why is my tattoo peeling

Why Is My Tattoo Peeling? Is It Normal?

Why is my tattoo peeling? Having a tattoo is something you may have been looking forward to for quite some time, but then there comes the realization that it’s not all fun and games. And when your tattoo starts peeling, it can be even more frustrating…

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how to stop tattoo itching

How to Stop Tattoo Itching… Before It Sends You Crazy!

Tattoo itching is a common problem during the healing process. It can be a real nuisance and can make you not enjoy your new tattoo. Tattoos are beautiful personal expressions of art. However, tattoos itch for various reasons that need to be addressed to help minimize what could become irritation or possibly infection.

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how to fade a tattoo

How to Fade a Tattoo… What Options Do I Have?

Tattoo fading creams are a great way of fading unwanted tattoos; they can give good results if used correctly. While there is no guarantee that tattoo removal methods can be made entirely unperceivable, fading tattoos with these products is an effective way of dealing with problematic older tattoos. There are several tattoo removal creams on the market, and there are also…

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