79+ Forest Tattoo Ideas That Are Unbe-leaf-ably Good

forest tattoo

Get Inspired with these forest tattoo ideas

A forest tattoo idea is more popular than you would think. To some, they are the subject of the tattoo itself. For others, they form a delightful backdrop to a focal point, such as a wolf or bear. In this post, we look at forest tattoos, what they contain and what they mean. We will then showcase some great examples of forest tattoo ideas.

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Forest tattoo designs normally come from a love of nature. You might have grown up a nature lover, living by a forest, or spent memorable moments hiking and camping. You may have a love of nature encapsulated by a forest and all that lives within it.

Designing a forest tattoo

The is some flexibility when it comes to forest design. Create a focal point or incorporate it into a bigger tree tattoo as a backdrop. Whatever you choose, there are many ways you can create this tattoo.

Perhaps one of the biggest design issues is the type of trees you use. A local forest near you may well determine this that you are choosing to commemorate. A famous image may well determine it. As you will see further down, there are many types of trees that you could incorporate into your design, all with different shapes and styles.

Another thing to consider when creating forest tree tattoos is the colors you want to use. There are many different hues of leaves and branches, so you’ll need to decide which ones you want in your tattoo. Consider a monotone color palette if you don’t want to go for the standard green or brown.

Elements to include in a forest tattoo

Perhaps the biggest decision to make with your forest tattoo design is the elements to incorporate within it. Do you go for something simple, or do you opt for a full forest scene? Do you want to create a magical forest or something more realistic? There are plenty of things to think about. Here are some aspects that you may want to consider;

  • Trees: Perhaps the biggest decision to be made. Many species of trees in a forest tattoo exist, including evergreens, deciduous, and fruit trees. You have the option to have one type or a combination of various species. The most popular tree for a forest tattoo are as follows; Oak tree, Birch tree, Cherry blossom tree, Redwood tree, Pine tree, Willow tree, Maple tree, and Palm tree.
  • Leaves: Depending on the size of the tattoo, it may well be used as a filler or separating areas of the tattoo.
  • Animals: Normally, you see a forest as a backdrop to a tattoo of an animal. From experience, you will see plenty of wolf tattoos that feature this with a full moon in the sky! You also see bear tattoos and tattoos incorporating big birds like a hawk or eagle.
  • Nature: You rarely see a forest in a tattoo on its own. Normally, there will be other elements from nature to create a larger landscape. Imagine this for a second, a forest with a mountain behind it, the sun in the sky with a stream in the foreground…sounds idyllic, right?

What does a forest tattoo mean?

Before we run through some real-life images, let’s take a quick look at the meaning and symbolism of a forest tattoo. As we all know, a tattoo can be very personal to the person with the tattoo. The forest tattoo meaning may well be very specific to them. However, objectively, we can establish a general meaning.

For most people, it would simply represent their love of nature and the outdoors. It may well be a spiritual meaning and reminder to the wearer to stay grounded, like the trees in a forest. Trees are rooted to the ground, so the message is clear. In some cultures, the forest is seen as a symbol of fertility and abundance but may represent protection and strength.

Forests are very mystical places to some, a place of magic that contains many secrets. As a powerful symbol, they are also a place where solutions are found in terms of inner peace or medicines. Your tattoo artist can guide you with the perfect design based on different meanings.

You may also be interested in these related tattoo ideas; olive tree branch, Celtic tree, leaf tattoo, dead tree tattoos, simple tree tattoo, aspen tree, and fern tattoos.

Let’s take a look at these forest tattoo ideas.

forest tattoo sleeve
Forest tattoo sleeve

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Check out some of the forest tattoo sleeve ideas below…

wrist forest tattoo
wolf forest tattoo
tattoo of forest
tattoo forest silhouette
small forest tattoo
rain forest tattoo
rain forest tattoo
rain and forest tattoo
pine tree forest tattoo
pine forest silhouette tattoo
ori and the blind forest tattoo
ori and the blind forest tattoo
nordic forest tattoo
mountain and forest tattoo
minimalist forest tattoo
japanese forest tattoo
haunted forest tattoo
geometric forest tattoo
forest with wolf tattoo
forest trees tattoo
forest tree tattoo
forest tattoo stencil
forest tattoo on forearm
forest tattoo meaning
forest tattoo leg
forest tattoo ideas
forest tattoo half sleeve
forest tattoo forearm
forest tattoo designs
forest tattoo design
forest tattoo arm
forest tattoo ankle
forest spirit tattoo
forest spirit tattoo
forest spirit princess mononoke tattoo
forest spirit mononoke tattoo
forest sleeve tattoo
forest silhouette tattoo
forest outline tattoo
forest nature sleeve tattoo
forest mountain tattoo
forest leg tattoo
forest leg tattoo
forest lake tattoo
forest fire tattoo
forest city tattoo
forest band tattoo
forest armband tattoo
forest arm tattoo
forest arm sleeve tattoo
forest arm sleeve tattoo
forest animals tattoo
forest and mountain tattoo
forest and mountain tattoo sleeve
forearm tattoo forest
forearm forest tattoo.pg
forearm forest tattoo
forearm forest tattoo stencil
enchanted forest tattoo
dead forest tattoo
dark forest tattoo sleeve
black forest tattoo
bear in forest tattoo
bear in forest tattoo
bamboo forest tattoo
and into the forest i go tattoo

I hope that these forest tattoo ideas have really opened your eyes to the range of possibilities out there. As you can see, some of these tattoos are fantastic!

forest forearm tattoo
Forest forearm tattoo

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