37+ Joker Tattoo Ideas That Make You Smile

joker tattoo ideas

Get Inspired with these Joker tattoo ideas

The Joker tattoo ideas are trendy at the moment. This tattoo design ethos reflects the sinister character very well and reflects the person’s personality receiving the tattoo.

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Why do people like the Joker from Batman?

As someone who knows about him, I can see why he is popular. For those of you who don’t, the Joker is a comic character from one of DC Comics Batman series and some movies based on them. His gimmick is that he never fails to amuse himself by killing people in the most extreme way possible (or sometimes even when no one will ever find out). Madness and chaos reign when he is around. To answer your question, there are two main reasons why the Joker became so popular in his time:

The first reason could be that many villains nowadays are either too boringly evil or too dramatically edgy, like Black Adam in Justice league. They have a plan; they want to destroy the world and kill everyone in it. On the other hand, the Joker is just an anarchist who wants to watch the world burn.

You can sense how he does for fun with no backup plans or complex schemes like Lex Luthor’s plans. If you think about it, most people are not evil because of reasons which make logical sense, but because they want something good, e.g., revenge or power.

Although that was not always true in real life, fictional villains nowadays sadly lack any rationality behind their actions which makes them dull, to be honest.

The second reason would be that people might find him funny when thinking about how he does crazy stuff like poisoning Gotham’s water supply. Also, there aren’t many villains who are amusing nowadays rather than just edgy like Joker or hilarious like Deadpool, although he may not be as popular as them.

As for why people dislike him, it would primarily stem from him being an anarchist and sometimes his tendency to make fun of bats and Batman.

As far as the joker tattoo design goes, there are a lot to choose from. The tattoo idea from the Joker can be divided into two categories, namely his Joker’s face and body tattoo. You must have seen many pictures of the Joker with different tattoo designs on his painted face and neck.

Although it is not clear yet why he chooses to have tattoos, we may guess that the reason behind it is his insanity, so having a tattoo will enhance this beauty even more elevated, which also contributes to his evil look.

In addition to making him look more scary and sinister, you might get frightened just by looking at these tattoos from the Joker in the Batman series. Its existence makes people think about what kind of message from Joker’s tattoos from Batman? Take a look at some of these Batman tattoo ideas.

If you think of this question, it turns out a little more interesting. A little bit of observation will make everyone know the meaning of these tattoos from the Joker as a Batman villain.

Why do people love the Joker tattoos?

The Joker is one of the most popular villains in comic books. He’s handsome, mysterious, and can be pretty funny sometimes (in his twisted way). The point is, the Joker character has got all it takes to make a hit with fans around the world.

He has got a fascinating history which makes him even more popular among comic book readers everywhere. So what are some factors that attract men towards the definitive Joker? Why do they want to get tattoo ideas inspired by this character?

I decided to find out why so many guys pay homage to this sinister clown. Here are ten possible reasons that seem plausible-

1 – Handsome good looks

The first reason why men love getting tattoos portraying the iconic villain The Joker would have to be because he’s simply handsome.

He has got an athletic build, and he is tall too. He’s always dressed to impress with his green hair and purple suit, bow tie, and red flower on the lapel of his coat. The guy is charming, making him even more desirable to men who want tattoos inspired by him.

2 – His cool outfit

Joker also has the coolest outfit ever! Who wouldn’t want to catch attention dressed like this? It’s an excellent idea for tattoo ideas. This is another reason why guys love getting the Joker as their tattoo choice. When they wear t-shirts or sweaters with prints portraying The Joker, they automatically look cool! And it gives them plenty of confidence because of their masculine character.

3 – He’s got the best weapon arsenal

Most comic book characters would have some extraordinary power or superpowers to make them unique. However, Joker doesn’t possess any extraordinary abilities, so tattoo ideas based on him should be more than ordinary. Batman and The Joker go head to head in most storylines because they both use guns and knives as their weapons of choice. Guys who want tattoos that symbolize masculinity look up to The Joker because he’s capable of taking down anyone who dares come his way! He doesn’t need anything else but a gun or two to beat an opponent. That makes him even cooler than the Dark Knight!

4 – His fantastic laugh

The Joker has one of the coolest laughs ever- no contest about it. Whether in the comics, movies, or video games, The Joker’s laugh is enough to send chills down anyone’s spine. It just sounds so sinister and evil that men love having this sound permanently etched on their skin.

5 – He’s a great flirt!

Joker seems to know what he wants and how to get it. He’s not afraid of flirting with other male characters from time to time, making him more appealing to males who want the same thing for themselves- a man who will make them feel special by showing interest in every little thing they do! And guys that want tattoos that represent charisma seem to look up to Joker because he always gets his way through flirting.

6 – He has a bad boy vibe

The Joker is one of the most wicked characters in comic books, but guys still can’t get enough of him! This makes sense because jokers are naturally bad boys. They’re not the type to play by the rules, and they’re not afraid to break them. Normally, you’ll see him with a cigarette in his mouth, which reminds me, check out these smoke tattoos!

7 – He doesn’t care about anyone or anything

Joker has no family, friends, or even an organization that he works for. This guy does things his way, which is why tattoo ideas inspired by him should be different. Guys who want tattoos based on manliness tend to look up to The Joker because he’s independent and strong-willed! He only cares about himself, which adds more dimension to his character.

8 – He has a wicked sense of humor

Joker is probably one of the funniest villains to have ever been created by a comic book company. He’s got a wicked sense of humor, and he doesn’t mind making other people laugh even if it means being evil at the same time! This makes him all the more popular with males who want tattoos that symbolize their sense of humor. Joker sometimes does things to see how others will react.

9 – He may be insane, but he’s smart too!

The Joker is insane, but his intelligence isn’t to be taken lightly either! If he goes up against Batman, you know The Joker has a definite plan, so his tattoo ideas should also represent that. Men who want tattoos that symbolize their intelligence love getting The Joker as one of the subjects! They feel that they can relate to him more because he’s not just about brute strength alone- he also has brains. You might also want to consider the Mad Hatter Tattoo…he’s pretty insane too!

10 – His favorite catchphrase

“Why so Serious?” This is probably The Joker’s most famous line ever. It makes sense for tattoo ideas based on him. Any guy who loves this phrase would want it permanently etched on his skin because it shows how much he loves having fun and teasing other guys! Tattoos aren’t meant to be taken seriously, right? Guys who like to make other people smile without even trying will look up to Joker for sure!

Before you get your black ink and body art, speak with your tattoo artist. Many of you will be disappointed that the joker card is missing! Unfortunately, these tattoo inspiration ideas are not the joker playing card! This is all about the animated DC universe.

the joker tattoo ideas
The joker tattoo ideas

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the joker tattoo ideas
The joker tattoo ideas

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