How Many Laser Tattoo Sessions to Remove Tattoo?

how many laser tattoo sessions to remove tattoo

How many laser tattoo sessions to remove tattoo? Tattoo removal treatment to remove unwanted tattoos, takes a series of laser tattoo removal treatments to break up the pigment in the tattoo ink particles until it is no longer visible.

Depending on how dark your tattoo is, it can take anywhere from 6-12 laser treatment sessions for this. Whether it is amateur tattoos or professional tattoos, the number of laser clinic sessions you will need depends on various factors, including:

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1) How much time has passed since you got the tattoo

If you got the tattoo recently, newer tattoos might require more treatment sessions to remove than older tattoos which may have faded over time and needed several touch-ups before getting rid of it completely. This also means that if your skin type were not very pale when you got the tattoo and has darkened over time, it would be easier to get rid of than someone who has always had ashen skin, which makes the tattoo very dark in comparison.

2) The color of your skin

If you have naturally very light skin, tattoos can be more challenging to remove than tattoos on someone with darker skin because it is easier to see the contrast between the tattoo and your surrounding area.

If you have naturally very dark or olive-toned skin, this makes it much harder to get rid of than someone with lighter coloring since there will be less contrast between where the tattoo was placed and your natural complexion.

3) How deep into the dermis (the second layer of our skin) the ink goes into

As most people know, all colors absorb different wavelengths of light based on their molecular structure, making them appear a certain way when combined.

For example, a tattoo that features black ink will require more sessions than one which uses blue or green because black sits on top of the skin, making it easier for the laser to penetrate and break up the pigment. Blue and green (which both sit deeper in our skin) are harder to remove.

4) How big is your tattoo?

Smaller tattoos usually take less time than larger tattoos since they have less area to work with.

5) How much sun damage do you have on your skin

Tattoos fade quicker when there is no sun damage, so if your tattoo fades over time, this may be why. Ask yourself: do you spend more time outside or inside? If inside, try spending more time outside and vice versa to see if that boosts the fading process.

6) What part of your body does it sit on?

The backs of arms, chest, and legs are generally easier to treat than, say, your hands. This is because the skin covering these areas isn’t as thin or sensitive, making them harder to work with laser technology than places like feet, inner thighs, and underarms, where the skin is much more delicate.

This means that treatments can be painful in certain spots, so you need to consider this when choosing a tattoo site.

7) Is it very colorful?

As mentioned above, having multicolored tattoos makes it harder to remove, so if yours has rainbow-colored jewels or sparkles in it – expect it to take longer than a plain black one. Whatever type or color of tattoo you have, the laser works in the same way.

how many sessions picosure laser to remove a tattoo
How many sessions picosure laser to remove a tattoo

Before your first tattoo removal session, the most crucial factor is how much time has passed since getting your tattoo. The ink will fade over time, so if you wait until all the pigment is gone before starting treatments, it will take fewer sessions than someone who had theirs done recently and still has a lot of black ink in it. If you got your tattoo removed within five years of getting it, 6-8 sessions are usually enough.

If you get tattoos done on areas with thicker skin or more padding like your legs, arms, or chest, it makes it easier for the laser to work with, even though these areas may be harder to reach. It can take up to 10 sessions on parts of your body that are more sensitive.

Another important factor with your laser tattoo removal treatment is how deeply the unwanted ink sits in your skin. As mentioned above, black ink will be easier to remove than blue or green because it sits on top of the skin giving you less to work with when breaking up the pigment during laser removal sessions.

This means that someone who has had cosmetic tattoos done in black for years won’t require as many treatments as someone who has black in their tattoo and only got it done recently, where there may still be a lot of ink in it.

Getting tattoos done using colors like black, blue, or grey are good options because, over time, all the colors will fade, leaving very little left. Still, if you get red, yellow, orange, or any other brightly colored tattoo – it may take longer to remove because this ink sits deeper in the skin and takes longer for natural fading.

Someone with paler or lighter skin will indeed require fewer treatments than someone with darker skin tones since there is less contrast between where the tattoo was placed and your natural coloring level. This is why if you have tattoos done on your feet, ankles, legs, or hands- these tend to fade over time more easily because of how thin the skin is, making it easier for laser technology to undo what was done.

If you are not sure how many laser sessions are required for removing your tattoo, consult with a doctor to evaluate your specific case before they give you an estimate on how long they think it will take to see results. If you have a lot of ink and want to know how many sessions will take before your tattoo is no longer visible, speak with a laser technician.

They can give you an estimate based on your skin tone, the tattoo’s location, and how faded the image has become since it was first done.

Many treatment session options are available using many different laser energy, such as the picosure laser, picosecond laser, YAG laser, and Q switched laser.

how many laser sessions to remove a tattoo
How many laser sessions to remove a tattoo

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