How Long Does a Lip Tattoo Last?

how long does a lip tattoo last

How long does a lip tattoo last? The first thing you should know about lip tattoos is that they typically don’t last as long as most other types of ink on the body. The reason for this is simple: the lower lip area doesn’t have a very thick layer of skin, instead consisting primarily of fatty tissue beneath an incredibly thin epidermis (outermost layer).

As such, it’s much easier for your body to absorb any pigment that’s deposited there into surrounding blood vessels and capillaries.

This means that if you get a tattoo in this region, chances are pretty high that some degree of fading will occur over time.

This issue can be compounded even further when multiple color sessions are performed close together. Since each additional peel or pass of the needle causes a small degree of skin trauma, it can make it take even longer for any ink to settle into your skin and be retained.

The average time frame for a lip tattoo to remain visible is between 4-6 years. Some may fade significantly (to the point where they’re hardly noticeable) within as little as 1 or 2 years; others may look fantastic well into their second decade before requiring any attention at all.

How quickly yours fades will depend on many factors, such as color choice, body chemistry, proper care and aftercare following the procedure, and avoiding extreme temperatures (sunlight and wind).

Do lip tattoos fade completely?

Not entirely, but it can fade significantly, which means you’ll need touch-ups throughout your tattoo’s lifetime. This is because the skin around your mouth and lips is very sensitive and constantly moving and stretching as you talk and eat. These subtle changes will eventually cause a tattoo to fade faster than usual. Be sure to follow aftercare recommendations closely for best results!

How bad do lip tattoos hurt?

how long does a inside lip tattoo last
How long does a inside lip tattoo last

Lip tattoos are known to be one of the most painful types of body modification. But how bad do they hurt exactly? Is it just like getting your ears pierced, or is it more along the lines of getting hit by a car?

Well, not quite that bad, but if you’re squeamish around needles, then getting just about any form of body mod is probably going to cause anxiety and panic attacks. The fact that a tattoo needle is hollow and quite sharp should be enough to make anyone apprehensive.

The pain factor aside, the most important thing to remember about getting a lip tattoo is preparing yourself for some severe swelling. In other words, get ready to look like a brain-dead trout because your lips are going to the puffy up big time.

If this sounds horrible, then don’t stress too much because within 24 hours of being pierced, your lips will have shrunk back down again, fatless little prunes, but they will still be slightly swollen. You’ll also experience some bruising around the area, but nothing too dramatic.

Can you kiss after a lip tattoo?

Yes, you can kiss after a lip tattoo. However, it is not recommended to do so if your lips are still sore or irritated. You can apply Vaseline on your lips before kissing someone to avoid irritation.

Can you eat after a lip tattoo?

The first rule of thumb is to not eat anything after getting the lip tattoo. This may seem very obvious, but there are reasons for this.

First, it gets messy since you have food on your mouth, and the skin is not absorbing it because the skin isn’t there yet, so one could quickly get bits of food stuck in their lip design irritating.

Secondly, why risk eating something that will be digested before the tattoo has even set into your skin? Thirdly, no one likes getting a swirly! The best thing to do would be to wait until everything has healed up before introducing any foods back into your diet.

Can I brush my teeth after a lip tattoo?

The answer is yes. The tattoo on your lips will not be damaged. However, if you want to keep the beauty of your tattoo, it is better not to use hot water or a washcloth when cleaning your lips.

Can I smoke or kiss after a lip tattoo?

Please avoid smoking and kissing if you want your tattoo to last long. If you wish to take a break from smoking and kissing during this time, this will decrease the risk of infection and swelling and increase the chances for longer-lasting results.

Taking antibiotics before getting tattooed also reduces swelling and healing time and decreases the risk of infection.

Please consult your tattoo artist about any meds before getting tattooed so that he may recommend safe options for those medications (for instance, for those on blood thinners, he may recommend wearing gloves and refraining from tattooing that area until the medication is out of your system).

Can I drink alcohol after a lip tattoo?

The primary ingredient in wine, beer, and other alcoholic drinks is ethyl alcohol or ethanol. Ethanol has no direct effect on tattoo ink, but it can have indirect effects. Alcohol causes dehydration. Dehydration makes your skin dry and wrinkly.

The wrinkles in your skin are more significant than the tiny holes that hold your tattoo ink, so they keep some of the ink trapped under your skin. As a result, you might get a blurry version of what was once there-or; you might get an entirely new pattern made by the different shades of grey that the bleached-out colors create.

how long does a inner lip tattoo last
How long does a inner lip tattoo last

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