What Does a Death Moth Tattoo Mean? Its Really Dark!

what does a death moth tattoo mean

What does a death moth tattoo mean?

A Death moth species is a specific tattoo that represents the wearer’s ability to endure pain. It doesn’t represent anything, but it has several meanings behind it… some are more obvious than others.

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Moth tattoo meaning

It is also known as the “Memento Mori” or “Memento Mori Tattoo.” The Death moth reminds us of our mortality – which may sound morbid – however, many people have cited this design as helping deal with regrets, trauma, and unhealthy life patterns. This tattoo can help change your perspective on these issues by reminding you that there will be an end to your suffering one day, just like everyone else.

Death Moths are often seen as quite feminine, representing the highly sexual qualities of birth and death through butterflies’ wings. Moth symbolism often represents metamorphosis – which is no surprise considering their life cycle starts as worm-like larvae that eventually turn into a beautiful winged creature. Many people choose to get this tattoo because it can help them move on from past experiences – regardless of what they may be.

The Death moth tattoo design can also represent the mental health of those suffering – but don’t let that scare you! If done well, this design can be quite beautiful!

death head moth tattoo meaning
Death head moth tattoo meaning

What is death moth symbolism?

Death moth tattoos are a beautiful reminder of various things, including life’s transiency or that even the most vibrant and beautiful things must eventually fade. The death moth is not a real creature – it was invented by an American author named Patricia A. McKillip for her 1974 novel “The Beginning Place,” It symbolizes the moment when two people cross paths but do not yet know each other. However, they may have already been leading separate lives in some way.

At first glance, to those who are unfamiliar with their symbolism, death moths appear to be nothing more than exotic anthropomorphic butterflies with long legs instead of antennae, large eyespots on their wings that form an almost skull-like pattern around the more prominent spot in the center, and a wingspan of a few inches at most.

They are distinguished mainly by their lack of mouthparts with which to feed – there is nothing but a long hollow tube where their mouths would be if they had them, which they use for mating instead.

Because death moths do not eat anything except the nectar from flowers and fruit, one of the most apparent symbols that come up when discussing a death moth tattoo idea or even just tattoos, in general, is that you choose what it is is means to you.

As such, many people see these creatures as representing life’s ever-changing nature – just like butterflies can go from caterpillar to chrysalis to butterfly in only a matter of weeks and sometimes even days before disappearing again, we go from birth to childhood and all of the experiences and lessons that come with those periods right on into adulthood, where we then fade away just as quickly as a butterfly.

death head moth tattoo symbolism
Death head moth tattoo symbolism

Others see death moths as having a spiritual meaning, the fleeting nature of life – nothing here is permanent, not even ourselves. There is always some moment when we notice that our youth has faded, and what was once vibrant and beautiful seems dull compared to what we have become.

These black moth tattoos can also be seen as a reminder of the fact that no living creature on this planet lives forever, so it’s important to enjoy every moment while you can!

Dead moth tattoos are usually done in black ink on top of any other color because, unlike butterflies themselves, they don’t have any real coloration of their own. This helps them stand out a little more against the skin of the person who wears it and ensures that they aren’t overshadowed by another design or color scheme.

You can use any of these colors on top, though – if you want your death moth tattoo art to stand out a little more against your skin, stick to black or white ink.

If you want it to blend in with your coloring, try something like purple or green instead! Just be aware when choosing colors for anything inked onto your body that it will fade over time due to the organic nature of the organic pigments involved in its creation, so avoid brighter colors if you don’t want it to turn into something duller down the road.

Death moths are identified mainly by their exotic shape, though they are also sometimes done in styles that resemble real moths more closely, especially if they aren’t used for novel symbolism. If you want to get a tattoo of an actual moth or butterfly without appropriating the symbolism of death moths, there are plenty of other insects out there with similar body shapes that you can use instead!

death moth tattoo meaning
Death moth tattoo meaning

Tattoo lovers love tattooing animal tattoos. Death moth tattoos include the atlas moth insect, hummingbird moth, Acherontia Atropos, Acherontia Styx, Acherontia Lachesis, luna moth tattoo, and death head hawk moth symbol. Other animals with similar symbolism are the bee, butterfly tattoo, and skull.

It is always essential to consult with your tattoo artist to understand the meaning and design of moth death symbolism.

If you are looking for moth tattoo inspiration, take a look at these images.

what does a death moth tattoo mean
What does a death moth tattoo mean

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