What Does an Anchor Tattoo Mean? It’s Not All Plain Sailing!

what does an anchor tattoo mean

What does an anchor tattoo mean? 

Anchor tattoos have several meanings with a variety of different symbols and ideas associated with them. The anchor symbol is often used for stability, hope, strength, and sometimes even good luck. Some people get the tattoo to remember someone they have lost or represent their struggles in life. 

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Anchor tattoos meanings & symbolism 

People choose to wear an anchor as a tattoo for several reasons: 

Some folks love the nautical star theme. They choose this design because it represents their background and roots. Others use it as a sign of hope – since anchors provide stability – or as a reminder that something beautiful will come from a struggle too hard to overcome right now. Some people get the design to commemorate someone they’ve lost or because it resembles a name or important date in their lives. 

Some individuals use this type of tattoo to signify love for water sports and fishing, while others wear it as a memorial for those who have passed away. Perhaps you got your anchor tattoo after finding something beautiful that came out of something horrible – like an anchor baby, for example. Sometimes people want an attractive design that’s bold and meaningful, so they opt for the nautical theme attached with solid and profound symbols. 

The nautical theme

what does a anchor tattoo mean
what does a anchor tattoo mean

The anchor has long been used as a maritime symbol because sailors need something heavy to hold onto when faced with raging storms at sea. At one point, the anchor was even used to secure boats when they were in port, but this practice has fallen out of use since modern locks and chains have replaced it.

Navy anchor tattoos are often associated with marine life and people who are free-spirited or go their own way. This is because sailors would get intense anchor tattoos covering part or all of their arms, legs, chest, and torso. Even though these types of tattoos are no longer worn by most seafaring folk today, they still represent how large and vital an anchor tattoo once was to someone’s identity. 

As far as symbolism goes, anchors are generally thought to represent stability or serenity. Some believe this is because when you’re in bad weather, an anchor holds your boat steady, so you stay put and ride out the storm without being blown away or thrown against dangerous rocks.

Anchor tattoos are also used to represent hope. As previously mentioned, anchors provide stability in storms, giving people something to hold onto to keep them safe. Another meaning behind compass tattoos is that they look like a cross inside a circle, symbolizing eternity. This idea ties into the concept of finding serenity. Some folks believe they’ll find eternal peace with whatever challenges life throws their way by getting these types of anchor tattoos. 

Memorials & remembrances

Losing someone dear to us changes our whole lives in an instant, and it can take a long time to adjust to the new normal. Whenever we lose someone in our lives, the memories will always remain with us. This gives many people peace of mind when they get anchor tattoos to remember the ones they’ve lost.

When people choose this design, they’ll often opt for bold and classic (like an old-school barbed wire tattoo) because anchors are generally perceived as solid symbols representing protection or safety.

Some folks believe that having an anchor near or on them will keep their loved ones safe wherever they may be. Others think about what could have been if things were different if their friend or family member hadn’t passed away so soon. Either way, they feel comfort – stability, even – knowing that their loved ones are watching over them from Heaven. 

People who have gotten a memorial anchor tattoo may not have gotten it to remind themselves of what they’ve lost, but rather so the people around them know how important those memories are. Sometimes there’s not enough time for us to share everything we want with the people we care about most, and this is where tattoos can be extra-meaningful. If you’re thinking about getting an anchor tattoo as a way to honor someone special in your life, here are some of the best ideas you can take into consideration:

Anchor tattoos for a woman

Whether you’re looking for something fun or sophisticated when it comes to female anchor tattoos, there are plenty of fantastic ideas to choose from. Here are some of the best styles that can be used as inspiration for your next piece:


Knots anchors are usually seen with rope wound around them. Many girls like to make their knots look like two hearts intertwined instead of just one object when choosing this design.

Anchor tattoos worked into waves or flower

what does a basic anchor tattoo mean
what does a basic anchor tattoo mean

If you want something more whimsical, an anchor tattoo may work well when combined with bright colors and watercolor effects (like the one shown here). If you’re looking for a bold anchor design without too much color, black ink can do the trick. Anchors embellished with ribbon bows There’s no limit to how feminine you can make your colored anchor tattoo, so feel free to get creative with colors and patterns.

Anchor Tattoos for Guys: It’s no secret that anchors aren’t just for girls! They’re a popular choice among both men and women because they look good on everyone. When choosing an anchor tattoo design, it’s best to think about what you want your tattoo to say about you. Do you want something dark and ominous, or do you prefer a more traditional interpretation?

Dark and scary looking anchors

The ink on this guy’s arm is thick and heavy looking, which fits the image he chose to use as his inspiration. This type of anchor looks like it would weigh a person down if they got it inked on their skin, but the result is super-cool looking.

what does a tattoo of an anchor mean
what does a tattoo of an anchor mean

Traditional anchor tattoos

There are plenty of designs that look good, both big and small. If you prefer something more understated, you can always opt for a simple outline of an anchor without too many embellishments. The cool thing about traditional-style tattoos is that they look great no matter what size or color palette you use.

Anchor, ribbons and roses

This design incorporates all kinds of different elements to create one incredible piece of art! There’s an anchor with ribbons entwined throughout it, along with roses inked on top of the anchors themselves. Anchors Drawn On Almost anything.

Simple outlines

Sometimes simple is better, and this tattoo is a perfect example of how to make your anchor look amazing without too many bells and whistles. This guy’s anchor arm tattoo looks like something you could get inked for under $100 at your local parlor (and the best part is that it still has a ton of meaning behind it). Anchors can add style and sophistication when they’re placed on other parts of the body, too. They can be tweaked to look good when worked into floral designs or watercolor paintings or even added to things like birds and stars for a surf-inspired piece.

Anchor and cross

If you love crosses and want something meaningful inked onto your skin, an anchor surrounded by a cross would be an excellent design to choose. Cross tattoos can symbolize many things depending on the person getting it done, so finding the correct meaning is essential when selecting your anchor-themed ink. 

Anchor and nautical stars

If you’re looking for something feminine and pretty but still want to show off some edge at the same time, consider getting an anchor paired with nautical stars. This nautical tattoos combination is a great look. 

Anchor tattoos on feet

Many guys prefer to have their symbolic anchor tattoos somewhere where they can easily conceal them if necessary, which is why they choose to have them inked on their feet. Feet tattoos are usually small and discreet, so they’re a good option if you don’t want something too flashy or noticeable.

Anchors can be drawn in a variety of different styles, which means that you’ll have to think about what kind of look you’re going for when choosing your design. Sometimes it takes a while before you come up with the idea that makes you excited, but when the inspiration finally hits, it’s worth all the work! 

In my opinion, I believe the symbolic meaning of anchor tattoo designs represents someone who lived at sea. It represents the hope of being lost at sea and finding safety back home. It also means faith in early Christians due to its symbolic associations, such as the anchor and the cross. Many people also get them because it’s a unique tattoo, and they like to be different from everyone else. I believe the meaning varies depending on who is getting it done and where its placed on their body.

What does a sailor’s anchor tattoo mean?

A tattoo can have many different tattoo meanings. A small anchor is a popular tattoo design choice that people have used for centuries. The image of an anchor was often used to symbolize life and hope in times of war and plague when other symbols were taboo.

The different meaning of a sailor’s anchor tattoo is most likely similar to the original definition of what an anchor represents: hope, stability, and security. The symbolism of the sailor’s anchor tattoo most likely originates from a nautical theme or a military background. Both groups would have been exposed to anchors from their careers on ships carrying gold from the new world back home to England during the 18th century when it became prevalent in tattoos. 

What does anchor tattoo on face mean?

Anchor tattoos on the face mean that person is strong and can survive in any situation. 

What does anchor tattoo on neck mean?

what does an anchor mean tattoo
what does an anchor mean tattoo

It means that this person has gone through difficult life situations; they were born into the sea of ​​troubles but made it to shore like an anchor pulls a boat. 

What does anchor tattoo on wrist mean?

what does anchor tattoo mean
what does anchor tattoo mean

At different times, people used anchors to symbolize their family ties or emotional connections to other people. Wrist Anchors Tattoos are usually associated with sailors who would get them done when they embark on a journey at sea. Sailors were known for using ships’ anchors as symbols of hope and protection against the dangers of the ocean.

What does anchor tattoo on ribs mean?

Anchor tattoo meanings are subjective, but a colorful anchor tattoo on the ribs is a badge of courage and endurance; they speak about a person who knows how to keep going in life. They can symbolize connection to family or being part of a bigger social group. 

What does anchor tattoo on ankle mean?

Ankle anchor tattoos often point out good luck and force of will when dealing with adversity. Ankles are not an easy place for tattooing, so getting this type of old school anchor tattoo is quite a brave thing to do. 

what does the anchor tattoo symbol mean
what does the anchor tattoo symbol mean

What does an anchor tattoo with a name mean? 

It means that you won’t let the waves wash away memories. It shows that your loved ones are always close in heart. 

What does an anchor tattoo on foot mean?

The most famous black anchor tattoo idea is the one that is placed on the ankles and feet. People get it so close to their hearts because this part of your body shows how strong you are. It takes a lot of courage and strength to get inked there to show that they do not give up even when things get tough. 

What does an anchor tattoo with flowers mean?

Anchor is decorated with flowers, or any other design may symbolize feminine attributes such as fertility and femininity. Women who value attractiveness and elegance both inside and outside should wear this type of anchor tattoo.

Whether a temporary tattoo or something permanent, always speak with your tattoo artist to ensure your body art means what was intended. If you are considering alternatives, think about the following; tribal tattoos, crossed cannons, rope tattoos, eagle tattoos, dolphin, wheel tattoo, sailor jerry, even a watercolor anchor. 

what does the anchor tattoo mean
What does the anchor tattoo mean

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