stick and poke tattoo

77+ Stick and Poke Tattoo Ideas That Work

A stick and poke tattoo is a controversial subject. As we discover, there are some clear reasons to stay away from them. However, in this post, we cover what they are, the advantages and disadvantages, before looking at some great examples of stick and poke tattoos…

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faith tattoo

97+ Faith Tattoo Ideas That Will Revive Yours

A faith tattoo design is one of the most common tattoo themes. Not only is it an expression of faith, but it is also an outward signal of faith. Whether that is an organized religion or an expression of spirituality, in this post, we consider what a faith tattoo idea is and what they normally include before looking at some great examples of faith tattoos…

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unalome tattoo

83+ Unalome Tattoo Ideas That Look Stunning

In this post, we take a look at the unalome tattoo idea. As you may well know, this is one of the upcoming tattoo ideas that is getting increasingly popular. As a tattoo that can be placed anywhere on the body, it’s versatile and has many meanings. We will look up the meaning a little later and the types of unalome tattoos available before looking at a range of real-life examples…

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skeleton tattoo

69+ Skeleton Tattoo Ideas That Are ‘Bone’ to Be Wild

A skeleton tattoo idea may not be for everybody, maybe not even most people. Yet, they remain a very popular option for a large minority of people. Skeleton tattoos are very popular within certain groups, often using them to create unique tattoo ideas. This post considers some real-life ideas that will help you design your perfect tattoo…

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devil tattoo

99+ Devil Tattoo Ideas That Are Totally Devilish

A devil tattoo is always considered a controversial choice. Whether it has satanic connotations or is done in jest, they will always be a talking point. In this post, we look at devil tattoos, what they are, and what they mean before talking you through some real-life examples…

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space tattoo

89+ Space Tattoo Ideas That People Gravitate Towards

If you want a tattoo that is bang on trend, a space tattoo may be what you are looking for. As people look to the stars for inspiration, these tattoo designs are totally out of this world. In this post, we look at space tattoos, what they are, what they mean, and then at some real-life examples…

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hummingbird tattoo

77+ Hummingbird Tattoo Ideas That Leave You Humming

In this post, we consider hummingbird tattoo ideas. We look at what they are and why people get them before looking at some wonderful examples. We all know that bird tattoos are one of the most beautiful tattoos you can get. People like to get them, and people like to look at them. One of the most popular birds to get tattooed is the hummingbird design…

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