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In this post, we look at the Gothic tattoo, what they are, what they mean, and then showcase some fantastic examples.

Gothic tattoos are part of Punk culture, which had its roots in working-class England during the 1970s. Gothic tattoos were first recognized as emblems that represented goths, specifically those with depression or low self-esteem. Goths were identified by their black make-up, dark clothes, and black hair.

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History of Goth tattoos

Goths are usually dark and mysterious individuals with colorful personalities. It is no surprise that these characteristics can be found in their choice of tattoo. Gothic tattoos often include blackwork and black and grey ink, and bold colors like red and orange.

However, many people had difficulty identifying goths by their physical appearance, which was the main reason gothic tattoos were developed. Goths have never agreed on one type of tattoo for everyone.

Gothic tattoos are skulls and other dark art usually associated with death and the gothic culture. Goths often get these generally as a substitute for the regular skull tattoo as they can represent more than just death, such as freedom from emotional/physical pain, no longer caring what people think of you, freedom to do whatever you want, etc., or simply because it is different than your traditional skull tattoos.

The meanings behind these tattoos are different depending on the person wearing them. For example, some believe that skull designs mean death, while others think it means rebirth…

Gothic tattoos are a subgenre of tattoos that remind readers of goth music, dark culture, and death. An increasing number of people are getting these tattoo designs done. This type is also referred to as Victorian or old-school tattoos.

Gothic tattoo design inspiration may include a gothic rose, be it a black rose, a gothic cross, a symbol, angels, demons, dragons, vampires, goat, ram or a skeleton.

It recently resurfaced due to the publication of many horror stories with goth characters. These tattoos vary in numerous ways, but they are usually black, white, simple, and characterized by spider webs (see examples of our spider tattoo ideas and Black widow tattoo ideas here), skulls with roses behind them, bats, coffins with crossbones on them, etc.

What does a Gothic tattoo mean?

The most common gothic tattoos are skulls, barbed wire designs, and crosses. Other flowers or star-shaped symbols are also used to represent sadness. The meanings behind these tattoos are different depending on the person wearing them. For example, some believe that skull designs mean death, while others think it means rebirth. According to some, Gothic tattoos are worn by some people for shock value.

Gothic tattoos are characterized by dark imagery and the presence of religious or occult symbols. Those who get gothic tattoos usually identify themselves as “goths” or belong to a subculture called “steampunk,” where both men and women wear Victorian-era clothing with many accessories such as gears, springs, cogs, keys, chains, etc.

Goth style has been popular for decades, especially with teenage girls who dye their hair black and wear a lot of eyeliner. Gothic tattoos tend to be very intricate in design. Still, most importantly, they often tell a story about anything from death to lost love or even just general morbidity.

Gothic tattoos are a subgenre of tattoos that remind readers of goth music, dark culture, and death…

The designs used in these art pieces must also look good on the skin, so they should be free of sharp corners and 90-degree angles.

Typically, those who wear gothic clothing or have a gothic tattoo want to express their individuality, as those clothes and tattoos do not usually come from the mainstream.

It is also common for them to be people who don’t fit in with society as a whole, whether that’s due to having an under-developed mental state or because they believe themselves to be above it. They also tend to indulge in things that most would consider bizarre, such as horror films, dark music, etc.

People with gothic tattoos may embrace the darkness, but they do not necessarily feel pessimistic about the world. Instead, they find beauty even in the darkest of places, just like everyone else does.

Take a look at these gargoyle tattoo ideas that should inspire your design ideas.

What does a gothic tattoo include?

1) skull – people who wear gothic tattoos usually like tattooing images of skulls. Usually, these tattoos are black and gray; however, other colors may be used. They often wear black clothing in it to match their tattoo, or they will wear light clothing with darker shoes or boots to make the tattoo stand out even more.

2) witch – girls who have a gothic personality are known for being obsessed with witchcraft. Goths are fascinated by death and dark things, so these types of tattoos go along well with them.

3) cross – one popular tattoo design is a Celtic cross, which comes from the pagan culture pre-dating Christianity. This design works well for goths, who worship the pagan culture and anything dark or evil.

4) spider – one way to add creepiness to a tattoo is by having a spider crawl up your neck or back.

5) bat – another popular tattoo design for girls with a gothic personality is tattoos of bats because these creatures are creepy and known for being nocturnal.

6) rose – while some people associate the color black with evil, other people associate it with death. As such, a rose in full bloom might not seem appropriate for someone who likes dark things, but it can stand out nicely against the black background of their skin.

7) spider web – matching spiderwebs with roses can give the appearance of something evil crawling up your skin.

8) heart – many goths like tattooing hearts onto their bodies. Of course, hearts can also represent love, which is not acceptable for someone with a very dark personality. The black color makes it look evil, and it often has thorns coming out of it to give the impression of pain and suffering.

9) cross – this is one popular tattoo design for women who have a gothic personality because crosses were once used as an instrument of torture; however, they also stand for Christianity and life after death.

10) skull – while skulls can be scary, if done correctly, they make great tattoos, especially when done in gray and black colors. Goths particularly like traditional skulls and crossbones on their necks, shoulders, and backs.

Speak with your tattoo artist to get your perfect gothic tattoo.

gothic tattoo ideas
gothic tattoo ideas

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gothic font tattoo

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