skull butterfly tattoo

41+ Skull Butterfly Tattoo Ideas… Scary…but Nice!

A skull butterfly tattoo is a significant kind of tattoo – it’s saying that there is more to death than physical, biological demise. One meaning may be that the person wearing the skull butterfly tattoo was in a dark place in their life, but through a lot of hard work, they’ve brought light back into their world and made themselves happy again.

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kakashi tattoo

33+ Kakashi Tattoo Ideas That Are Genius!

A Kakashi tattoo is a popular piece of artwork among fans of the renowned manga series – Naruto. The Kakashi mask alludes to everyone’s hidden face, which represents inner beauty. The mask also stands for suffering and agony, as it was wonderfully expressed in this main character by Masashi Kishimoto, the author.

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odin tattoo

69+ Odin Tattoo Ideas From the Gods

Depending on the individual getting the tattoo, the Odin tattoo meaning may vary. Some people may consider Odin, a powerful god who personifies power, knowledge, and leadership. For others, he might represent assistance when things get tough.

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444 tattoo

27+ 444 Tattoo Ideas That Make You Take Action

In many civilizations, the number four has been linked with death. This has given rise to several varying meanings for the 444 tattoo. It is seen as an omen signifying the second coming of Jesus Christ, who will usher in the end times. Many people believe that this period will not see the resurrection and that those alive will not die but instead go into another dimension.

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fear god tattoo

31+ Fear God Tattoo Ideas That Are Biblical

The fear god tattoo is a type of body art that might have various interpretations for different people, but the most popular interpretation is to be scared of God. Someone may get the ink as a sign of his desire to avoid Hell or as evidence that he fears God’s wrath.

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