79+ Broken Heart Tattoo Ideas That Tell a Story

broken heart tattoo

Get Inspired with these broken heart tattoo ideas…

You aren’t short of options regarding a broken heart tattoo. A traditional version is a more common choice, but increasingly, people are getting a little more creative. Perhaps you can even get a little edgier with a 3D version! In this post, we consider what you need to think about before getting this tattoo and what it means, followed by some real-life examples of this tattoo. 

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As you will see from the array of tattoos below, the most common version is a traditional style. This may well be because of their meaning, leading to a more muted design choice. 

There are many different styles to choose from; therefore, take some time to consider what suits you. If you’re not sure what kind of design you want, keep looking for inspiration or talk to your tattoo artist. 

A great alternative is a tribal heart tattoo. Tribal tattoos are very fashionable right now and may look stunning when done properly. If you’re unsure whether this is the tattoo for you, then take your time and consider your options. 

No matter what you choose, there are some great ideas out there for you to choose from. Just make sure you take the time to look around and find the right design. Don’t rush into anything, and make sure you’re comfortable with your decision. Broken heart tattoos are very personal, so it is worth taking your time. 

Where are these tattoos commonly found? Although you can put this skin tattoo anywhere, they are commonly found on a wrist, shoulder, chest, neck, face, and forearm. 

Elements to include in a broken heart tattoo

Although you can include any element you want in a tattoo, common elements can be included in a broken heart design. Common elements include:

  • Tears
  • Heart with a bandage around it
  • Shattered glass
  • A jagged line represents the break in the heart
  • Blood
  • Knives piercing the heart
  • Roses & thorns
  • Barbed wire
  • Broken chain

Each of these individual elements symbolizes different things. For example, the shattered glass may represent the broken pieces of a heart. The thorns may represent the pain and hurt that you feel. And the roses may represent the love that you once had. You can attach any meaning you want to them. 

The shape of a broken heart tattoo design may be any combination of these parts. It is entirely up to you to decide what each element means to you.

What does a broken heart tattoo mean? 

Although the tattoo’s meaning can be very personal, some common themes run through them. It should also be remembered that a broken heart tattoo idea can mean different things to different people. It might symbolize heartbreak or loss for some people while representing strength and perseverance for others.

One interpretation of a broken heart tattoo is that it represents the fragility of love. This is often seen as a negative meaning, as it suggests that love is something that can easily be broken. However, some people see this as a positive thing, as it shows that even though love is fragile, it can still be strong enough to withstand anything.

A broken heart tattoo also implies the power of love. This is typically seen as a positive meaning since it indicates that even though love may be destroyed, it is still incredibly powerful. It can be especially meaningful for people who have gone through a particularly traumatic breakup, heartache, passion, sadness, grief, broken relationship, or divorce since it demonstrates that they can still love deeply. 

Others consider it a symbol of lost love, while others view it as a reminder that no one is perfect and that even the most powerful relationships may fall apart.

For others, it might represent the pain of a failed relationship or a lost love. For others, it could be seen as a sign of strength and endurance, having overcome something tough in their life.

No matter what the meaning behind your broken heart symbol tattoo may be, there’s no doubt that this popular design has a lot of significance and symbolism. If you’re considering getting a broken heart tattoo, consider what the design means to you and what you want it to represent in your life. 

You may also want to consider these related tattoo ideas; black heart tattoos, winged heart tattoos, shattered heart tattoos, blue heart tattoo style, stitched hearts, human heart tattoos, and red heart tattoos. 

Get inspired with the following real-life broken heart tattoo ideas. 

meaningful broken heart tattoo
Meaningful broken heart tattoo

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These meaningful broken heart tattoo ideas should help focus your design…

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These broken heart tattoo ideas should have inspired your next tattoo design. This is one of those tattoos that is very symbolic as well as personal. Think carefully where you want to place it…do you want the whole world to know? As always, if you enjoyed this post, please consider sharing it on your social media. See you soon x

heartache broken heart tattoo
Heartache broken heart tattoo

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