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A blessed tattoo is a symbol of protection from evil or brokenness. The bearer of the tattoo usually believes that they have been protected from hardship, saved from a car accident, or protected from their own bad decisions in life.

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What does a blessed tattoo mean?

Blessed tattoos are often seen on those deemed to have been protected by God or angels during a near-death experience. Those who have survived an illness may also adorn themselves with this type of ink to represent the power and strength they attained through surviving such adversity. Even those who believe they’ve been protected from self-harm by forces beyond our comprehension. They will carry this image as a token of hope and strength for what lies ahead.

In short, blessed tattoos signify blessing and protection from evil.

Who is the ideal candidate for this tattoo?

This type of ink suits those who have experienced a significant event in their lives that they consider nothing short of miraculous. It also suits those who feel they’ve been given a second chance at life and want to represent it with a meaningful tattoo. People who meditate, pray, or seek spiritual guidance may find this image significant and symbolic because of its ties to miracles. Finally, those interested in angels and God may also like this style as it represents such entities protecting the bearer from harm.

What should I know about having one of these tattoos?

If you’re thinking about getting a blessed tattoo design, there are some things you should consider beforehand. Be sure to research the design extensively, paying attention to the fonts; make sure you know what it symbolizes and find out whether or not it’s commonly used among others who have had a significant, inexplicable event occur in their lives.

Also, make sure that your tattoo artist is well-versed with these designs and understands the meanings since they will be creating a permanent masterpiece on your skin! If they aren’t familiar with it, ask if they can look into it before sitting down for your appointment. They may even want to get some more information from you about why you’re looking to get this specific tattoo done.

Finding an experienced body art tattoo artist will also ensure that the lines are clean and crisp, color is applied correctly, and the image is positioned so that it won’t be challenging to keep clean.

Should I get a blessed tattoo?

I don’t think it is a good idea to get a blessed tattoo. I have heard of many people who have gotten these tattoos only to backfire on them later in life. Whether they are cursed or something else is at work, proceed with caution when offering your skin as the canvas for any ink.

Blessed tattoos are dangerous because not everyone believes in their power, and getting one may subject you to attacks from those that do not believe in their strength. There are also stories of how the tattoos may either fizzle out (not doing anything), infect, or cause disease (such as an outbreak of blisters). Also, considering that I am nowhere near qualified enough to tell which ones were cursed and which ones were not, I would avoid them altogether.

Why do people get a tattoo that says blessed?

This is the question I have been asking myself as of late. The answer to this question can be pretty complex, and some people might not even really know why they want a tattoo with blessed on it. In this article, I will go through many reasons why someone would get a blessed tattoo and my opinion on whether or not getting one is a good idea.

If you would like to skip over my advice and opinions about tattoos, please scroll down until you see bold lettering.

Why do people get a Blessed Tattoo?

None of these reasons are concrete; everyone has their unique reasons for getting tattoos.

People who get blessed tattoos are not just ordinary. People who get these tattoos are usually taking part in some extreme sport or lifestyle. Here are a few reasons why someone might want their tattoo to say Blessed:

The Bible says that all men should “test” themselves (a reference to hardships): 1 Corinthians 9:24-27. Some sports, like boxing, require you to test your body against another human being; it’s almost as if you’re fighting God himself (this is an example of how religious people use their spirituality for motivation). People who do go through incredible hardships, like boxers, often receive blessings from their churches after a fight.

Old-school gangsters and the like would tattoo their saint’s name on themselves to keep them safe while they did terrible things, which is why some people get blessed tattoos.

People who “get blessed” often tell me that it’s an expression of their gratitude for life. Some people think that getting a tattoo with blessings on it will bring them good luck or bring positive attention their way. They don’t want to sound ungrateful, so they remind themselves how grateful they are through permanent ink.

Some people (namely athletes and people of the Christian religion) get Blessed Caesars because they use them as motivation and as a sort of spiritual protection. Someone involved in extreme sports needs to be more aware of their surroundings, and having a Blessed Caesar on one’s body can make them aware of bad things are about to happen.

People with blessed tattoos like to remind themselves that they can endure hardships, show courage, positivity and come back stronger from their lowest point. This quote by Gandhi has been said repeatedly, but I think it fits perfectly here; “be the change you want to see.” People who get tattoos like these want people to realize that they will not let hardship overcome them; they will endure the emotions through anything.

Some people believe that if something really bad happens, God may have just put them through this for the greater good. Maybe the individual will not know what that greater good is until later in life, and gratefulness is crucial. Finally, the last reason someone might get a Blessed tattoo is how big and hardcore it looks. They may be getting it to impress friends and family. I don’t have any statistics to back this up, but I’d say there’s one person for every hundred who gets a Blessed tattoo just because they want to look cool.

Where do people get Blessed tattoos?

Generally, you will find these tattoos in the familiar places….arms, hand, inner wrist, forearm, shoulders, neck…but as face tattoos.

Whether it is for men or women, these blessed tattoos look great. However, consider the alternatives available to you, including the words ‘faith’, ‘courage, ‘heart,’ ‘happiness,’ ‘kindness,’ ‘love,’ ‘believers,’ Sak Yant tattoos, doves, bird, eye, and angel wings. Check out these name tattoo ideas, trust no one tattoo ideas, only the strong survive tattoo ideas, only god can judge me tattoos, Philippians 4 13 tattoo ideas, God is greater than the highs and lows tattoo, The world is yours tattoo, Michelangelo Creation of Adam tattoo and Laugh now cry later tattoos which represent similar notions.

blessed tattoo on arm
Blessed tattoo on arm

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small blessed tattoo
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blessed tattoo on hand
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blessed tattoo ideas
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blessed tattoo design
blessed tattoo arm
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blessed hand tattoo
blessed forearm tattoo
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blessed chest tattoo
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truly blessed tattoo
truly blessed chest tattoo

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blessed neck tattoo
Blessed neck tattoo

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