59+ Mandalorian Tattoo Ideas That Reach for the Stars

mandalorian tattoo

Get Inspired with these Mandalorian tattoo ideas

In this post, we look at the increasingly popular Mandalorian tattoo. As fans of the series will testify, an increasing cult following is moving into pop culture – many of those from the Star wars series.

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Mandalorian tattoo

What does a Mandalorian Tattoo mean?

Mandalorian Tattoos could mean a lot of things, and it all depends on who’s wearing them. It might commemorate a battle that the person fought in a significant event or date – either yours or one that affected your family.

An exceptionally skilled member of the clan might have his work praised by others and have their tattoos copied from his design – this is how artists among our people are recognized. Some get them to look pretty! Mandalorian warriors place outstanding stock in the narratives of their lives, so getting tattoos with meaning can be crucial indeed.

Mandalorian tattoos are distinctive symbols unique to the people of Mandalore and surrounding planets- known as Mando’ade, or “Children of Mandalore”. The color and detail are often amazing.

The Mandalorian tattoo idea is closely associated with Clans- each tattoo has special significance to the Tattooed warrior’s family and heritage. Thus Mandalorian Clans have long-established specific traditions regarding tattoos- including who can get certain tattoos.

In “Attack of the Clones,” Boba Fett tells Obi-Wan Kenobi that he is not a Mandalorian by birth; he was born on the planet Kamino. However, his father, Jango Fett wore full traditional Mandalorian armor in several scenes throughout Attack of the Clones, including the intricate nabrulk, kyr’bes, sunburst, and others. Both Boba and Jango wore the sunburst when they served in the prequel films.

In “Revenge of the Sith,” an unmasked Jango Fett is seen with several tattoos on his shoulders, chest, and arms, including clan krybes and a blue version of the nabrulk. In terms of placement, he also has two red-colored tattoos on his forehead, which are extensions of traditional Mandalorian symbols known as kyr’bes. His son Boba Fett would later wear these same designs throughout his appearances in the original trilogy.

The symbol is historic in Mandalorian society and has different meanings. While we do not know all of them, we can tell you what it does NOT mean:

  • It does not mark a Mandalorian soldier (in fact, most Mandalorians would hide tattoos when fighting for either their clanclan or faction)
  • It does not identify political leanings (the Taung – ancestors of the more common human-like species such as Zeltrons and Humans – with Mando’a “bone”/tattoos were among the very first opponents of the early Sith Empire’s rise to power)
  • It was implemented by actors portraying Mandalorians on screen so that there would be NO mistake they represented one of the cultures from the Star Wars universe.

What it does it mean: The specifics of a Mando’a tattoo vary greatly depending on the clanclan and culture, but here are some things it DOES NOT mean:

  • It does not mark a warrior! Most Mandalorians will go out of their way to hide them when fighting as soldiers for either their clanclan or faction as they carry no honor in conflict against those who do not understand them. Only those wearing Mandalorian armor have been known to sometimes imitate this custom by wearing a suitably decorative kama or gauntlet just for show. This is especially true among the clans that joined Death Watch, the most radical of all Mandalorian factions, where even this tradition was abandoned.
  • It does not identify political leanings! The Taung – ancestors of the more common human-like species such as Zeltrons and Humans – with Mando’a “bone” tattoos were among the first opponents of the early Sith Empire’s rise to power.
  • It is NOT a clan or nation marker! For instance, many who are not part of House Vizsla have adopted the Darksaber symbol over their hearts to indicate their allegiance to Death Watch, but it still means nothing else other than that on them. Likewise, some Houses Ordo and Nitecloak members had taken upon themselves Mandalorian symbols as well. These were all individuals and held no specific meaning beyond that.

As always, if you love this season and style, and are looking at these tattoo design ideas, speak with your tattoo artist to create a great design and inspiration. Make sure you consider plenty of photos from the series to reflect the series accurately. You may also want to consider some astronaut tattoos, Star Wars tattoo, Godzilla tattoo, Assassins Creed tattoo designs, alien tattoo or even a UFO tattoo.

Let’s take a look at some tremendous Mandalorian tattoo ideas.

mandalorian helmet tattoo
mandalorian helmet tattoo

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Check out these mandalorian symbol tattoo designs…

tribal mandalorian tattoo
traditional mandalorian tattoo
this is the way mandalorian tattoo
the mandalorian tattoo
the mandalorian symbol tattoo
the child tattoo mandalorian
tattoo mandalorian
tattoo from the mandalorian
star wars mandalorian tattoo
star wars mandalorian symbol tattoo
star wars mandalorian skull tattoo
star wars jedi mandalorian tattoo
small mandalorian symbol tattoo
rebel alliance mandalorian tattoo
mandalorian trooper tattoo
mandalorian tribal tattoo
mandalorian traditional tattoo
mandalorian this is the way tattoo
mandalorian tattoo this is the way
mandalorian tattoo sleeve
mandalorian tattoo skirata
mandalorian tattoo meaning
mandalorian tattoo ideas
mandalorian tattoo helmet
mandalorian tattoo forearm
mandalorian tattoo flash
mandalorian tattoo flash art
mandalorian tattoo designs
mandalorian tattoo clan
mandalorian sleeve tattoo
mandalorian skull tattoo
mandalorian skull tattoo traditional
mandalorian signet tattoo
mandalorian neo crusader or mythosaur tattoo
mandalorian mythosaur tattoo
mandalorian mudhorn tattoo
mandalorian mudhorn sigil tattoo
mandalorian logo tattoo
mandalorian face tattoo
mandalorian emblem tattoo
mandalorian crest tattoo
mandalorian barbed wire tattoo
mandalorian armor tattoo
jango fetts mandalorian tattoo
boba fett mandalorian tattoo

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mandalorian symbol tattoo
mandalorian symbol tattoo

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