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hamsa tattoo

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A hamsa tattoo idea is as popular as ever for those looking to express their spirituality visually. It also has major references to faith, making it a very versatile tattoo, especially for women. In this post, we look at what this tattoo is and what it expresses and then consider some actual tattoo design ideas.

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The hamsa hand tattoo has historically been a symbol of protection in many civilizations, with its design said to repel bad spirits. This makes this tattoo idea perfect for those seeking protection from dark forces. Whether you opt for an intricate design or just a simple outline, they will raise many questions.

What does a Hamsa tattoo mean?

As we have established, many people apply their interpretations to their tattoos. However, there are established interpretations when it comes to a major tattoo style like a hamsa tattoo design, although it may depend on who you ask!

The Hamsa is a hand-shaped amulet that many people agree is a symbol of spiritual protection, an icon to keep you safe and away from harm. It is said that this hamsa symbol will protect you from evil spirits.

Another interpretation is very popular. It is said that it affords the wearer of this tattoo a great deal of good luck and fortune. There is also another controversial aspect of the tattoo. It is said that it is a religious symbol in the Islamic faith. However, this is generally denied since tattoos are not permitted within that particular faith.

What we do know is that the hamsa tattoo design is intended as a reminder to be positive in many different cultures, even when confronted with adversity and harm.

Designing a Hamsa tattoo

At a surface level, this tattoo art seems very similar. However, on closer inspection, the intricate detail of these tattoos is what separates them. These tattoos originate from the middle east and are very popular there. However, these tattoo styles are not confined to that part of the world and are popular in many different cultures.

Let us now consider the different types of hamsa tattoo ideas that you could consider. Firstly, a traditional hamsa tattoo. This is the most recognizable one, which includes all the traditional elements and styling. The vast majority of tattoos out there fall under this design style. Some common symbols are integrated into it, such as the crescent moon or the evil eye.

Next, consider a modern version of the hamsa tattoo. These can be designed with modern styling, whether abstract or geometric shapes. You may also want to consider a watercolor version that will incorporate an eye-catching splash of color. Another popular option is a tribal hamsa tattoo.

The sizing of the tattoo is important, but it’s important to consider the placement of the tattoo. What is clear is that this tattoo can be scaled larger or smaller with success. If you want to take this tattoo to another level, consider a 3D version.

Elements to include in the Hamsa tattoo

Several elements can be incorporated into this tattoo. These can be adapted to create a unique design. However, if you want to remain authentic, you will need to consider the ancient symbol designs.

The most obvious and well-known element is the eye. This is said to ward off evil spirits and symbolizes protection. This makes it very important for most people seeking to get this tattoo.

Hamsa tattoos frequently include the hand. The hand is commonly considered a sign of power and strength and is thought to indicate the ability to defend yourself.

Another common symbolism is the moon. The moon phases represent the cycle of life which gives them deep meaning. Speak with your tattoo artist to create your perfect design.

If this tattoo idea is not for you, perhaps consider these related tattoo design ideas; mandala tattoo, lotus flower tattoo, hand tattoos, hand symbol, dragon tattoos, wing tattoo, and finger tattoos.

Get inspired with these real-life hamsa tattoo ideas.

hamsa tattoo meaning
Hamsa tattoo meaning

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Take a look at these Hamsa hand tattoo designs…

hamsa hand tattoo hand
upside down hamsa tattoo
tiny hamsa tattoo
the hamsa tattoo
tattoo hamsa hand
tattoo hamsa designs
tattoo de hamsa
small hamsa wrist tattoo
small hamsa tattoo
small hamsa tattoo designs
small hamsa tattoo designs
small hamsa hand tattoo
small hamsa evil eye tattoo
small colorful hamsa tattoo
simple hamsa tattoo
simple hamsa hand tattoo
right hamsa tattoo
minimalist tiny hamsa tattoo
mini small hamsa tattoo
mini hamsa tattoo
masculine mens hamsa tattoo
masculine mens hamsa tattoo
mandala hamsa tattoo
male hamsa tattoo
male hamsa hand tattoo
lotus hamsa tattoo
henna hamsa tattoo
hand of hamsa tattoo
hamsa tattoo wrist
hamsa tattoo with lotus flower
hamsa tattoo up or down
hamsa tattoo stencil
hamsa tattoo sleeve
hamsa tattoo small
hamsa tattoo simple
hamsa tattoo placement
hamsa tattoo minimalist
hamsa tattoo mens
hamsa tattoo men
hamsa tattoo meaning 1
hamsa tattoo meaning up or down
hamsa tattoo ideas colored
hamsa tattoo for men
hamsa tattoo drawing
hamsa tattoo design
hamsa tattoo designs
hamsa symbol tattoo
hamsa lotus tattoo
hamsa hand with evil eye tattoo
hamsa hand tattoo with lotus flower meaning
hamsa hand tattoo small
hamsa hand tattoo on arm
hamsa hand tattoo meaning
hamsa hand tattoo design
hamsa hand tattoo base
hamsa hand evil eye tattoo
hamsa hand and lotus flower tattoo
hamsa hand and evil eye tattoo
hamsa evil eye tattoo
hamsa and lotus flower tattoo
hamsa and evil eye tattoo
geometric hamsa tattoo
geometric hamsa hand tattoo
flash tattoo hamsa
feminine hamsa hand with lotus flower tattoo
evil eye hamsa tattoo
colorful hamsa tattoo
colored hamsa tattoo
colored hamsa tattoo
best hamsa tattoo

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hamsa hand tattoo
Hamsa hand tattoo

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