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cloud tattoo

Get Inspired with these cloud tattoo ideas

In this post, we consider the cloud tattoo idea. As you will see in the real-life images of cloud tattoos below, they are predominantly used as filler tattoos. Essentially, used to cover large spaces. However, they are beautiful in their own right and, rightly, subject to their tattoo. We consider what a cloud tattoo design means and elements you can include alongside them.

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As with most tattoos, their size can be a very personal decision. Large or small, the size and suitability are subjective. However, get the cloud design right, and you have a stunning piece of body art. Why not consider adding some elements to your design? This post considers some popular elements that suit this tattoo and why they are relevant.

We also consider whether you should color a cloud tattoo. Do they look good in color, or should you stick to a monotone color? Is a black cloud more dramatic? We’ll take a look a little further down the page.

What does a cloud tattoo mean?

Most tattoos have a very personal meaning to the wearer of the tattoo. However, we can attribute some objective meanings to tattoo designs. Clouds, too, can have meanings, but in this case, we need to determine whether the cloud in question is a filler tattoo or a design in itself. If it’s a filler, it may well not have a meaning attributed to it.

If a cloud tattoo is a deliberate choice, there are many reasons why this may be the case. For some, a cloud tattoo meaning is a representation of hope, a positive sign for the future. It is also a symbol of a new start since clouds are formed and unformed.

Clouds are seen as symbols of change and a new beginning. For some, they are a remembrance of loved ones that are no longer with them. There is also a spiritual element to it. Clouds serve as a connection between heaven and earth, as well as a connection between the spiritual and physical world.

There is a human meaning too. Clouds are seen to represent a person’s state of mind and emotional state. A white cloud may be seen as a sign of a healthy mind, whereas a black cloud may represent a downward spiral.

Even with all these meanings, it may well be a simple reason. The wearer of the tattoo may like clouds! They may be a lover of nature or may have a memorable moment staring at the clouds.

Types of cloud tattoos and their meanings

We have established that a cloud can have many meanings…if at all. Let’s take a look at some cloud styles that are often tattooed.

  • Cumulus tattoo – These clouds are often associated with pleasant weather and good times. They are seen to represent new beginnings and a fresh approach.
  • Stratus tattoo – Stratus clouds are usually seen when there is poor weather; therefore, the association is with difficult times. Despite the negative connotations, they are seen to represent strength and perseverance.
  • Cumulonimbus tattoo – A thundercloud is a cloud commonly associated with storms and bad weather. This is nature at work, and you can see the power. If you want a tattoo design that delivers life’s positive and negative sides, this will work for you!
  • Cirrus cloud tattoo – Cirrus clouds are associated with great weather and peaceful skies. They, therefore, promote a very peaceful outlook.

Elements to include in a cloud tattoo

If you are looking at designing a cloud tattoo, you may wish to add some additional elements. This may be because the cloud tattoo may not be the central theme; rather, it is a filler to complete some blank space. However, a design element is perfect for those that want to add a symbolic meaning and an extra dimension to their tattoos. Popular elements that your tattoo artist can guide you on include the following;

  • Birds – birds soaring in the sky with a simple cloud as a background. They are known to be a symbol of hope and fresh beginnings
  • Sun – Rays of light breaking through the clouds is an iconic image. It can again be seen as a sign of hope and new beginnings. There is a sense of optimism and positivity to life here
  • Rainbows – A fun element that is quite playful. It is meant to represent the playful and positive nature of the wearer and well as signifying good luck
  • Lightning bolts – These are seen as dramatic and meant to show their unstable environment. Thunder may also be seen as a sign of power. A rain cloud, dark cloud, or storm cloud is the perfect tattoo art here to ink.
  • Moon – The moon is another dramatic scene that is a natural fit with clouds. They are meant to symbolize change and a perfect night sky image
  • Flowers: A flower is commonly seen with clouds, as they are with most tattoos
  • Religious symbolism – Often seen in Christian tattoos and other religious imagery, more often than not as a filler tattoo. However, clouds are seen as the background to a heavenly scene. A mushroom cloud is a typical design here

If clouds are not the right image for you, why not consider these related tattoo ideas; Chinese symbolism or Japanese cloud designs, dragon artwork, blue cloud, skull tattoos, moon and stars tattoo, sunrise tattoo, shooting star, and Japanese tattoos.

Get inspired with these cloud tattoo ideas.

Black cloud tattoo

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Check out some of the cool black cloud tattoo designs below…

white cloud tattoo
traditional cloud tattoo
thunder cloud tattoo
tattoo shops st cloud 1
tattoo shops st cloud
tattoo shops st cloud mn
tattoo shops in st cloud mn
tattoo shop st cloud mn
tattoo cloud sleeve
tattoo cloud sleeve
storm cloud tattoo
storm cloud tattoo meaning
st cloud tattoo
small cloud tattoo
simple cloud tattoo
rain cloud tattoo meaning
mushroom cloud tattoo
rain cloud tattoo meaning
moon and cloud tattoo
minimalist small cloud tattoo
lightning cloud tattoo
korean cloud tattoo
japanese cloud tattoo 1
japanese cloud tattoo stencil
japanese cloud tattoo sleeve
eye cloud tattoo
dove and cloud tattoo drawings
cute cloud tattoo
dark cloud tattoo
cloud tattoo stencil
cloud tattoo sleeve
cloud tattoo shading
cloud tattoo outline
cloud tattoo on chest
cloud tattoo on arm
cloud tattoo inspiration
cloud tattoo ideas
cloud tattoo half sleeve
cloud tattoo forearm
cloud tattoo filler
cloud tattoo designs drawings 1
cloud tattoo designs drawings
cloud tattoo design
cloud tattoo chest
cloud tattoo background
cloud strife tattoo
cloud stencil tattoo
cloud sleeve tattoo ideas
cloud shading tattoo
cloud outline tattoo
cloud lightning tattoo
cloud finger tattoo 1
cloud finger tattoo
cloud filler tattoo
cloud design tattoo
cloud dancer tattoo
cloud chest tattoo
cloud background tattoo
cloud arm tattoo 1
cloud arm tattoo
cloud and sun tattoo
cloud and stars tattoo
cloud akatsuki tattoo
cloud 9 tattoo
cloud 9 tattoo shop
cloud 9 tattoo elk river mn
chinese cloud tattoo
blue cloud tattoo
black cloud tattoo charlotte
black cloud tattoo piercing and supply
black cloud tattoo carolina place mall
asian cloud tattoo
angel cloud tattoo

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japanese cloud tattoo
Japanese cloud tattoo

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