77+ Hummingbird Tattoo Ideas That Leave You Humming

hummingbird tattoo

Get Inspired with these hummingbird tattoo ideas

In this post, we consider hummingbird tattoo ideas. We look at what they are and why people get them before looking at some wonderful examples. We all know that bird tattoos are one of the most beautiful tattoos you can get. People like to get them, and people like to look at them. One of the most popular birds to get tattooed is the hummingbird design.

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They are a popular design choice for both men and women. Not only are they beautiful and elegant birds, but they also have a unique ability which I’m sure you are aware of. Their ability to hover in mid-air is spectacular. We will cover what the tattoo means a little later, but their ability to hover equates to freedom and independence. The small hummingbird is also considered a very playful bird, hence why a hummingbird tattoo idea reflects the delight they bring.

We consider a flying hummingbird tattoo design later but simply put, this is a very flexible tattoo that looks great as a small or large tattoo. They are also a tattoo that looks great in full color. In fact, capturing the color of a realistic hummingbird is no mean feat; get it right, and you have a wonderful piece of body art. A watercolor hummingbird tattoo can look particularly good but as dramatic as a black and white tattoo.

Designing a hummingbird tattoo

This is one of the simpler tattoos to design because many designs are based on images from nature photographs. The real creative aspect comes from how you want the tattoo represented and in what format. You can opt for a traditional tattoo style or get creative with a modern version, perhaps an abstract tattoo. Whatever road you choose to go down, there are a few things you may want to consider.

One of the most amazing images in nature is a beautiful hummingbird in mid-flight. The way they can hover in the air is incredible. This image is the one that is tattooed the most; it is an iconic image. Whether you choose the full detail or an outline tattoo, that is up to you.

Another popular images are a hummingbird within a cage. This is meant to represent the curtailment of your freedoms, reflecting on something born to be free. The subtlety of this tattoo makes it a popular choice.

Adding a message to your tribal hummingbird tattoo can add plenty of meaning. This may well be integrated into the overall bird design or placed beneath it. It may be a name, a place, or words of encouragement. Whatever it is, it takes the personal meaning of your tattoo to another level.

Getting your tattoo right is a must since the consequences of acting in haste can be costly. Take your time to get your tattoo right by looking at all the options and tattoo styles open to you. Talk to your tattoo artist about what body art styles they specialize in. All this effort will be reflected in your final design.

What is the meaning of a Hummingbird tattoo?

We have briefly touched on the hummingbird tattoo meaning. However, there are plenty more meanings that are relevant here. As a popular choice of tattoo, the hummingbird bird tattoo symbolizes many things to different people. For some, the hummingbird is seen as a clever and intelligent bird known to survive despite its small stature. They may be small, but they are highly resourceful little animals.

Hummingbird tattoos are also associated with positive signs. They are associated with feelings of happiness and joy. In some societies, they are associated with good luck. In others, they are known for their healing signs. Regardless, they are a signifier of hope and, therefore, a signal of positivity.

Choosing this tattoo means that you are attempting to connect with nature. You appreciate the beauty of the natural world and take joy in it. Another aspect is the survival instinct that a humming bird displays. They display the strength and determination required to survive in this brutal environment. Therefore, they are seen as displaying determination in the face of adversity.

They are also a sign of beauty. You can’t help but admire the natural beauty of a hummingbird. Having one tattooed on oneself is a nod to their beauty and yours.

You may also want to consider these related tattoo ideas; temporary tattoo designs, hummingbird feather tattoos, geometric hummingbird tattoos, abstract hummingbird tattoos, colorful hummingbird tattoos, flower tattoo, 3d hummingbird tattoos, and Native American bird tattoos.

Let’s look at some wonderful examples of a hummingbird tattoo.

hummingbird tattoo meaning
Hummingbird tattoo meaning

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Take a look at some of the small hummingbird tattoo designs…

watercolor hummingbird tattoo
unique hummingbird tattoo meaning
tribal hummingbird tattoo
traditional hummingbird tattoo
tiny hummingbird tattoo
stencil hummingbird tattoo outline
small meaningful hummingbird tattoo
small hummingbird tattoo
small hummingbird tattoo ideas
simple outline simple hummingbird tattoo
simple hummingbird tattoo
simple hummingbird tattoo drawing
rose and hummingbird tattoo
realistic hummingbird tattoo
realistic hummingbird tattoo black and white
purple hummingbird tattoo
outline simple hummingbird tattoo
outline hummingbird tattoo
minimalist tiny hummingbird tattoo
minimalist hummingbird tattoo
mini small hummingbird tattoo
mens hummingbird tattoo
memorial meaningful hummingbird tattoo
memorial hummingbird tattoo
meaningful hummingbird tattoo
little hummingbird tattoo
lily and hummingbird tattoo 1
lily and hummingbird tattoo
hummingbird with flowers tattoo
hummingbird with flower tattoo
hummingbird watercolor tattoo
hummingbird traditional tattoo
hummingbird tattoo with flowers
hummingbird tattoo watercolor
hummingbird tattoo traditional
hummingbird tattoo small
hummingbird tattoo simple
hummingbird tattoo outline
hummingbird tattoo on wrist
hummingbird tattoo men
hummingbird tattoo machines
hummingbird tattoo images
hummingbird tattoo image
hummingbird tattoo ideas 1
hummingbird tattoo drawing
hummingbird tattoo designs
hummingbird tattoo black and white
hummingbird silhouette tattoo
hummingbird shoulder tattoo
hummingbird outline tattoo
hummingbird neck tattoo
hummingbird meaning tattoo
hummingbird flower tattoo 1
hummingbird drawing tattoo
hummingbird and rose tattoo
hummingbird and hibiscus tattoo
hummingbird and flower tattoo
hibiscus and hummingbird tattoo
geometric hummingbird tattoo
flower and hummingbird tattoo
colorful hummingbird tattoo
colorful hummingbird and lily tattoo
blue hummingbird tattoo
black hummingbird and flower tattoo
black and white linework hummingbird tattoo
basic simple hummingbird tattoo 1
aztec hummingbird tattoo
basic simple hummingbird tattoo
american traditional hummingbird tattoo
hummingbird flower tattoo

I hope these hummingbird tattoo ideas have inspired your next tattoo design. They should really give you something to think about. If you enjoyed this post, please consider sharing it with your groups on your social media. Thanks and see you soon!

hummingbird tattoo ideas
Hummingbird tattoo ideas

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