. There’s a design out there for you from the Mortal Kombat franchise, no matter your style. So what are you waiting for? Go and get inked up today!

What is Mortal Kombat?

Mortal Kombat is a fighting game franchise created by Ed Boon and John Tobias. The franchise has spawned numerous sequels and spin-offs over the years and has become one of the most successful fighting game franchises. Mortal Kombat x is known for its graphic violence, bloody fatalities, and over-the-top characters. The franchise has also been adapted into two live-action films, an animated series, and a comic book series.

What Mortal Kombat tattoo characters should I tattoo?

Several Mortal Kombat characters have become iconic in the gaming world, and as such, their tattoos have become popular amongst fans of the franchise. Some of the more popular character tattoos include Sub-Zero, Scorpion, Raiden, and Liu Kang. Each of these characters has a unique tattoo that helps to identify them within the game, and as such, many fans choose to get inked with these designs to show their love for the series.

While there are several different Mortal Kombat character tattoos, one of the most popular is the Sub-Zero tattoo. This design features the signature blue ice effect associated with the character, and as such, it is instantly recognizable to fans of the series. If you are looking for a stylish and unique tattoo that is sure to turn heads, then the Sub-Zero design is worth considering.

Another popular choice amongst Mortal Kombat fans is the Scorpion tattoo. This design features the character’s signature red and black colors, and it is also highly recognizable. Many fans choose to get inked with this design to show their support for the franchise, and as such, it is a tattoo that is worth considering.

Finally, the Raiden tattoo is another popular choice that is perfect for those who want to show their love for the franchise. This design features the yellow and white colors of the character, and it is also highly recognizable. If you are looking for a stylish and unique tattoo, the Raiden design is worth considering.

What elements to include in a Mortal Kombat tattoo?

Many people choose to include elements from the game in their tattoos, such as the iconic dragon logo or specific characters. Others opt for more general designs that capture the game’s overall feeling. Some popular choices for Mortal Kombat fan tattoos include:

  • The Dragon Logo: One of the most recognizable aspects of Mortal Kombat is its dragon logo. This can make for a great tattoo design, either on its own or incorporated into a larger piece.
  • Characters: There are several iconic characters in Mortal Kombat, each with a unique look. Many people choose to get tattoos featuring their favorite characters, either alone or in battle scenes.
  • General Designs: For those who want a more general design, several options capture the overall feeling of Mortal Kombat. These can include anything from abstract designs to more realistic depictions of the game’s violence.

No matter what you choose to include in your Mortal Kombat tattoo, make sure it is something that you will be happy with for years to come. 

Does Subzero have tattoos?

Subzero does not have any tattoos that are visible in the game. However, some concept art for him shows that he does have a tattoo on his right arm. It is unknown what the tattoo is, but it may be his clan symbol.

Which Mortal Kombat character has a dragon tattoo?

A few Mortal Kombat characters have dragon tattoos, but the most notable one is probably Sub-Zero. He has a large blue tattoo of a dragon wrapped around his chest and shoulders, which is said to be a symbol of his ice powers. Other characters with smaller dragon tattoos include Scorpion, Kitana, and Mileena.

The Mortal Kombat game is a hugely popular video game franchise that has spawned numerous sequels and spin-offs. The games are known for their brutal fighting action and gory fatalities, which has led to the games becoming somewhat of a cult classic.

Mortal Kombat body art is usually quite large and detailed, featuring characters from the games such as Sub Zero, Scorpion, Liu Kang, and Raiden. Some people opt for a more simplistic design, while others go all out with full-color portraits.

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If you’re thinking about getting a Mortal Kombat tattoo, check out our examples below for some awesome inspiration!

scorpion mortal kombat tattoo
Scorpion mortal kombat tattoo

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Check out the scorpion Mortal Kombat tattoo designs…

watercolor tattoo mortal kombat
tattoo scorpion mortal kombat
scorpion tattoo mortal kombat
scorpion mortal kombat tattoo 1
scorpion mortal kombat tattoo bloodlines tattoo
scorpio mortal kombat tattoo men
raiden mortal kombat tattoo
noob mortal kombat tattoo
new school mortal kombat tattoo
mortal kombat x tattoo
mortal kombat tattoo 1
mortal kombat tattoo sleeve
mortal kombat tattoo skarlettl
mortal kombat tattoo scorpion
mortal kombat tattoo logo
mortal kombat tattoo images
mortal kombat tattoo ideas
mortal kombat tattoo designs
mortal kombat tattoo back
mortal kombat sub zero tattoo
mortal kombat scorpion tattoo yellow eyes
mortal kombat scorpion spear tattoo
mortal kombat scorpion mandala tattoo
mortal kombat scorpion chainsarm tattoo
mortal kombat reptile tattoo
mortal kombat kitana tattoo
mortal kombat kitana tattoo outline
mortal kombat kenshi tattoo
mortal kombat kane tattoo
mortal kombat full arm tattoo
mortal kombat dragon tattoo 1
mortal kombat dragon tattoo black
mortal kombat dragon tattoo back
mortal kombat annihilation tattoo
mortal kombat 2 tattoo
mortal kombat 2 raidens tattoo
kitana mortal kombat tattoo
jade mortal kombat tattoo
frost mortal kombat tattoo
black man mortal kombat tattoo
a tattoo of mortal kombat scorpion

These Mortal Kombat tattoo ideas should really inspire you to take your tattoo design to the next level. If you enjoyed this post, please take a moment to share it with your friends on social media. Thank you and see you soon!

mortal kombat dragon tattoo
Mortal kombat dragon tattoo

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