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A devil tattoo is always considered a controversial choice. Whether it has satanic connotations or is done in jest, they will always be a talking point. In this post, we look at devil tattoos, what they are, and what they mean before talking you through some real-life examples.

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Designed to represent the dark side of humanity, they are a dark choice that will polarize opinions. Some of these images are rather scary, insinuating death with various depictions of evil spirits.

Their purpose is questionable, but they are said to be a demonstration of power and a way to scare off enemies. Regardless of the darker aspects, they can be inked in a very beautiful way that is vibrant and full of detail. Other devil’s tattoos aren’t so sinister, maybe just a set of horns, a tail, or a trident.

As for the meanings of these tattoos, this will be covered in more detail later. However, devil tattoo designs are dark with relationships with evil forces. Others may just be expressing darker elements of their personality or behavior characteristics.

If you are thinking of getting this devil tattoo, you may want to spend some time considering it. You may also want to consider the placement, especially if you have a public-facing role. At least consider an inconspicuous location on your body that can easily be covered up.

Designing a devil tattoo

Designing a devil tattoo perhaps needs a little more consideration. Not only does it have to suit your personality, but it is also something that shouldn’t offend the general public. Depending on how you want a tattoo to be perceived, you can choose a traditional Japanese design or perhaps ink a more western influenced design.

Why not take a look at these Oni mask tattoo ideas? This demonic Japanese creature is something else!

As we mentioned earlier, the location of the tattoo is very important. People can easily be offended by this type of tattoo, so it’s better on the side of caution. Overall, devil tattoos can be a great way to show off the darker side of your personality.

However, it is important to consider the tattoo design and choose a tattoo you are comfortable with. This is especially true if other people will see it. Therefore, it is important to consult with your tattoo artist to find a design that meets your needs.

This is especially true if other people will see it. Therefore, it is important to consult with your tattoo artist to find a design that meets your needs.

Here are some ideas for different types of devil tattoos;

  • Devils’s head
  • Devil wings
  • Animated demon
  • Tribal devil
  • Pitchforks
  • Horns and tail
  • Realistic devil tattoo

Whatever devil tattoo you choose, as we mentioned above, make sure you are comfortable with the outcome. This tattoo is worth spending some time over. You do not want to act in haste and repent at your leisure.

Elements to include in a devil tattoo

Here are some common elements that are often associated with devil tattoos. Some are quite sinister; some are quite playful, and others are simply objects.

These are just some elements you will find in the devil tattoo. Of course, you’re welcome to consider any other element since this is your tattoo. Finally, let’s look at what a devil tattoo means.

What does a devil tattoo mean?

As with most tattoos, their different meanings can be very subjective, depending on what was intended for the person getting Inked. However, it is possible to attach some general meanings to certain tattoos. In this case, letters consider the meaning of a devil tattoo.

As you can imagine, there are more than a few interpretations of what this tattoo might mean. One widely claimed theory is that it reflects the Darkside of human nature. It is evil and can be considered quite sadistic. This is an extreme interpretation, but it is something you will face if you get it tattooed on your skin.

Another interpretation is that a devil tattoo style is related to temptation. The devil is associated in folklore and myths with temptation, guiding you to commit violence and wrong acts. It is associated with the inner demons in your head. It is also considered to reflect plenty of acts of rebellion. They are shown to help you make decisions that you may regret later. This may be related to religion and specifically to sin. They may also be seen to represent an aversion to authority.

To some, the meaning may not be that deep. It may just indicate the devilishness in people rather than goodness. This applies to most people and maybe a way of showing off your personality.

If this tattoo is not for you, why not consider these related tattoo ideas; Japanese demon tattoo, grim reaper, and black cat tattoo.

Let’s look at some real-life devil tattoo ideas that should help inspire your next tattoo.

devil tattoo designs
Devil tattoo designs

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Check out these devil tattoo designs…

usmc devil dog tattoo
traditional devil tattoo
traditional devil head tattoo
the devil tarot card tattoo
the devil and god are raging inside me tattoo
tasmanian devil tattoo
tasmanian devil cartoon tattoo
small simple devil tattoo
small devil tattoo
simple devil tattoo
red devil tattoo
realistic devil tattoos
realistic devil tattoo
minimalist devil tattoo
lucky devil tattoo
little devil tattoo
japanese devil tattoo
hot stuff devil tattoo
half devil half angel tattoo
half angel half devil tattoo
god and devil tattoo
female devil tattoo
devil wings tattoo
devil wing tattoos
devil wing tattoo
devil whispering in ear tattoo 1
devil vs angel tattoo
devil tattoo sleeves
devil tattoo sleeve
devil tattoo sleeve
devil tattoo meaning
devil tattoo ideas
devil tattoo flash
devil tattoo drawing
devil tattoo drawing
devil tattoo designsjpg
devil tarot card tattoo
devil talking in ear tattoo
devil skull tattoo
devil side head tattoo
devil on my shoulder tattoo
devil may cry tattoo
devil horns tattoo
devil horns and tail tattoo
devil heart tattoo
devil head tattoo
devil hand tattoo
devil girl tattoo
devil girl tattoo
devil emoji tattoo
devil dog tattoo
devil doc tattoo
devil cherub tattoo
devil back tattoo
devil angel tattoo
devil angel tattoo designs
devil and angel wings tattoo
devil and angel tattoo on neck
dancing with the devil tattoo
dance with the devil tattoo
chinese devil tattoo
chinese devil tattoo
cartoon devil tattoo
blue devil tattoo
angel devil wings tattoo
angel devil tattoos ideas
angel devil tattoo ideas
angel devil tattoo designs
angel devil shoulder tattoo
angel devil heart tattoo
angel and devil wings tattoo
angel and devil wing tattoo
angel and devil tattoo behind ear
angel and devil on shoulder tattoo

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devil whispering in ear tattoo
Devil whispering in ear tattoo

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