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harry potter tattoo ideas

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The Harry Potter series is a series of seven books that J.K. Rowling has written. The plot of these novels revolves around a young wizard called Harry Potter, who discovers on his 11th birthday that he is a famous wizard and has been invited to study magic at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. With that in mind, we will discuss some of the main concepts, then take a look at some Harry Potter tattoo ideas.

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In the Harry Potter book, he befriends Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger along with him, two fellow students from Hogwart who also help him save the world from evildoers.

These books have captured the hearts of children and adults as well since they’re full of mixed emotions- love, friendship, loyalty and betrayal all rolled into one!

Everyone wishes to get magically transformed into one of the characters from the series, but since magic is not accurate, people settle for getting a tattoo of their favorite character. If you’re one among them, too, then stop looking any further! A Harry Potter tattoo idea is sure to impress your friends!

Tattoos of Harry Potter are very popular. Many different ideas of tattoos can be used as inspiration for you to decide the best one for your tattoo. However, if you are starting on your research into Harry Potter tattoos, there are several factors it is better to be aware of before you begin your search.

Harry Potter Tattoo design icons

Harry Potter tattoo designs have many famous symbols, including Hogwarts Crest, Deathly Hallows tattoo, Marauders Map, etc.

The lightning bolt on his forehead, the scar mentioned throughout the series – it all points to this answer: the Harry Potter character got his scar from Lord Voldemort – an evil character – when he tried to kill him as a baby with the killing curse! Lighting struck right at Harry’s head and created the famous line on his forehead, which appeared as a scar! Harry received this wound on 31 October 1981, the same day as Lord Voldemort’s attempt to kill him!

The Lightning bolt scar came from being hit by a lightning spell. The Harry potter tattoo represents courage and strength as he survived this ordeal and rose to fame! The lightning scar has also been used as a generic symbol of someone struck by divine inspiration.

People who already had tattoos related to rock stars or other famous icons may choose an additional Harry Potter tattoo design. It represents their new lifestyle changes – like becoming interested in the series itself.

The lightning bolt scar is a simple design and represents a very famous symbol for anyone who reads Harry Potter or watches the movies!

Hogwarts crest is three wands crossed over each other with an ‘S’ shaped twist in between, which is meant to be a ‘serpent’ with its tail in its mouth. The meaning of this symbol is that Slytherin, Gryffindor, and Ravenclaw were all shown to work together for something bigger than themselves.

Deathly Hallow symbol: the triangle shape is an arrow pointing downwards, whereas the circle shapes at each end are meant to represent wings. Deathly Hallows tattoos mean that you are searching for death (to rid yourself of pain) and trying to find life simultaneously (because it is full of happiness).

Marauders Map: The Marauders used this map when they were in school, including Remus Lupin, Sirius Black, and James Potter. When completed, the map shows every detail about Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

The boy who lived is no more a fantasy character for us, and tattoo designs based on him reflect how deeply our love for this fictional character has sunk into us. We share the most beautiful, meaningful, but unique Harry Potter Tattoos with you so that your love story is never forgotten.

Harriet Lily Potter: The new branch of the magic tree extending towards a bright future! This tattoo is a perfect amalgamation of something as cute as Lily and as brave as Harry. By adding your baby’s name to it, you have made the tattoo your way.

Harry Potter on Broomstick: Quidditch, anyone? This one is for all those who wish to fly away from their problems, just like Harry did on his broomstick throughout the series. Quidditch was so much more than a sport to him and his teammates at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry- it became an integral part of their life. Get this piece done if you love flying on brooms! It would give a perfect finishing to your Harry Potter tattoo ideas.

Hogwarts Crest: What would have been a better Hogwarts crest than the one that comprises four house crests? Each of these Hogwarts houses symbolizes the personality of every student found there. Gryffindor House is well known for respecting bravery and courage, Hufflepuff House for fairness and loyalty, Ravenclaw House for intelligence and wit, while Slytherin represents cunningness and ambition. Get all of them together on you with this beautiful crest tattoo design on your arm! It will speak volumes about you before anyone else does.

The Wand: represents power and authority, which is why it’s generally used in every magical ceremony. And if you’re a bookish person who still believes in fairy tales, then this magical Wand should be yours forever. Get this magic wand design engraved on your back so that even while sleeping, you can feel its magic energy around you! It’s perfect for someone who loves fairytales or wants to experience something new through their body art.

A Real “Expelliarmus!” : Expelliarmus! One of the most potent disarming charms in the wizarding world, which Harry Potter mastered perfectly. ‘Expelliarmus’ is a spell that disarms your enemy before he could even raise his Wand against you. It’s very difficult to master because it requires expert precision and accuracy. Get this piece done on your forearm as it would be visible and striking at the same time and will give out a strong message about how confident you are with your style statement!

A “Lumos” Tattoo: Getting wands ready for battle! This tattoo design symbolizes how Harry was always searching for Lumos, the counter charm of the stupified jinx- used by every dark wizard in the series. Lumos is derived from light and hence represents brightness, hope, and knowledge. As far as the Wand is concerned, this tattoo design shows love for wands and their powers.

Always: A reminder of your childhood memories! This tattoo is a perfect way to remember all those good old moments from your favorite book- Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. The famous line “I show not your face, but your heart’s desire” from page 113 has been beautifully portrayed on this tattoo. It also signifies that you might not be able to continue with these memories in real life, but they will always remain close to your heart.

A Beautiful Artefact: How would it have been a better artifact than one which can make an entire forest appear out of thin air? Harry found it in the Forbidden Forest while tracking a unicorn with Professor Dumbledore. A beautiful piece on your forearm will not only add to your bookish charm but also make a strong fashion statement!

This is an endless journey of life where you learn from your past mistakes and move on towards a better future. And if you want to stay in touch with the person that loved Harry Potter more than anyone else, then nothing can be a better way than getting a tiny part of him permanently etched on yourself. After all, it’s never too late to get what you want!

We hope these tattoos inspire you so much so that next time someone asks you about your tattoo or the meaning behind it, don’t get embarrassed because everything any fan of Harry Potter would ever think about has been beautifully captured in these designs! Enjoy them, and may the magic never fade away.

As far as what you can get tattooed, you have plenty to be getting on with above. However, there is plenty more for a Harry Potter fan! Consider the following ideas from the fandom…Golden snitch, dementor, Patronus, Death eater, Sorting hat, Dobby, Harry’s glasses, Severus Snape, Felix Felicis, Horcrux, quidditch tattoos, muggle, fantastic beasts, Diagon alley, Hedwig…and let us not forget the Harry Potter spell tattoos!

If you are a fan of the Harry Potter series, take a look at these gargoyle tattoos, Death Eater tattoo, Game of Thrones tattoo and Sharingan tattoos.

harry potter tattoo ideas small
Harry potter tattoo ideas small

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Check out these small Harry Potter tattoo ideas!

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I hope that these Harry Potter tattoo ideas have given your creative ideas a boost. As you will have seen, there are a huge variety of designs and topic areas available for you to delve into. Get creative with something personal to you. As always, please consider sharing some of these images on your social media. We would love to see the result of your tattoo, don’t forget to tag us into your social posts!

small harry potter tattoo ideas
Small harry potter tattoo ideas

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