97+ Faith Tattoo Ideas That Will Revive Yours

faith tattoo

Get Inspired with these faith tattoo ideas

A faith tattoo design is one of the most common tattoo themes. Not only is it an expression of faith, but it is also an outward signal of faith. Whether that is an organized religion or an expression of spirituality, in this post, we consider what a faith tattoo idea is and what they normally include before looking at some great examples of faith tattoos.

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As you will see, a huge range of possible designs exist. Whether a traditional design or something a little more modern, something abstract, or something simple, some want an elaborate and large tattoo; others want a small cross.

We will discuss faith tattoo ideas a little later, but it is important to take some time to consider what would represent your faith and what would be a suitable representation of your faith. Since it is a personal representation of your faith, you need to ensure it has personal significance. Many people opt for a tattoo simply for a quote from their religious texts or religious icons.

Whatever the reason you choose, it’s important that it means a lot to you. Before you get your tattoo, take the time to comprehend its significance fully. The time taken will be well served. I will be a reminder and a testament to your faith every time you see it.

Designing a faith tattoo

There are many ways to design a faith tattoo. Much of this will be dependent on your faith. Religions like Christianity have a long tradition of tattoo designs, with many famous examples of tattoos. Consider the three cross tattoos, the star of David, the creation of Adam, the cherub, San Judas Tadeo, and Santa Muerte. These are very established design choices, especially in the US and Mexico.

However, if we take a general approach, consider these tattoo ideas;

  • Christian Cross tattoos- Perhaps the most famous good faith tattoo symbol. There are many ways to design this Christian faith cross tattoo, different designs spanning different cultures and times. A very common religious symbol.
  • Ganesha tattoo – If you want a Hindu-based tattoo, then a Ganesha tattoo may be the design you’re looking for. This tattoo is very popular in India.
  • Jesus Christ – The imagery associated with Jesus is not in short supply…there is plenty of it depicting Jesus in various poses. Holding different things, different expressions, and meanings.
  • Angels and Cherubs – Another popular subject to get tattooed. These images reflect many things and have very specific meanings. You won’t be short of inspiration with a whole host of images around.

Other faith tattoos include the yin and yang, holy spirit, unalome, lotus flowers, and the Om sign. You can also consider typography tattoos. Examples include a bible verse, god is greater than the highs and lows, Carpe diem, only god can judge me, yhlqmdlg, Philippians 4 13 tattoos, serenity prayer, fear god, and the blessed tattoo.

What does a faith tattoo mean?

As we know from most other tattoos, the meaning can be very personal to the wearer of the tattoo. It can be very subjective. However, we can attach an objective meaning to almost all tattoos. Especially mainstream tattoos like a faith tattoo.

The obvious meaning is that this tattoo is a way of reflecting somebody’s religious belief. It applies to most religions. Others may see it as a way of reflecting on their spiritual belief. It can be a very specific reflection of a person’s faith or a very general interpretation.

The faith tattoo can be interpreted as an expression of keeping the faith, regardless of what may happen in your life. Your faith will hold you together. It tells the world that you have a strong faith in your faith.

The word faith can also be interpreted as having a personal meaning, having faith in yourself. It could also be directed at someone else who has shown faith.

If this tattoo isn’t for you, you may want to consider these related tattoo ideas; faith hope love tattoo, faith love tattoo, arrow tattoo, flower tattoo, rosary bead tattoo, flower of life, thorns tattoo, filigree, heart tattoo on a wrist, and the heart infinity symbol tattoo.

Let’s get inspired with these faith tattoo ideas. Take your favorites to your tattoo artist to develop your body art ideas.

faith tattoo ideas
Faith tattoo ideas

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Take a look at some of the faith cross tattoo ideas below…

walk by faith tattoo on foot
xwalk by faith tattoo
womens faith cross tattoo
walk by faith tattoo
walk by faith not by sight tattoo.jpg
walk by faith not by sight tattoo
walk by faith foot tattoo
symbol of faith tattoo
symbol for faith tattoo
small faith hope love tattoo
small faith cross tattoo
shield of faith tattoo
love hope faith tattoo
love faith hope tattoo
let your faith be bigger than your fears tattoo
let your faith be bigger than your fear tattoo
leap of faith tattoo
keep the faith tattoo
infinity faith tattoo
hope love faith tattoo 1
hope love faith tattoo
hope faith tattoo
hope faith love tattoo
hope and faith tattoo
heartbeat faith hope love tattoo
have faith tattoo
good faith tattoo
forearm faith tattoo
forearm faith hope love tattoo
faith wrist tattoo
faith word tattoo
faith with a cross tattoo
faith tattoo symbol
faith tattoo on wrist
faith tattoo on hand
faith tattoo on forearm
faith tattoo on arm
faith tattoo men
faith tattoo meaning
faith tattoo ideas 1
faith tattoo gallery
faith tattoo drawingwebp
faith tattoo designs
faith tattoo back
faith symbol tattoo
faith over fear tattoo with cross
faith over fear tattoo ideas
faith love hope tattoo
faith infinity tattoo
faith in chinese tattoo
faith hope tattoo
faith hope love tattoo on wrist
faith hope love tattoo design
faith hope and love tattoo
faith hand tattoo
faith flower tattoo
faith forearm tattoo
faith fear tattoo
faith evans tattoo
faith cursive tattoo
faith cross tattoo 1
faith cross tattoo on wrist
faith can move mountains tattoo
faith arm tattoo
faith and hope tattoo
design faith hope love anchor tattoo
cursive faith tattoo
cursive faith tattoo font
cursive faith cross tattoo
colored faith hope love tattoo
cross faith tattoo
by grace through faith tattoo
colored faith hope love tattoo
blind faith tattoo
anchor feminine faith hope love tattoo
anchor faith hope love tattoo

I hope these faith tattoo ideas have really inspired you. They should help focus your ideas on your next tattoo!

faith cross tattoo
Faith cross tattoo

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