76+ Hydrangea Tattoo Ideas That Put the Petal to the Metal

hydrangea tattoo

Get Inspired with these hydrangea tattoo ideas

A Hydrangea tattoo idea is an excellent option for those who enjoy the aesthetics of flowers. The coloration, form, and symmetry all contribute to its beautiful appearance. Aesthetic value aside, it also has meaning in different cultures worldwide.

Different cultures have different symbolic meanings associated with a Hydrangea flower tattoo, depending on the flower’s color. For example, blue hydrangea tattoo ideas can symbolize grief or depression, while a white one may symbolize innocence or pure love. 

In Japan, you will find many people sporting a pink hydrangea tattoo because it represents yuri, which means ‘lily’ and also connotes lesbian love.

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hydrangea tattoo

What does a Hydrangea Tattoo mean?

The Hydrangea flower has several meanings. The colors of the flowers can be used to describe a woman’s emotions; if she is feeling blue or sad, it will most likely mean that the color of her blossom has faded. 

Depending on how dark or light the hues are also determined whether they’re happy or not. Brighter hues indicate happiness and more positive feelings, while duller hues show sadness and depression. 

When women die, large amounts of Hydrangeas are often laid upon their caskets because there is this belief that the souls of women who have passed away now inhabit these beautiful flowers as well as possess them.

It is also believed that when Hydrangeas are in full bloom, the women in your life will be filled with good fortune. 

If there are no blossoms readily available during this time, it is said to take branches of these flowers and place them near the appropriate places (such as under your wife’s pillow) for her blooms to appear. This can help bring about fertility or strength when trying to conceive a child.

The beautiful Hydrangeas, a small flower, can be tattooed anywhere on the body. The distinctive blue flowers are highly recognized and often associated with the name of a loved one or friend. 

Floral tattoos remain as popular as ever, and this one is no exception. Consider a purple hydrangea or a pink hydrangea bouquet, petals, and leaf. 

The Hydrangeas can also represent someone who is strong and overcomes obstacles such as Cancer. Here, we will share some hints and ideas to inspire you when thinking about your next Hydrangea Tattoo.

Symbolism of the Hydrangea flower

Other names: Hortensia, Hortensier (aphorism) and Bortenziakäppchen (Swiss German). French name : Hortensias (conservatory), Merveille deour ‎(day-flowering).

Description: Deciduous shrub with 10 to 30 cm long panicles of big flowers grouped in corymbs. The flower color is usually blue, pink, or white. It’s native to the forests of Asia and America.

The Hydrangeas also represent friendship and trustworthiness. Some consider these flowers to be symbols of Loyalty since they only bloom once annually for one day (that is why they are called “day-flowering”).

We hope that these ideas inspired you to get your hydrangea tattoo, but before that, let’s remember some aspects that apply no matter what design you choose:

  1. Make sure you research the symbolism of this flower and feel confident in your artist’s skills.
  2. Think about how big or small you want to make it and make sure it is proportional to your body and other tattoos.
  3. Hydrangea flowers only last for one day, so if you want these flowers to be showcased for a whole year, you could consider getting them tattooed on an area that is not exposed to the sun.

A Hydrangea Tattoo is an artistic expression of peacefulness and serenity on your skin, as a permanent or temporary tattoos. It has different meanings, but it does represent the most beautiful aspects of life, harmony, heartfelt emotion, inspiration, frigidity, purity, gratitude, abundance, grace, strength in adversity, and most notably, pure unconditional love.

It is no wonder this tattoo design has become so popular in recent years, with Hydrangeas representing all that our hearts yearn for.

Some people get a single blossom, while others prefer the vines crawling up their body, even reaching around to form swirls on both sides of the neck. Some people even go so far as to combine them with other meaningful designs like cherry blossoms or Japanese Koi fish symbolizing good luck brought by meeting your loved one or finding your soul mate.

The symbolism behind a Hydrangea Flower goes as follows:

  • Strength in Adversity – no matter your problems, Hydrangeas can grow and adapt to any condition. They also flourish even in the poorest soil.
  • Love – represented by their beautiful color and scent, Hydrangeas express unconditional love and affection. It is said that the beautiful flowers were named after a Greek Goddess of love, Aphrodite (known as Hydrangea).
  • Serenity – the fact that they bloom only during summer signifies how fleeting happiness can be, but at least we have it for a short time! Also, its bluish-greenish color reminds us of cool water, which is one of nature’s most calming elements. Their ethereal beauty helps soothe away our daily stress.
  • Pureness – Hydrangeas are almost always associated with pure and innocent beauty, which we see in their tender buds ready to open and release their fragrance and color at the same time looking like a little girl’s hair ornament on her long hair (representing youth).

Their meanings vary from culture to culture, but they all agree that Hydrangeas represent the qualities above, making them an excellent choice for your next tattoo design.

So, have fun with these Hydrangea tattoos, and remember that watercolor tattoos are very popular at the moment, so try to incorporate some of their techniques into your design.

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With that said, let’s look at some lovely examples of the hydrangea tattoo. 

minimalist hydrangea tattoo
minimalist hydrangea tattoo

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Take a look at these minimalist hydrangea tattoo designs…

wrist tattoo hydrangea black
watercolor hydrangea tattoo
water color hydrangea tattoo
vintage hydrangea tattoo
traditional hydrangea tattoo
tiny hydrangea tattoo
tattoo of hydrangea
tattoo hydrangea flower black
sunflower and hydrangea tattoo
simple hydrangea tattoo
purple hydrangea tattoo
pink hydrangea tattoo
minimalistic hydrangea tattoo
hydrangea watercolor tattoo
hydrangea traditonal tattoo
hydrangea tattoo traditional
hydrangea tattoo thigh
hydrangea tattoo thigh drawing
hydrangea tattoo small
hydrangea tattoo sleeve
hydrangea tattoo simple
hydrangea tattoo shoulder
hydrangea tattoo ribs
hydrangea tattoo pictures
hydrangea tattoo men
hydrangea tattoo memoriam
hydrangea tattoo meaning
hydrangea tattoo line drawing
hydrangea tattoo ideas
hydrangea tattoo designs
hydrangea tattoo black and white
hydrangea sisters tattoo
hydrangea subflower tattoo
hydrangea petal tattoo
hydrangea honu tattoo
hydrangea globular tattoo
hydrangea flowers tattoo
hydrangea flower tattoo
hydrangea flower tattoo designs
hydrangea drawing tattoo
hydrangea chain tattoo
hydrangea butterfly tattoo
hydrangea bee tattoo
hydrangea and rose tattoo
flower tattoo hydrangea
delicate hydrangea tattoo
dainty hydrangea tattoo
blue hydrangea tattoo
black hydrangea tattoo
black and white hydrangea tattoo

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small hydrangea tattoo
small hydrangea tattoo

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