What Should I Consider Before I Get a Tattoo?

what should I consider before I get a tattoo

What to consider before getting a tattoo

What should I consider before I get a tattoo? Many different cultures have used tattoos for a variety of reasons. Some people get tattoos to represent their religious views, family issues, or memories. Others choose to express their individuality through the use of tattoos. However, it is essential to consider what tattoo you should get before going under the needle so that your decision will not impact you negatively later on in life.

Tattooing has become increasingly popular in mainstream culture. However, society does have a negative view of body art. Part of this stems from negative associations with specific tattoo designs and themes. This article looks at some general things to consider when thinking about getting a tattoo.

1) Making sure your design is original:

One reason why people choose to get a tattoo is that they like something or admire it. However, if you decide to get a tattoo that countless other people have already done, this will not be considered original. It can come across as unoriginal and less creative. For example, Marilyn Monroe’s tattoos are prevalent. Still, there is nothing unique about the design itself because the image of her face has been reproduced on so many different mediums, including posters, mugs, clothes, etc.

2) Choosing a design appropriate for your age:

When you get older, it can become embarrassing when someone asks about your tattoos and explains why you chose that particular piece of body art when you were younger. If you know that eventually, you will need to change up your look or lose your job, then choosing a tattoo that will not be appropriate for your age can negatively affect you. On the other hand, choosing something very conservative just because you are worried about what other people might think is also not advisable, especially if it does not reflect who you indeed are.

3) Making sure your design represents your morals and values:

It is essential to choose a design that represents who you are as a person to reflect positively on you when other people see it. Selecting designs that do not represent your true nature or ethics may cause negative thoughts among those who see it. Tattoos should ideally be thought of like any other accessory; they should bring out the best version of yourself rather than drawing attention to the worst parts of your character.

4) Thinking about your future:

While a tattoo style is permanent, it does not mean that you cannot get rid of it later on in life if you choose to do so. However, considering what activities you will participate in during your lifetime and choosing a design accordingly can help avoid potential problems with laser tattoo removal or covering up. Therefore, consider smaller tattoos as a first tattoo. Laser treatment is expensive and time-consuming. Tattoos on areas where skin folds tend to stretch over time, making them even more challenging to cover up. While tattoos can be covered with makeup, this can result in unsightly smudging throughout the day, and some tattoos cannot even be safely hidden from view.

5) The final design should reflect who you are as an individual:

The final thing to consider is that your tattoo will be on display for all the world to see, so it should reflect the best version of yourself. Tattoos can become a part of someone’s identity, and they should not be chosen lightly. If you are not 100% confident about your choice, it might be better to choose something else. It takes time to decide what tattoo you want, but having these things in mind will help guide your choices towards something more likely to live up to your expectations and positively impact those around you.

what to consider before getting a tattoo
what to consider before getting a tattoo

What should I consider before I get a tattoo? Things to Consider Before Getting a Tattoo

Have you ever thought about getting a tattoo? Tattoos are becoming more mainstream, even though they are still considered “taboo” by some. If you are thinking about getting a tattoo, there are things to consider first before permanently marking your skin with tattoo ink.

Tattoos can last forever, unlike tattoos that fade sooner or later or tattoos that can disappear if you stop loving them! So you must understand the following four questions before you get a tattoo.

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1) Do I want this design on my body forever?

This may seem obvious, but many people do not think long-term enough when they choose their designs. Perhaps the plan is meaningful to you now, but will it still mean the same thing in 5, 10, or 20 years? Will your kids and grandkids like this design when they’re old enough to understand what it means?

Is it too cliché and would be dated by that time (e.g., angel wings for a deceased loved one)? Also, tattoos tend to fade with time because our skin gets wrinkly, so you might regret getting a black tattoo on white skin but not as much as if you got a white tattoo on black skin!

2) How long will I want this design for?

If your answer is “forever,” then consider how big you want the tattoo. People usually don’t take into account how much bigger their bodies will grow as they age! For example, if you were a teenager and wanted your parents’ names tattooed on your arm in a cute tiny font, think again. Your body may grow a lot more than you thought since you first got the idea for this tattoo.

3) What is my profession?

This question involves thinking about how visible tattoos appear to others. If you are an upstanding citizen with no criminal record with tattoos peeking out of your shirt sleeves, go ahead and get them. But if you are someone who wears suits regularly or works in any career that prevents showing off tattoos, then it might be best not to “advertise” these markings with permanent ink on your skin.

4) Can I handle the pain involved with getting tattoos?

Tattooing is painful to some degree, especially if you maybe don’t have the highest pain tolerance. Most tattoos hurt more when getting them on bony areas like feet, ribs, shoulders, etc. If you’re someone who doesn’t have high levels of pain tolerance, then consider a less painful method of ink insertion or piercing! It would help if you also considered the possibility of an allergic reaction. Remember, getting your tats is only the first process.

Aftercare is just as essential to prevent infection. It would help if you prepared to with things like antibiotic ointment, antibacterial soap, moisturizer, and taking steps to avoid sun exposure.

things to consider when getting a tattoo
things to consider when getting a tattoo

5) How often do I want this design changed or added to?

This is an essential question because once your tattoo gets old, it will need to be touched up to make sure the colors look vibrant and fresh. Also, you might want to have new designs added later down the line, so keep that in mind. Well-known artists charge hundreds, even thousands for touch-ups and new plans, so that is something you might want to put into your budget. Cheap tattoos may not be the bargain they might first appear.

6) How much can I spend?

This question involves how large of a tattoo you want and what colors and effects would be used to make the tattoo look the way you want it. When used in tattoos, some colors look cheap or poor quality, such as yellow (because it fades quickly) and blue (because the ink spreads). These are things you should discuss with your artist before getting inked. Most artists use high-quality color ink that will last longer than regular quality ink. You need to understand that tattoos cost anywhere from $50 for small “one night” tattoos up to thousands of dollars, depending on size and intricacy.

7) What areas of my body am I getting tattoos on?

This again involves observing the four previous questions, but it is an important area to think about. If you have low pain tolerance, don’t get tattoos on your ribs or feet! Those places hurt more than other parts of the body (like your back).

Also, please do some research on where the artist likes to work because often, they want to stick with some regions of the body. For example, most artists love working on calves and feet because those areas tend to be easier for them for some reason. But if you want big pieces on your arms, it might not be best to go somewhere known for good tattoo artists.

On that note, research tattoo artists and their style of tattoos before committing to one. It’s best if you find someone experienced with the exact type of tattoo design you want!

what to consider when getting a tattoo
what to consider when getting a tattoo

List of things to consider before getting a tattoo

1. Where will your tattoo be located on your body?

2. How big will my tattoo be?

3. What color do you want your tattoo to be?

4. Do you prefer a realistic or abstract design for the tattoo?

5. How important is it that people can easily see your tattoos when you are wearing clothes?

6. Does this mean anything specific to me, personally? If so, what does it mean? 7. Will I regret getting these particular tattoos later in life if I change my mind about their meaning to me over time?

8. How much time am I willing to dedicate towards caring for my new tattoo while it heals, and how long should it take before I can fully submerge my tattoo in water?

9. What does getting tattooed cost? Is the price I am being given quoted for just one session of getting my tattoo, or is this including all follow-up sessions required to make it look its best?

10. Am I legally allowed to get this tattoo in the country where I live?

11. Is this particular tattoo artist an experienced professional who possesses the proper qualifications?

12. Should your answers to any of these questions change after you have lost while getting those tattoos, don’t be afraid to speak with your tattoo artist and bring up your concerns!

It would help if you also considered tattoo aftercare, skin infections, eczema, scar tissue, hepatitis B, infection, tattoo care, healing steps, skin irritation, and your attitude to blood. Your tattooists should be able to guide you further.

things to consider before getting a tattoo
Things to consider before getting a tattoo

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