hummingbird tattoo

77+ Hummingbird Tattoo Ideas That Leave You Humming

In this post, we consider hummingbird tattoo ideas. We look at what they are and why people get them before looking at some wonderful examples. We all know that bird tattoos are one of the most beautiful tattoos you can get. People like to get them, and people like to look at them. One of the most popular birds to get tattooed is the hummingbird design…

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lioness tattoo

89+ Lioness Tattoo Ideas That Simply Roar

Is there a more majestic animal than a lioness? These animals are as beautiful as they are fearsome. In this post, we look at some wonderful examples of the lioness tattoo, how to design one, what elements to consider in the design and what lioness tattoos mean…

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black cat tattoo

69+ Black Cat Tattoo Ideas That Are Purr-Fect!

It’s not a secret; people love cats, and it’s why people choose to get cat tattoos. For some, it’s a case of showing their love for these loveable creatures; for others, it’s a way to express their individuality. This post looks at black cat tattoo ideas, the design styles, and what they mean…

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bear tattoo

89+ Bear Tattoo Ideas That Are Un-bear-ably Good!

A bear tattoo typically represents strength, ferociousness, and bravery. It is widely seen as a protector and guardian. Bear tattoos remain as popular as ever, with various styles, from realistic to abstract, traditional to modern. Traditional bear tattoos tend to be big and bold, while modern designs can be abstract, smaller, and more subtle…

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