79+ Abstract Tattoo Ideas That Deliver a Bold Look

abstract tattoo

Get Inspired with these abstract tattoo ideas

Abstract tattooing is a new trend in the tattoo industry that is gaining popularity for its unique and often highly creative designs. Their non-conformity, surrealism, and complete contradiction to traditional tattoo design make an abstract tattoo idea stand out. Often, they are non-representational, including tattoo line work and geometric shapes. Color is a major feature in this tattoo genre.

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This tattoo style stands out from the crowd for those looking for something different in their body art. This post looks at several abstract tattoo ideas that should help you establish the core of your design ideas.

What is an abstract tattoo?

Contrary to traditional tattoo art designs, the abstract design does not emphasize the actual content, more so the beauty of the design itself on the skin. The tattoo can have no particular significance or meaning. They can range from basic geometric designs and patterns to more complex abstract ideas inspired by nature.

Elements to include in an abstract tattoo?

Out of all the tattoo styles, this is the simplest to answer. You can include anything as long as it meets the desirable beauty goals in this genre.

What you include within them is up to you; however, typical elements included in abstract art tattoos are geometric-based shapes, swirls, and lines. You can also incorporate symbols or images that have personal meaning to you. When creating a unique abstract tattoo design, the sky’s the limit.

What does an abstract tattoo mean?

For many, this tattoo will represent their unique personality or reflect their creative side. Others may infer a more spiritual meaning, representing their connection to a higher power or something beyond this world.

They might be seen as a kind of self-expression, a means to display your personality or a way to make a statement. There are no set rules or guidelines that you need to follow. You can get this tattoo of anything you find meaningful in your life.

If you’re thinking about getting an abstract tattoo, be sure to do your research and find an artist that can reflect your ideas and symbolism. These tattoos are often intricate and highly detailed, so a tattoo artist experienced in this style helps.

How to design an abstract tattoo

The process of designing geometric abstract tattoos is a little different from a traditional tattoo. You may want to consider the following aspects;

  • Think outside the box. The possibilities for abstract tattoos are endless. You may pick a traditional tattoo design with an innovative twist or head in a different direction with something unique. Consider an abstract theme with distorted shapes.
  • Create a geometric design. Lines, triangles, circles, and other forms might be used to make intriguing compositions.
  • Use color to your advantage. Abstract tattoos are frequently vibrant, so don’t be scared to try different tones and colors.
  • Think about negative space. The area around your tattoo design is just as important as the tattoo itself. Use it to your advantage by incorporating negative space into your composition.
  • Get creative with your placement. Abstract tattoos can be placed anywhere on the body, so get creative with your placement. Think outside the traditional spots like the arm or leg, and opt for something more unique.

You may also want to consider these related tattoo ideas; abstract flower, abstract skull, portrait tattoos, geometric tattoos, watercolor tattoos, and modern art tattoos. 

Let’s take a look at some real-life inspiration for abstract tattoo ideas.

abstract tattoo ideas
Abstract tattoo ideas

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Take a look at these real-life abstract tattoo designs and ideas…

abstract arrow tattoo
two faced abstract gemini tattoo
tattoo abstract
simple abstract tattoo
simple abstract tattoo
minimalist abstract tattoo
minimalist abstract face tattoo
minimalist abstract dancer tattoo
black ink flower tattoos
black abstract tattoo
abstract wolf tattoo
abstract wave tattoo
abstract watercolor tattoo
abstract tribal tattoo
abstract tree tattoo
abstract tiger tattoo
abstract tattoo sleeves
abstract tattoo sleeve
abstract tattoo los angeles
abstract tattoo forearm
abstract tattoo designs
abstract tattoo artist
abstract tattoo arrow
abstract tattoo line
abstract sunflower tattoo
abstract space tattoo
abstract snake tattoo
abstract skull tattoo
abstract shoulder tattoo
abstract shark tattoo
abstract scorpion tattoo
abstract realism tattoo
abstract raven tattoo
abstract portrait tattoo
abstract phoenix tattoo
abstract owl tattoo
abstract octopus tattoo
abstract moon tattoo
abstract minimalist tattoo
abstract minimalist bird tattoo
abstract lotus tattoo
abstract line tattoo
abstract kissing tattoo
abstract horse tattoo
abstract heart tattoo designs 1
abstract forearm tattoo
abstract flower tattoo designs
abstract feather tattoo
abstract face tattoo
abstract elephant tattoo
abstract eagle tattoo
abstract dragonfly tattoo
abstract dragon tattoo
abstract dog tattoo
abstract compass tattoo
abstract coffee cup tattoo
abstract clock tattoo
abstract cat tattoo
abstract cardinal tattoo
abstract bear tattoo
abstract back tattoo
abstract arts tattoo
abstract animal tattoo
abstract art tattoo
abstract anatomical heart tattoo
abstract tattoo moon

Get inspired with these abstract tattoo ideas. They should really help to focus your mind on what can be achieved. If you enjoyed this post, please consider sharing on your social media. Thank you and see you soon!

abstract heart tattoo designs
Abstract heart tattoo designs

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