67+ Chakra Tattoo Ideas That Leave You Feeling Energetic

chakra tattoo

Get Inspired with these chakra tattoo ideas

A chakra tattoo represents the seven energy centers of the body using symbols. These chakras are said to represent the body’s energy centers, and by inking them on the skin, it is claimed that you can balance your energies. Of course, no scientific evidence supports these claims, but many people remain convinced about the spiritual meaning and the power of these symbols and chakra tattoos. In this post, we look at what they are and what the chakra symbol means before looking at some great examples of chakra tattoo designs.

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As you can see, there is some discussion as to whether they exist. Even if some people believe they do, there is some argument about how many chakras exist and their location and purpose. Most people believe in seven primary chakras, which are located around the body and energy field. What we do know is that it remains a popular tattoo choice.

When designing a chakra tattoo, they are commonly designed as lotus flowers, with each petal representing a particular chakra. These chakras all have their color associated with them, which means it can lead to some pretty colorful tattoos. More on the colors associated with each particular chakra later. These tattoos aren’t limited to lotus flowers; plenty of abstract tattoo ideas incorporate various design styles.

Elements to include in a chakra tattoo

Several elements are commonly associated with these tattoos. If you are looking at a unique tattoo design, consider incorporating some of these aspects;

  • The chakra symbols have their colors associated with them, each having its meaning. Including all seven colors in your tattoo design is a way to fantastic way to represent balance and harmony
  • A lotus flower is a common symbol of spirituality and enlightenment, often a key characteristic of this tattoo
  • Consider incorporating some natural elements such as plants or vines; this is part of the natural vibe
  • Each chakra has a corresponding element: earth, water, fire, air, ether (or space), and spirit. You may want to add these elements into the overall design
  • Consider adding celestial bodies like the sun and moon, often associated with energy centers in the body, around harmony and balance
  • Other popular imagery associated with the chakra tattoo include Sanskrit letters, the OM sign, and crystals.

The seven elements of chakra

Each element has a specific association with color, resulting in a very colorful tattoo. Here is a quick summary of the special meaning of the chakra, where it is said to be found, different symbols, and its corresponding color. These elements are as follows;

  • The root chakra is linked to the color red. The chakra is found at the base of the spine. Our feeling of safety and security is controlled by the root chakra, represented by a lotus flower or a tree.
  • The crown chakra is linked with the color violet and is positioned at the head’s top. This second chakra has a distinct meaning and concerns our connection to God, which a lotus flower or a star may symbolize.
  • The color orange is linked to the sacral chakra, located approximately two inches below the navel. This chakra is said to be responsible for creative energy and is often represented by the sun or a moon.
  • The heart chakra is colored green and is found in the middle of the chest. This chakra controls our capacity to love and be loved, and it’s frequently depicted as a rose or a heart.
  • The chakra for the throat is associated with the color blue and resides in the center of the throat. This chakra is known for our ability to express ourselves clearly and honestly, and a bluebird or a peacock commonly represents it.
  • The chakra for the solar plexus is associated with the color yellow and is located just below the breastbone. The lion or the tiger is a common symbol for this seventh chakra, which controls our power and self-esteem.
  • The third eye chakra is linked to the color indigo and is found midway between one’s eyebrows. This chakra is responsible for our capacity to see clearly and instinctively, and an eye or a pyramid commonly represents it.

When choosing a chakra tattoo design, it’s crucial to consider each chakra’s significance and how it relates to your own life. You may use these tattoos as a method to balance your chakras or as an opportunity to represent something significant in your life.

What does a chakra tattoo mean?

As we have discussed, a chakra tattoo represents the body’s seven main chakras or energy centers. The chakra’s symbolic meaning is thought to be responsible for our physical body, mental, and emotional health, and each is linked to a distinct color. Many consider aspects like anxiety, emotions, and spiritual connection with the human body.

Many people believe that chakra tattoos can aid in the balancing of the chakras and promote healing. The symbolism is around balance, harmony, and spiritual growth. When chakras are in balance, people are said to feel healthy and whole. People consider the spiritual awakening when considering their chakras.

There is no scientific evidence to back up this view, but many individuals claim that the tattoo helps them to feel more centered and grounded.

Keep these things in mind when choosing your chakra tattoo design, and you will be sure to find a design that is perfect for you. You may also want to consider these mandala tattoos, holy spirit, spiritual power tattoos, unalome lotus tattoo, meditation tattoos, drum tattoo, serotonin tattoo and crystal tattoo ideas too.

Let’s take a look at some great examples of the chakra tattoo.

chakra tattoo spine
Chakra tattoo spine

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These small chakra tattoo designs should leave you inspired…

watercolor chakra tattoo
third eye chakra symbol tattoo
tattoo chakra symbols
sudarshan chakra tattoo
spiritual chakra tattoo designs
spine chakra tattoo
small minimalist chakra tattoo
small chakra tattoo 1
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simple minimalist chakra tattoo
sacred geometry chakra tattoo
sacred geometry chakra tattoo 2
root chakra tattoo
men chakra tattoo
male spiritual chakra tattoo
flower chakra tattoo
chakra tree tattoo
chakra tree of life tattoo
chakra tattoo 1
chakra tattoo spine 1
chakra tattoo small
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chakra tattoo denver
chakra tattoo back
chakra symbols tattoo
chakra symbol tattoo
chakra spiritual goddess tattoo
chakra spine tattoo
chakra points tattoo
chakra point tattoo
chakra colors tattoo
chakra back tattoo
chakra arm tattoo
chakra arm tattoo 2
arm chakra tattoo
7 chakra tattoo

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small chakra tattoo
Small chakra tattoo

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